Gabriel Brandt

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Path-moros.png Azrael Order-Mysterium.gif

Awakening PC

Player: Daniel P.
Path: Moros
Order: Mysterium ••
Legacy: SHHHHHH!
Position: Moros Counciler, Censor
Consilium: The Queen's Consilium ••
City: Charlotte, NC
VST: Ralph G.

Gabriel's Nimbus

Birth Name: Gabriel Brandt (Not his True Name)

Shadow Name: Azrael

Sleeper Name: Gabriel Brandt

Offices: Moros Councilor, Censor of the Charlotte Mysterium

Quote: Be careful of those in the shadows, but those in the light will kill you just as quick.



  • Gabriel was born in Bellingham, WA on July 6th, 1985 to the Magnus Clan.
  • Born under the sleeper alias Gabriel Brandt.


  • Gabriel and his family moved to Charlotte, NC


  • Gabriel begins to see ghosts for the first time.
  • Gabriel’s father begins to teach him about the occult.


  • Mary and Jonathan are born to the Brandt family in the late winter.


  • Brigitte was born in the fall.


  • Gabriel was told by his father his true name.


  • Gabriel and his family are attacked by people in the Jackson family of the Magnus Clan.
  • Because of the fight Gabriel awoke as a Moros.
  • Got his first magical Tattoo


  • Richard Brandt (Gabriel's Father) and his brother kill each other in a fight. Richard died trying to protecting his family, only Gabriel survived.
  • Gabriel Brandt joined the Mysterium.


  • Gabriel has become the Censor of the Charlotte Mysterium, and appointed the Moros Councilor Position.
  • Gabriel has taken his first trip to the Underworld, and has begun his research into the Underworld and how it interacts with the Fallen World.
  • Gabriel has attained his first of many Mastery.


Family (Brandt/Magnus)


  • Michael Brandt (Grandfather, Family Head)


  • Richard Brandt (Hephaestus, Gabriel's father) - Died September 25th, 2003
  • Sara "Moonstalker" Brandt (Mother) - Died September 25th, 2003
  • Mary Brandt (Younger Sister) - Died September 25th, 2003
  • Jonathan Brandt (Younger Brother) - Died September 25th, 2003
  • Brigitte Brandt (Youngest Sister) - Died September 25th, 2003

Family (Jackson/Connolly/Magnus)

Known Living

  • Eric Jackson (Married into Family, Distant Cousin)
  • Bryant Connolly (Richard Brandt's Oldest Brother)
  • Jefferson Jackson (Richard Brandt's Older Brother)
  • Jackie Jackson (Richard Brandt's Oldest Sister)
  • Barry Jackson (Richard Brandt's Older Brother)
  • Teresa Connolly (Richard Brandt's Older Sister)
  • Samuel Connolly(Richard Brandt's Younger Brother)
  • Margaret Jackson(Richard Brandt's Youngest Sister)
  • Both of the Lesser families are vast in comparison to the Brandts'.

Known Deceased

  • Jason Connolly - Died September 25th 2003
  • Marcus Jackson - Died July 7th 2001

Character Description

Physical Description

Gabriel is 5'10" tall with blonde hair and blue eyes. He always wears a pair of glasses on his face, usually when people see him, he will be either in a janitors jumpsuit, or in jeans and a T-shirt. If you ever see him with really short sleeves or a sleeveless shirt on, and if you have Supernal Vision active (ie. Prime Sight) you will see Tattoos that where done with magic instead of normal ink. The tattoo on his upper left arm is of his Path (Moros), and the one on his right upper arm is of his Order (Mysterium).


Path (Moros), Upper Left Arm

Arcana (Death), Under Moros Tattoo

Order (Mysterium), Upper Right Arm

Legacy (Bokor), Back of Right Hand

Personality Description

Gabriel is a very inquisitive person by nature. But if he gets something in his "teeth" he acts like a bull dog and locks down in it until he has either figured out the problem or explored all the options.








Everyone can hear the chorus of the dead singing "O Fortuna", Six Black obsidian crystal like wings come out of his back and spread wide. Beneath Azrael is an intricate magic circle written in Atlantian approximately 6m in diameter. Ghoulish arms, skeletal arms and arms through relative decay start to come out of the ground around Azrael. Through the singing everyone hears the dead begin to whisper for there "Master". Through out this a feeling of fear creeps up peoples backs.




  • Death
    • Counter Spell Death (Death 1)
    • Shadow Sculpting (Death 1)
    • Soul Marks (Death 1)
    • Animate Shadows (Death 2)
    • Summon Shadows (Death 3)
    • Ghost Gate (Death 3)
    • Rotting Flesh (Death 4)
    • Quell the Spark (Death 5)



  • Life
    • Cleanse the Body (Life 1)
    • Self-Healing (Life 2)
    • Body Mastery (Life 3)
    • Healing Heart (Life 3)
    • Honing the Form (Life 3)



  • Matter
  • Space
  • Prime


Looking For

  • Ties
  • Rivals
  • Friends!!!!
  • None Hostel Family

Possible Ties


  • Tried to raise a Banisher as a Revenant but forgot to specify the Passion, it was a lucky failure.


  • Well I'll be damned, I've never seen a ghost do that before! - Azrael


Characters from books, manga, anime, tv shows, and music that helped to inspire me for this character.





Member Information
Player: Daniel P.
Member Number: US2009064267
MC: 5
Nation: United States
Region: South East
Domain: NC-008-D
Coordinator: Deb P.
Storyteller: Ralph G.

Player Name

Daniel P.

MES Number



Charlotte, NC