Gabriel Hudson

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Gabriel Hudson

Player: Michael Smyrski
Character: Gabriel Hudson
Auspice: Galliard
Tribe: Child of Gaia
Rank: Fostern
Domain: PA-015-D
VST: Scott Duncan

Character Information

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Name:Gabriel Hudson

Deed Name: Tempers the Storm

Rank: Fostern

Auspice: Galliard

Tribe: Child of Gaia

Sept: Drake's Armor

Renown: Glory: 4 Wisdom: 2

Notable Traits: Is missing his left eye. Is known to talk for hours without stopping.

Title or Position:

Brotherhood & Blood

Blood Talon Pack
Eagle Totem (Falcons Brood)

Family & Kinfolk

  • Shiloh Black-Fox - as mate to packmate.
  • Adam V. Black-Fox (NPC) - as adopted son to packmate.
  • Mary Hudson (NPC) - As sister.


Gather round my friends and I will tell you the tale of my life. It is a tale of joy and woe, pleasure and pain, gains and losses, so like any other life, it was exactly that. Life. I was born to a normal family. Well normal if you consider that a third of them are rage filled, shape shifting monsters that fight evil and vileness at every turn. Still, I had a mother and a father, brothers and sisters and an extended family that would put some Mormons to shame. I was raised knowing what I am and what I would become. I was a Garou, chosen warriors of Gaia and on top of that I was a Galliard, born under the Gibbous moon and destined to learn and tell the tales of the nation. I did not find out until much later in my life that not everyone had that type of upbringing. I thought it was normal. Garou taught their children their place, kinfolk served the Garou and everyone was happy.

Growing up in a Sept near the city is a lot different than growing up in one out in the wilds. I had school, stores, TV and Video Games. I had friends, played little league and for the better part of my childhood, I was a normal kid, like any non Garou. I knew what would happen, that eventually my first change would come, but when you are 8 years old all you think about is what you want to do for fun next and how you were going to spend your summers. Some say it has made me a bit naïve and soft, but they usually only say that once. I may be a Child of Gaia, but I am no pushover either.

Most Garou will tell you that their life was hard. They never fit in, never really knew their parents and never really had a childhood. Maybe I was the exception. Maybe I was the lucky one, but both of my parents were kinfolk. My father, Ryan Hudson was a Police Officer, serving the Sept by using his contacts and information to warn them of issues and to deal with the occasional Rending of the Veil. My Mom, Abigail, loved my father and spent many a night worried for his safety when she wasn’t at the Hospital working. Back then we never knew how things would turn out and in truth we didn’t care. We were kids and Mom and Dad did their best to let us be just that. They dutifully served the Sept and the Garou Nation, did what they were told and for the most part we were left alone. Sure there was the occasional midnight call where Dad would run out, or the late night visit for Mom, to stitch up a wounded kin that had been on the wrong end of an angry Garou, but for the most part, life was easy and fun. I love my family and will do anything to protect them. My two older brothers, twins named Daniel and Donald, were a bit wild and uncontrollable. Now Dan is a Lawyer and Don followed in Dad’s footsteps as a cop. My little sister Mary was like my shadow till the day I shifted. She is married to another Garou and lives in Summerset NJ with a couple of kids and a good life.

Don’t get me wrong. Life was not always easy. When I was ten Dad went out to drive some of the Sept members to a meeting and never came home. It had been a trap and since Dad was not a shifting rage monster, he was enemy bait. Mom took it hard. She still did her duties and still loved us with all of her heart and soul, but when dealing with anyone but me and my brothers, she was distant and cold. In truth it affected all of us. It woke me up to the reality that people die and when they do there are those left behind that suffer more. When I turned 13, things changed again. I had been having anger issues. The teachers at school chalked it up to teen angst, but my mother knew better. She called in her brother and his pack and I was pulled from school and taken to the Sept. Man it was a fun time. No school, camping, hiking, living out away from everything. Sure I missed my friends and all, but it was a hell of a time with Iron Ashes. I never got into the whole hunting thing though. Now I admittedly refuse to take a life if I can help it, but back then, it was just an uneasy feeling. My Uncle Michael was a Child of Gaia Theurge and even though I was to be a Galliard, he wanted me to understand the relationship Garou had with spirits. It is deep and complicated, but after a while I began to get the idea as good as any non Thuerge can. His pack mates were even more helpful. Crashes the Gates was an Ahroun and taught me how to fight. Trips the Light Fantastic, was their Ragabash and she helped me to become quick witted and not take things to seriously. They even had a Lupis Philidox that they all called Tags. He didn’t remember anything from before his shift and had a tracker tag on his left ear like the wolves that are caught and followed by nature scientists. It was inactive, but he wore it as a reminder of how things could go horribly wrong if you were not careful.

A few weeks into the trip and I woke one day, so angry and full of rage. My uncle tried to help me calm, to go through the change safely. I remember him talking to me, I remember the anger and pain and frustration of being told what to do. I remember a loud roar that could only have come from me. The next thing I remember is me standing over my Uncle, beaten and sliced up and almost dead. If he had not been a Garou himself, I would have killed him. That was the first time I ever thought that violence was not the best way to handle things. Once I had gone through my first change, I was sent to a boarding school run by the Sept instead of heading home. With what had happened when I changed, my mother and uncle felt it would be better for me to learn about my abilities and to control the rage within me far away from human eye and lives. I have to say that though I did not like being away from my family, they were not too far and in truth, it was better for everyone. My sister is still a bit afraid of me at times and my uncle and I, though family, are not on the best of terms.

A few months into the semester, I was feeling a bit lonely and homesick. Most of the kids had been there since they started school and a lot of them thought I was a bit long winded and talked too much. I was about to beg my mother to let me come home when I was assigned a new roommate. John Blackfox was a small, scrawny 10 year old kid that looked like a dear in the headlights. The poor kid had just found out a few days before he was Garou when he had shifted and though he never told me that tale, not even to this day, I could see the kid was lost and though he will NEVER admit it, maybe a little afraid. I really wasn’t sure what to do or say to this kid. How could I make him feel better about things he had no idea of? So I did what I do best. I talked. Gaia bless him he listened, he learned and towards the end of the night he was even asking questions. I told him about my Tribe, my Auspice and what it was to be a Garou. We talked about the Silver Fangs, not that I knew to much and about what would be expected of him as an Ahroun. We laughed, we goofed around and we bonded in a way I can never really explain. Now that I know more about him, I get John is important, but that night and from every day since, John Blackfox was like a little brother to me.

From that point on John and I did just about everything together. Somewhere along the way he stopped being a shadow and became a friend. Then, the more we talked and the more I helped to bring him out of his shell. He slowly saw the value of talking to people, being their friend and after a while, I was following him around and he was the ring leader. I was fine with that really. John is a likable guy; no matter what anyone else says and Gaia forbid you try and harm someone he cares about. The man is loyal to his friends; that is for sure. About a year into this new life, we picked up another in our group, Randal Fisk. He was a Fianna Theurge and one hell of a nutty guy. Sometimes quiet and controlled, other times outrageous, Randy became the Third Musketeer of a sorts. As the year progressed we picked up others, all of us growing a very close bond revolving around John. None of knew why at the time, but we just wanted to be around him, to hang out and goof off. It was something that grew from there and now we are a pack. It is the bonds we formed at the school that keep us close today and I for one would not trade them for anything.

It wasn’t until a year later that I realized why we all were pulled to John, and even then it was a freak accident that gave me the information, but it was a tale I told that day and probably will never stop telling. It’s THAT fucking cool. It was a few weeks until the end of the semester and for a strange reason no teenager would EVER question, the school was sent on break early. Most kids went home, but the few of us with either nowhere to go or just waiting for our parents to come and get us, decided to head down to the lake for some fun, sun and swimming. When the news went out, John and I were in combat training, so I went back to the room to drop off my staff and John went to change, then we would head to the lake and chill.

As we walked in and started to get ready, I was telling John about a prank one of our friends had played on a Shadow Lord kid. “So there Kevin was, face covered in shaving cream and me and Don and Emily are laughing so hard we have to pee. Kev was growling but before he could do anything Emily says…” It was then that I turned and the sight that beheld my eyes froze the words in my mouth for the first time ever in my life. Standing in the doorway was the King of the Garou Nation. Now there are those that will tell you he is an ordinary guy. That he hates to be fawned over and bowed to. That he drinks and smokes and carouses and yes, that may be true. Hell from what John says it IS true, but what they do not tell you is that King Albrecht is just that. KING. Before I could do or say anything, I was on the floor, on my knees showing the respect this Garou deserved and in reality demanded. I mean the guy has a presence that would make just about anyone want to kneel, praise and beg to be him for five minutes. He is that damned cool. I am not really sure what happened next. All I did was concentrate on the patterns in the wood of the floor, but there was something that passed between the King and John. John asked the man “Who are you?” and he was not nice about it. I almost shit my pants. I wanted to yell out. “Shut up idiot. This is the King!” but someone else spoke instead. “Are you kidding Pup?” Oh John was not going to like that…. “Bow before..” No more words came from the man’s lips and I knew the King had silenced the room. When I looked up, the King was looking at me. He smirked and spoke only 9 words, but they were enough to make me want to be anywhere else. “I’m sorry. Would you please give us a moment?”

Now I am not known to be fast. Hell some say I can be a bit slow on the uptake, but in this moment, I was like the wind. I got up from the floor, grabbed my stuff for the lake and looked to John. It clicked then. I looked to the King, then back to John and then back to the King… HOLY FUCK! John said he didn’t know who his dad was and as I ran out the door and out of the dorms, I figured he knew now.. and so did I.

I probably should have kept quiet. I probably should have gone to the lake, told out friends and crew that John would be down in a few, but for Christ’s sake!! The King of the Garou Nation was in my room, talking to my roommate, which just HAPPENED to be his SON! You cannot give a friendly, talkative GALLIARD that tale and NOT expect it to be told. SO I told it. To everyone that would listen. I must have made it sound really good, because when John came down to the lake later, everything and everyone was different. More and more of us started to believe it. It was in his face and his eyes. Gaia bless him he never got mad at me for sharing his tale, but I knew he was a bit annoyed. He just wanted to be John Blackfox but now he was John Blackfox Albrecht, Son of King Jonas Albrecht and heir to House Wyrmfoe. From then on, things were different for John, but not with us. Sure he was famous, but he was still John to me, Randy and the crew. No matter what else happened then or in our future, he will always be John to me. Sure I will respect him should he ever inherit what his father has, but I knew him when and if I treated him any other way, he would kick my ass.

Now I know this is a tale of me, my history and my family. What you have to understand is John is such a big part of all of that, then, now and forever, that to tell my tale without him in it would be like Costello without Abbot, Ron Granger without Harry Potter, Sam without Dean or A Rod without Derrick Jeter. He is more involved in my life than anyone else I know, even my own family. I like to think that I am as involved in his as well, but somehow I don’t really think that’s true.

So back to me…. Things settled down a bit and shortly after, John and I were up for our Rites of Passage. John’s is a tale for another time though. This is my tale and this is where the lesson comes in, so listen up kiddies, you gonna learn something.

I did not know it at the time, but a Rite of Passage is not an insane mission you are sent on and they all pray you survive. They are usually very controlled, planned and you are watched and protected. They do not tell you this though, because it has to be real and frightening and you have to make hard decisions, or you don’t really learn anything do you? Mine was no different, a simple thing for a Galliard really. Find a human that had been rumored to have been taken by a Bane spirit, talk to him, discover if it was true, come back and inform the Sept and recommend a course of action. Easy right? Talk, learn and tell a tale. Too bad no one told the Bane Spirit. I was able to track the man. That was easy. I had done my research; I knew who he was, where he lived and when he would be home. I decided to wait until he was gone, step sideways into the Umbra, slip into his house and have a look around before he came home. The thing I know about Banes and Wyrm creatures now that I did not know then, is that they attract other things. One of these things warned the Bane I was there. Where I wanted to talk, it came looking for a fight and oh boy did it give me one. The things it had this human do… well they still haunt me to this day. As the fight went on, I began to get angry. All I wanted to do was talk and this thing had to go and muck it all up. Somewhere in the fight, the Bane left the human. He screamed. He begged and I…. well I did not believe him. I destroyed the Bane and it’s wasted host, grabbing the information I needed and leaving. I left the body in the Umbra where it would never be found and went back to the Sept.

I told my tale to the Rites Master, Hugh Smith and in truth I thought that would be the end of it. To my surprise, I was informed that I had failed and worse, the Bane was still alive and I had killed an innocent human. I can’t tell you if the smug look I saw on the Metis’ face was real or imagined, but I flipped my shit. I felt like I had been set up to fail. Not everyone at the Sept was happy with John and his lineage. Some downright hated him for it and I was sure this was the case here. Punish the best friend for things John could not even control.

Oh man did I lose it. I caught Rites Master Smith completely by surprise and shifted to Crinos in frenzy and swung. He flew across the room and into the wall. As I crossed the room to finish the job I had started, John stepped in front of me all wolfed out and Crinos like. I didn’t care that he was my friend at that moment; all I cared about was he was between me and that cheating Metis Rites Master, so I swung.

Now I am by no means a slouch in combat, but John is an Ahroun and a damned good one. We went at it and at some point he took my eye. Well I will change that and say John hit me across the face so hard that my eye was gone. He didn’t mean to do it, it just happened. I could have dropped, I could have healed it had I not been so enraged and in frenzy. But since I was, I fought on as we Garou tend to do. I wanted blood. I wanted the Rites Master dead. Now, I am ashamed of what I felt, but at the time it seemed perfectly rational. Thank Gaia that John was able to take me down before I did anything else I could regret.

Now this next bit I tell to you as it was told to me after I awoke in the infirmary. When I fell, others came in to heal my wounds, including my eye, but Rites Master Smith decided that I was to learn a lesson and forbade them from healing the battle scar. He felt it would remind me that you do not lose your shit on allies and you know what? It does, every day. As I was carried away, John begged the Rights Master to let them heal me. The rest of the Sept’s Elders were gone or busy, so the Smith was in charge. Not only was John told no, but he was informed that his Right of Passage was starting right then. If he wanted to protect his friend, he could go clean up my mess and kill the Bane. John did that easily enough and was at my bed side when I woke the next day.

I thought living with one eye would be hard and there are times when it is. I suck at first person shooter games now and I can’t catch a ball to save my life, but the Rites Master was right on one thing. I learned a valuable lesson that day. It was then, in the infirmary that I swore I would never willingly take another life as long as I lived. I know what you are thinking. We fight the Wyrm Gabe, how can you swear that. Wyrm spirits and creatures are different. They are not human at all. They do not have families and friends that are left behind. It may seem stupid to some, but that is the way I chose to live my life. I can serve Gaia, the Nation, the Sept and my pack without killing anything and have ever since that day.

To say everything went back to being hunky dory would be a lie. The tale got out about my failing and the actions I took. Hell my lack of an eye was a great reminder of things. Eventually life did go on and I hold no ill will towards the Mister Smith or John. They did what they had to do and I did learn my lesson, so now I wear this battle scar with pride. I tell the tale when asked and maybe some young cub or Cliath will learn to not repeat my mistakes.

As the next year passed and I was about ready to take my Rite of Passage again, another little surprise came. My mother enrolled my sister Mary in the school. It was a bit weird seeing her, especially since she was still a little afraid of me, now more than ever with the whole lost eye thing. Still, she was my sister and I took care of her. It was another girl that came to the school around this time that helped out a lot with that.

Shiloh had arrived at the school in the beginning of the semester with a small group of Uktena. To say it was a shock that any Pure Landers came to the school was a surprise, but this was a bit more so. They had brought a kinfolk and in truth, the girl was little more than property. The way this Theurge Jed treated Shiloh was unbelievable, but any time we asked a teacher, we were told different Tribes have different ways. Granted that did not sit well with some of us, me and John especially.

Most of the kids were okay, hell, they were kids, but Jeb thought he was a big bad Garou. An adult. That he was better than everyone else. It was really no wonder that Jeb and John came to a head, but it didn’t start that way. It started with John just being John and saying hi to Shiloh. See Jeb didn’t like that and got all in John’s face. But John was learning, sometimes a smile worked better than a punch. John defused things and with me and Randy’s help, got the kid talking instead of fighting.

As time went on, John couldn’t understand why Shiloh would willingly sit away from everything, but still in sight of Jeb. He didn’t get why she accepted this fate. Little did we know that Shiloh had her own plan. It wasn’t until much later that we found out the girl was sneaking away some nights and then sneaking back in, no one the wiser. She was rebelling in her own way, as best she could. Soon Randy and I were running interference on Jeb so John could talk to Shiloh. It was kind of fun actually. Distract the big dumb guy for a while and John would get a few minutes to try and talk to her. It wasn’t a love thing, he just really wanted to know what the deal was and why she let herself be treated like that.

Now I helped in all of this for Shiloh as much as John. Shiloh had found one friend at the school. My sister Mary. Good for a while later they were thick as thieves. And now that I know Shiloh was sneaking out all the time, I am not so sure how I feel about that now. Still, it was Shiloh that, intentionally or not, got Mary to accept what I was and Mary and I are much closer for it. That’s why when John tricked the big dumb Jeb into a challenge and ‘won’ Shiloh as the prize, I was not upset at all. I knew John would let her make her own decisions. Granted, I was not expecting the kid… but Adam is our mascot now. Our family. Anyone messing with that boy will find a world of hurt waiting for them.

Mary wasn’t the only one that Shiloh helped out. She might not know it, but the strength she showed dealing with all of her things made me a bit less angry and afraid of how I looked, what I had been through. She found my guitar one night and asked me to play. I haven’t put it down since. I don’t know if she subtlely manipulated me or if it was just Shiloh being Shiloh, but she helped me see that I could be normal… again as normal as a raging ball of teeth and claws and fur can be.

I started playing my guitar in the quad between classes, then at night in the lounge or by the river. I got into acting in the school plays, even went as Snake Pliskin for Halloween one year. John and Randy played football, I did drama and debate and played music. No one in the crew gave me shit for it… okay a little bit, but I think they were jealous I was always on the quad surrounded by girls while I played.

Soon enough my second try at Right of Passage came up and this time, I aced it. I think it might have been a set up. I had failed my first time because I was uninformed and the challenge was not right for me nor my Auspice. Still, I had killed someone and frenzied. They couldn’t just pass me after that. So this time, I was told to tell my tale of how I had failed. How I had let pride get the best of me and how I lost my eye. I was a bit nervous, but it was Shiloh again that helped me. She came up to me in that quiet way she can have, placing a hand on my shoulder. “Gabriel… you are who you are. You are kind, loving and smile more than anyone I know. Let them see that. Let them see that even in failing you can win.”

She was right. Another lesson I carry with me for the rest of my life. It is only a failure if you let it be. So I told my tale, as I do now and when I was finished, not even the Ragabash could find fault in it. I left it all out there, everything I had done, felt and wanted. All the good and the bad and when I was done, not only had others learned something, but I had too.

I really thought life would be different once I was a Cliath. Once I was Child of Gaia. Man I could not have been more wrong. Now along with school, I had to serve the Sept as well. Now there is nothing asked of me that I cannot and would not do, but to a 17 year old kid? The last thing you want is something sucking up your free time right? This was when I found out Shiloh had been sneaking out. It was before Adam had been brought back to her so we were a bit freer. Once she was caught, she thought I would turn her in, but instead I asked her to take me with her. I know sneaking off campus a few times does not make me a bad ass, but I sure felt like a rebel. I had always followed the rules and in those few nights, I didn’t and it felt good.

There were still issues. The Uktena still had to be dealt with. Jeb and his crew got more and more aggressive. John was not giving up on trying to help Shiloh and since she had been so close to Mary, I wanted to help too. Even after we had freed Shiloh from them.. Okay, John did that one on his own, they made a huge mistake and jumped. They went after Shiloh while Jeb was still recuperating. The problem was they took her and since Mary was never far away, they took my sister too. I wanted to rip them apart, but John said he had a plan and though his last one was on the borderline of shady, I never had reasons to not trust John, so I went with it.

When we found Mary and Shiloh they had been beat up a bit. Later, when we confronted them, I had to give that Uktena Galliard James some credit. I asked who hit my sister, he fessed up. I cracked him hard in return and as far as I was concerned, it was over. Too bad his friends didn’t think so. They jumped… but they were not the baddest frogs in the bond and we whooped them pretty bad. At least from then on when it was done, it was done. As I have said before. I will not kill. That does not mean I will not fuck you up royally if you hurt those I care about. I learned that from John.

Even with everything that had happened to me, my schooling had gone well. I was even taking some college prep classes by senior year. When it came close to graduation, I wasn’t really sure what to do next. I mean me and Randy were in the same class and John had busted his ass to get enough credits to actually graduate with us, but other than being Garou, joining the Sept and getting out of school and into a house in the Bawn, there was not much we all were looking forward to. Shiloh stayed on, learning more and eventually became the head mistress of the School. John, Randy and I still pack together alone with some kick ass Get from Iceland or Greenland or something. But at that time, we thought life would be easy… boy were we wrong.

Once we graduated, we were exposed to the real Nation, and the Ratkin War. Man the stories I could tell of those times would take me weeks. Let’s just leave it that by the time that war was over, we were all older, a bit wiser and a rank higher than we were when it all started. The one bit I will enter here is another part of this life as a Garou that made my decisions more clear. Towards the end of the fighting, the rat bastards… SEE what I did there... made a final push at us and man was it brutal. Those little fuckers really put up a fight. You might think they are small and weak, but you would be so wrong.

It was not the fight itself that was important, though it was probably the one time in my life I really thought we might actually lose this fight. They came in waves, like… well like a swarm of rats and almost overran us all. In the end we prevailed, but in the fight I had used all of my Gnosis. I turned and found a Glasswalker, newly made Cliath, dying, bleeding from wounds he could not heal fast enough on his own. He was unconscious, couldn’t shift and I was the closest thing to a healer around. I knelt there, holding in the kids innards and screaming for help. I had always relied on my Tribe’s gift of Grandmother’s Touch and now I had nothing left to heal him. Henry Taylor, Glass Walker Ahroun, who in my tale of his fight and death I have named, “Fight’s to the Last” died in my arms that day. I had sworn to never take another life, I had tried to save as many of them as I could, but that day, not everybody lived. I get that, but this kid… had I been just a little more, would have survived.

Once we returned to the Sept, I fell into a real funk. I didn’t talk, barely ate and in truth, for a short while I wanted to give it all up. Watching Henry die in my arms was a severe wake up call. People will die, my friends could die.. hell I could die. But I was going to everything I could to make sure, when I could, that everybody lived. I talked to John and Randy and Shiloh, even to Mary. I needed to get away for a while. I took a few weeks, embraced the wolf and mourned the best I could. When I came back, I had a plan. I enrolled at Temple University in Philadelphia. The school taught us much more than reading and writing. I had learned medic training, science, biology and damn it I was going to use it. So now, five years later, I am Doctor Gabriel Hudson, also known as Tempers the Storm, Galliard of the Children of Gaia. I am this and so much more. I am who and what I am not just by birth, but by action. By the emotions and decisions I have made within and by those that have shaped me from without. I am all of these things and so much more. I am me. I stand before you and my tale is ended…. For now.


  • He knows what it's like to be without both of his eyes. The answer to that is "Not Fun."

OOC Information

Player: Michael Smyrski

MES Number: US2011077870

Location:Philadelphia PA