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The Galliards Sing

The Nation has many tales and many Galliards to sing these stories to all the Generations that pass. These stories are meant to be In-Character as a way to pass on the oral history of the Nation, If your character has a tale, please add it to the list.

Caoimhe "Spine of Iron" O'Brien, Adren Galliard of the Fianna

The Battle of San Antonio: the Dragon

Denny "Talesin's Call" McNeely, Athro Ragabash of the Fianna, Songkeeper

The Battle of San Antonio: the Parade

Dominic "Crimson Lullaby" Connor, Fostern Galliard of the Children of Gaia

The Battle of San Antonio: the Makeup Room Adventure

"Echo of the Future", Fostern Galliard of the Glass Walkers

Walking in the Shadow of a Glass Lord (Google Docs Version)

Ekkehard "Red on White" Horn, Adren Galliard of the Silver Fang

Elizabeta "Scale's Aggravating Claws" Dragos, Athro Galliard of the Shadow Lords

Erik "Grins at Silver", Laerer Skald of the Fenrir

The tale of Thor's Fist
Unbreakable, The Saga of the Fenrir's Mission to the Amazon
The Jarl's Sons
A Weapon Reborn

Fiona "Stag's New Hope" MacOrann, Fostern Galliard of the Fianna, Songkeeper

Jaina "River's Ricochet" Harper, Fostern Galliard of the Glasswalkers

The Vengeance of The Binding Devourer

Mallory Byrne "Seeks the Voice", Fianna Galliard of the Song Keepers, Fostern

Tale of Merciful Redemption
Wisdom of Phoenix
A Student's Folly Against Goluko the Green Zmei (This tale is an expanded version sung originally by the Hunt Alpha a Philodox. The original was retold to Mallory from Spyder a Theurge of the Glass Walkers)

Noah "Harmony of Tambiyah" Elliott, Athro Moonsinger of the One Tribe

Rickard "Laughs Last" Marek, Elder Galliard of the Shadow Lords

The Sacrifice of Seven Entered into the Silver Record
The Hunt of Secret's Passing
The Battle in the Heavens
The First Klaive
A Screen Torn Away: The Battle of San Antonio
The Salvation of Lion
The Poisoned Hart
The Blessing of Thunder
Phoebe's Lesson, Phoebe's Smile
A Song of Wolf and Tree
The Rise of Crow's Insight
A Night of Tales: A Perfect Story
A Night of Tales: The Steward
A Night of Tales: An Imperfect Legend
The Rise of Death-is-Easier

Theresa "Song of the Past" Aetos, Athro Galliard of the Black Furies

The Tales of three Tribes

Ulryk Kordus "Road to Hell", Athro Galliard of the Shadow Lords

Five Tales of Punishment and Woe
Tale of the Red Star - News from the Legendary Realm

Zylo "Spirit of Anubis", Adren Galliard of the Silent Striders

The Final Tale of Judgement of Ma'at
Why Do You Smile?
Soft Truths Rite of Passage
The Tale of How Silent Striders Came to Wander
What is Rotogar?
The Fel-Boar's Dirge - Fostern Rank Challenge of Erin Flanagan "Sidhe Who Dreams"
Heart Scars And Scarred Hearts - Athro Rank Challenge of Claws Rend to the Truth
The Tale of Amon's Voice - Adren Rank Challenge of Caller of Forgotten Stories
Fourteen Tales - Zylo's Adren Challenge Stories
The Tale of Anhur's Discretion - Adren Rank Challenge of Scales of Ma'at
The Raising of the Shrouded Spring Caern, and the Fate of Breaks-the-Bonds, the Unbreakable
The Tale of Atum's Pride - Athro Rank Challenge of Archer's Paradox
A Serpent's Demise - a Lesson on Leeches