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Graffiti & Broadcasts

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  • Name: Unknown
  • Known Alias: Gator Joe
  • Clan: Nosferatu
  • Sire: Étang Saumâtre
  • Position: None
  • Titles: None
  • Standing: Committed to the Movement (Innate), Connected (Fleeting)

MAJOR Status Ban due to Path of Enlightenment

Like many Nosferatu - the actual image of the Kindred known as "Gator Joe" is horrible to say the least. Some who have been unfortunate enough to look upon him have compared the revolting experience akin to seeing a man wearing slime and scales while others see him (or it) as a real-life "Killer Croc" of the Batman comic books. Either way - the very few who have seen him regret the experience afterwards.

Known Timeline

  • 1854 Gator Joe born as Joseph Benoit in Terrebonne Parish, Louisiana
  • 1885-1900 Assumed time of embrace
  • 1964 Civil Rights activities draw out local legends of a Gator Man
    • Anarch Gang known as the Voodoo Dozen investigate
  • 1966 Voodoo Dozen locate and trap Gator Joe, who becomes part of the Movement
    • History of the Camarilla and Anarch Movement explained
  • 1970-1989 Gator Joe moves to the sewers and docks of New Orleans
    • Distribution of flyers (Anarch Movement)
    • Radio broadcast containing conspiracy theories
    • During this time he also built up his alternate identity of a rich and eccentric venture capitalist to help fund the Nosferatu and the Anarch Movement
  • 1995 Clan elders re-educate Gator Joe about being "visible"
    • Moved around from major cities in the USA and Russia
  • Gator Joe vanishes around the time of the Red Star
  • 2015 Gator Joe moves to Phoenix to help care for an Elder Nosferatu

...and so Below...

A recent addition to the Valley of the Sun, the individual known only as "Gator Joe" seemed to know a great many things about a great many people within the city of Phoenix. Nicknamed the "Lizard Man", this Nosferatu has been known to poke his head up in the most interesting of places and find out the most damaging of things. Whether this is through his powers of Obfuscation or just his own innate stealth - secrets and information seem to be coin he trades as most Nosferatu.

What makes this even more unsettling is that this Nosferatu is known to be a member of the Anarch Movement which has put many Kindred slight off as someone who is "In the Know" is someone who also view the Ivory Tower with disdain. While some try to "calm" themselves (or perhaps "lying" is a better word for it) - they know the value of his information supersedes his politics...for the right price.


  • Sire: Étang Saumâtre who was embraced in Haiti during the Haitian Revolution
  • Saumâtre claimed to be part of a lineage from South America that was not related to the European Nosferatu's Mother

Word on the Street

(Quotes - Feel Free to Add Your Own)

  • "Gator Joe is a lovely fella. I'd dance with him any night." - Seven
  • "He is rough around the edges, yes. He is, I know, an Anarch. But he is Nosferatu through and through and not a one of us really started out without some bits that need be sanded off in time. Importantly, he understands and makes me smile." - Terji Kopeyka
  • "He is a man with the passion of a true patriot. A shame he's applying that towards the wrong 'country', so to speak." - Roger Bennington
  • "With me, he's always been a down-to-Earth straight shooter. Considers before he opens his mouth, then says what he thinks and doesn't apologize for it." - Kasserine Powell
  • "I found Gator Joe to be delightful. Helpful, thoughtful and cultured despite his choice of attire." - Clara Azure
  • "Gator Joe is by far the most enlightened, honest, and useful individual I have ever had the pleasure of digging a tunnel with. I do appreciate the fact that he cleans out the dirt under his nails for social occasions." - Danielle Ropchan
  • "I like Gater Joe. He's so passionate and adamant. He's so young." -Nenette
  • "Mr. Joe, he is a young, misled, and misguided member of Kindred society, but his character and actions resound greatly of the one that he could become. He will make a fine member of the Tower when he grows up." - de heer Davydov
  • "Gator Joe and I see eye to eye on several subjects. It is a shame that he is an Anarch...He could be a strong ally in the Camarilla. Regardless, he is Nosferatu and he has my respect" - Franc
  • "I do not give a damn if he is an Anarch. He is Noferatu. It is best you remember that before you speak to me about him again." - Serratus
  • "Even if his love for our clan were to prove only a shadow of what he keeps for his close family, we are blessed to have him among us." - Claire

Gossip & Rumors for Sale

Character Information
Clan: Nosferatu
Sect: Anarch
City: Phoenix, AZ
Player: Gary H.
Storyteller: Phil Ozlin

(Rumors - Feel Free to Add Your Own)

  • Gator Joe maintains a Facebook page where he writes stories about aliens. If you read between the lines you can pick up on real world vampire politics.
  • Gator Joe doesn't even have Obfuscate!
  • Gator is a member of the House of Monsters.

Out of Character

  • Player: Gary H.
  • MES Number: US2002022028
  • Location: Phoenix, AZ