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Gabriel Thorne was a quiet, benevolent thing unless he's on stage. Then he's a force of nature to be reckoned with. Now, he's a force of nature all the time. With the murder of his Sire, many have noticed changes in Gabriel. Are they for the good or the one knows.

Born a French peasant, he was definitely a diamond in the rough when his Sire found him.




"Gabriel's a darlin' creature. My dear Jimmy has taste, I am somewhat jealous he found him first." ~Lilly Belle Stafford

"I love sad songs. They say so much. I love his music but even the happy songs sound really sad." ~California Jack Thorne

"The weak flinch from sadness. It is refreshing to see one that has turned his grief into power. The character that takes I can respect." Prince Nicholas Loring of Sonoma.

"Now, I'm a little callous as far as music goes. I can recognize talent without being moved by it. That said, I find myself hopelessly in love with Mister Thorne's voice. He really is the whole package. Why, the first time I heard him sing, I ruined several lovely handkerchiefs I was so moved." - Elizabeth Flannery

"I've come across my share of Toreador's, I've even come across my share of Thorne's. Gabriel's voice on a bad day could enchant them all, so just imagine what he can do on a good day." - Michael Rlin

"Gabriel's the absolute sweetest little rose you'll ever stick yer nose into. Tell me something bad about Gabey and I'll tell you something bad about your mental capacities, yaddadimean?" - Sybil Giovanni

"I'm new to this game, but he's got some interesting stuff going on. I'm curious to see what pies he has his fingers in..." - Ticks

"All others fall short of the best Childe a Sire could ask for. When I found my Gabriel, the search was over. Let the jealousy commence as I have won." - James Thorne

"Gabriel is now and has always been a remarkable Kindred. I find him to be a great friend of Clan Tremere and I will do my utmost to see those relations continue." - Gawain Croy

"You know it's hit the fan when Daddy asks for your shoes." - Gabriel Thorne

"There is no better partner with which to weave through the night than Gabriel." - Angelo

"He sings like an angel. It is his true power and tragedy - that voice would cut to the heart of anyone with a soul." - Chloe Pavlis

"My dear Gabriel, his voice almost makes me feel for the days I gave up long ago. It reminds me of when I heard Senesino in the days of my youth." - Cicero Giovanni

"Mon frère de sang est un chanteur fantastique. Not only does his voice soar to the heavens, but he is a light in the darkness of my nights. I am truly blessed to be able to call him the brother of mon coeur." - Sylvie Lorraine Thorne

"My my it is rare for me to find another man as pretty and as interesting as myself but Gabriel is one in a million. I could spend hours in his company and not even feel the time passing until the first rays of dawns light sear the vision from my eyes. If such a thing should happen at least my dying sight would be a delight. What do we talk about? I could tell you but, well, you know how the saying goes." -Gracciano Giovanni

"Name rings a bell. Oh yeah! I remember seeing that Toreador cat perform once upon a time. Can't remember much about where it was but it was a long time ago and needless to say I was a bit envious that I didn't find the kid first." - James Harlan

"Due to the nature of our client/attorney agreement I can neither confirm nor deny we were anywhere near that party when the incident in question occurred. Sounds hella fun though, so I can see why you would assume we were there, doll." Annamarie Giovanni

"I have but one word for Gabriel, and that is... YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAS." - Scarlett Thorne

"I have learned many things from many people. From my sire, I learned tenaciousness and a willingness to solve problems. From Gabriel, I learned how to solve those problems with class and flare. I'm proud to be his broodmate and I look forward to learning more from him." - Ewan Sterling

"Surely there must be a more silver tongued individual of his age, though I have yet to find them. Careful not to cut yourself upon his wits, As I understand it may sting quite a bit." - Feodor Krasny

"You've been a good friend, sir. You've shown me that not everyone is out to get everyone else. You have no idea how much that means to me." ~Thaddeus Montrose

"I have heard it said that Gabriel has the voice of an angel, which is absurd. Angels just form a chorus; Gabriel's voice deserves the solo." ~Master Harpy Forbes, Domain of Austin

"Has your heart been so still for so long that you've forgotten what it was like to be alive? Listen to Gabriel and remember." ~Antonin Boucher

"When faced with a Force of Nature, one cannot help but be moved." - Sebastien De Bourbon

"This is the first time in my life that I have looked at a picture of someone and been entranced. He is art. Even standing still, silent, staring into my eyes, singing into my cerebellum while sight singes my scelera. Stunning." - Hestia

Those nights were nights of beauty and a power whose like has not been seen, since. Le Chat Noir and the sweet, spiraling notes of a duet that time has forgotten...but I have not. That sweetness can yet pull me from the deepest places into which I descend, like little else in this world. I am not whole without it. - Matthieu Charpentier

To hear his voice is to glimpse Heaven. - Leonna Thorne

"You want to feel alive again? Go check out Gabriel Thorne. His performance could make the Sabbat weep with humanity. Ciro Dante De Rosa

"A golden voice befitting his name. Surely one day, he may be able to sing for me again..." Amelia Thorne

"He gave me Life. Dramatic sure, but where I was there wasn't anything left but a few grains of sand. He came along, and saw that last grain dance around, before it was ready to drop. He took me from there and showed me a world of such life and art, a place where I was able to perfect my craft. I wish I knew how to repay him, or thank him, until then I will place myself between him and his enemies. Figure, that's a good place to start." - Darius Thorne

"Gabriel is the Cat's meow. Especially now that he's out of Dylan Daddio's shadow." - Archer Thorne

"There is much to say about Gabriel, but his favor is worth more than the highest payment for such secrets...suffice it to say that it has been my true honor to join my voice with his and look forward to doing so again." - Luciano Giovanni

"His role in society is that of the artist of poet. To try and express what we all feel. Not to tell people how to feel. Not as a preacher, but as a reflection of us all.." -Anna Russell

"Gabriel and I have been dancing for years, and I can never manage to get him off of the floor and somewhere more...private. He's a breathtaking singer of course, but the most exciting part about this duet is seeing how long he can keep going. And, of course, what's to come after the band's gone home." -Rafael Hernandez

"Good fella, Gabriel. He was welcoming as the Primogen and had a tight reign on what needed to happen in the city. Looking forward to watching the Garden flourish here with him!" -Nick Bennett


  • So In Love ~ k.d. Lang "for my Angel"
  • You Do Something to Me ~ Sinead O'Connor "for my Guilty Pleasure"
  • Ev'ry Time We Say Goodbye ~ Annie Lennox
  • Do I Love You ~ Aztec Camera "for my Lost Innocence"
  • Stay By Me ~ Annie Lennox "for my Partner In Crime"
  • As If We Never Said Goodbye ~ Sunset Boulevard "for my Sister"
  • At Last ~ Etta James
  • Somebody ~ Depeche Mode
  • Never Is A Promise ~ Fiona Apple "for my Blessing"
  • Is It A Crime ~ Sade
  • Hey, Jupiter ~ Tori Amos "for my Soulmate"
  • The Very Thought of You ~ Billie Holiday
  • Love For Sale ~ Ella Fitzgerald "for my Bestie"
  • My Funny Valentine ~ Michelle Pfeiffer "for my Oracle"

OOC Information

Character Information
Clan: Toreador
Sect: Camarilla
City: Phoenix, AZ
Player: Michael McGough
Storyteller: VST Phil Ozlin

Contact: Michael McGough US2002021192 at if you want ties. Currently seeking ties of all kinds.
People that have met him in his travels, enemies, friends, lovers what have you.