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Established in 1733, the city of Savannah was the colonial capital of the Province of Georgia and later the first state capital of Georgia. Today Savannah is an industrial center and an important Atlantic seaport. It is Georgia's fourth largest city and third largest metropolitan area.

Each year Savannah attracts millions of visitors, who enjoy the city's architecture and historic buildings: the birthplace of Juliette Gordon Low (founder of the Girl Scouts of the United States of America), the Telfair Academy of Arts and Sciences (one of the South's first public museums), the First African Baptist Church (one of the oldest African American Baptist congregations in the United States), Temple Mickve Israel (the third oldest synagogue in America), and the Central of Georgia Railway roundhouse complex (the oldest standing antebellum rail facility in America).

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Domain Location: Savannah GA
Domain Coordinator: K Lynskey US2007121522
ADC: ???

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Afters: Denny's

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  • Third Sunday @ 7pm


  • Second Saturday @ 7pm


  • Second Sunday @ 7pm
  • Fourth Sunday @ 7pm


  • First Sunday @ 7pm


  • First Saturday @ 7pm
  • Third Saturday @ 7pm


  • Fourth Saturday @ 7pm

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Visiting Guests:

  • Please contact the coordinator and ST chain prior to coming to our game.

Savannah Lost

Venue Storyteller Staff

VST Accord: Jeremy Norton US2002022625
  • AVST Accord: Zach Arkin US2012050100

VST Awakening: Jason Arons US2009074365
  • AVST Awakening: Marisa Geoghagan US2012030128

VST Lost: Marisa Geoghagan US2012030128
  • AVST Lost: Mike Long US2012060073

VST Apocalypse: Bianca Bury-Rodrigquez US
  • AVST Apocalypse: Anna Sharpton US2012050081

VST Cam/Anarch: None

VST Sabbat: None

Domain Storyteller Staff

Domain Storyteller: Dylan Coffey US2010106793
  • ADST: ???

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T.Allen US2006027399

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Savannah Masquerde