Gabriel Grace

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House Cross

House Lineage

House Hardestadt




  • Acknowledged by Prince
  • Sheriff of Charleston SC


  • Favored, by Elder Runa, of Savannah
  • Loyal, by Harpy Opal
  • Favored by Elder Ophelia
  • Defender due to post

Notable Traits

Reputation: Prince Lilliana Grace's Eldest childre, he does his best to show the family name honor and dignity, whether he be dancing the night away at social gatherings, or sending his enemies to their final death.

Nationality: Caucasian.

Appearance: 6 foot 3, very well built and toned. Naturally tan, despite being embraced. piercing Golden Eyes, and shoulder length, spiky black hair.

Attire: ((see picture))

Other Traits: Seems to speak as if he was still in the old days.


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Little Details

  • Resident of Charleston, SC
  • Ancilla
  • V
  • More to come.


  • " My confidence is unwavering, both unnerving my enemies and bolstering the morale of my allies. Ah what am I kidding, I'm a cocky little shit."
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  • served under Blackbeard before his embrace.
  • Served with his mother Lilliana Grace
  • Has been described as a real life Tony Stark
  • Earned his nickname from sinking ships by divng underwater and placing explosives on the bottom of enemy ships, as well the grey sails on his ship
  • His ship is the fabled Queen Anne's Revenge
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Allies, Partners, and Associates

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Music That Describes Him

Character Information
Clan: Ventrue
Sect: Camarilla
City: Charleston, SC
Player: Travis 'Karmen' Eblen
Storyteller: VST Matthew Carter

Player: Travis 'Karmen' Eblen

Location: Charleston, SC

Travis 'Karmen' Eblen

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