Gabriel Locke

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Notable Traits

  • Gabriel is quiet, most of the time.
  • When every you are near him, for the first few moments, you hear incoherent whispers, and his mouth is not moving.
  • He looks mid 20's, a 5 oclock shadow of a beard.
  • Usually seen in the same black suit, white dress shirt, black tie and black fedora
  • Loves to smoke.

Commonly Known History

  • Gabriel was born and raised in Budapest by a wealth trading family
  • He was born and embraced in the mid to late 1400's

Available to Camarilla Kindred

Camarilla Titles

Camarilla status (3)

  • Acknowledged (most recently) in the Domain of Lakeland, Fl

Status: Elder

Confirmed, Established, Privileged

Status: Fleeting


History known to Camarilla Insiders

Available to MalkaVians


Known to be a childer of Octavio
A part of The Coronati Lineage
Known Childer
None known



Rivals and Antagonists


Notable Quotes

  • "My brother could rule the entire clan if he could stop being his own worst critic. As the eldest of our brood, that is my job." - Dr. Daniel Thornvick


Power hungry Elder

Ties sought

Any and all hit me up.

History (in Progress)

Player Information

Player: Andrew T. Hermann

Character Information
Clan: Malkavian
Sect: Camarilla
City: Lakeland, FL
Player: Andrew T. Hermann
Storyteller: Niki Fox