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Awakening PC

Player: Sarah Himebaugh
Path: Moros
Order: Free Council •••
Legacy: Forge Masters (pending)
Consilium: Phoenix, AZ
City: Phoenix, AZ
VST: Kevin Hislop

Character Information

Name: Galena

Path: Moros

Order: Free Council

Legacy: (pending)

Consilium: Phoenix, AZ

Notable Traits: She's cheerfully loud and boisterous, and tends to wear worn clothing at odds with her jewelry.

Title or Positon:



  • She's not the only Free Council member in Phoenix, she's just the only one who attends consilium functions
  • After the weird history of former Phoenix consilium, she's actually here hunting clues, and following up on missing members of her Order


OOC Information

Player Name Sarah Himebaugh

MES Number US2009054046

Location Phoenix, AZ