Friends of Saul

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Awakening PC

Player: Matthew Maddoux
Path: Moros
Order: Silver Ladder
City: Fort Worth, TX
VST: Evan Odensky

Shadow Name: Shofar



Known Aliases" Benjamin Kaplan

Quote: "I speak seven languages, I know the words and they come from my mouth, but they become dead bones. There is no life, and my intent is lost."

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The Menagerie

  • Gretchen Williamson - Guardian Ghost (Rank 2)
    • A woman who lived to her late 90s, her age clearly lining her face. Gretchen died due to natural causes sitting at the piano one evening. She purses her lips as she watches guests with disapproving interests. She spends most of her time fussing over the her anchor, the upright piano in the parlor. All morning on Sundays, she sits at the piano, playing and singing her gospel hymns.
    • The piano and the woman play the same tune, a light and delicate version of "Soldiers of the Cross".
  • Kimberly - Ghost Familiar
  • La Llorona - Ghost Familiar
    • A Mexican Maiden dressed in a soaking white dress.
  • Libby - Ghost Familiar
    • A woman in her mid twenties, clearly from the late 1800s. Her dress is larger than her, clearly she had wasted away from depression and hunger. She wanders away from Saul with regularity, often across the street to the motel to watch the prostitutes and their clients - gaining sustenance from the act.
    • An old western jig played hastily.
  • Rachel Cohen - Guardian Ghost (Rank 3)
    • A young and attractive young Jewish woman who was killed by a bullet to the head in the attack against the Guardians of the Veil when they controlled the Masonic Temple. She has a great understanding of everything that goes on in and around the Sanctum. She also communicates with the sanctum's inhabitants through the series of typewriter's placed throughout the facility.
    • A jingling version of "Hava Nagila" being played on bells.

Those With Whom He Gained Favor

Those Who Despise Him

F.R.E.D.D.Y. Skittles

Looking For

  • Future clients
  • People he's wronged.