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Awakening PC

Player: Dennis
Path: Moros
Order: Mysterium ••
Consilium: Owensboro, Ky ••
City: Owensboro KY
VST: Jamie R

Birth Name: Not public knowledge

Shadow Name: Gavriil


Character Description

  • Gavriil was born in Siberia, Russia in May 18 1970. He had a hard time growing up dealing with his drunkard father and him dealing with PTSD from WW2. His mother worked at their boarding house so many people came and went through his life teaching him new things every time. He had a friend growing up Nadia Uliana a fatherless child whom stayed with her mother. They both grew up together with a fondness for hunting, They became closer over the years and eventually falling in love with one another. When Isay turned 18 he was contracted into the military but before he left he married Nadia and as a wedding gift she made him a Handcrafted Bow, and left her the house his parents gave him. Serving for a while as a Spetznaz he was accepted into the KGB becoming a very talented scout. He preferred the bow that his wife made for him and was extremely talented with using it. It was then he was given the mission to go to Afghanistan and infiltrate the enemy HQ retrieve the data and go to evac. Everything was going well in his mission until halfway through it he was found by enemy special forces and taken captive. There they tortured and beat him for information that he wouldn't give up due to his Spetnaz training. Eventually they gave up and poisoned him leaving him in the desert to die, that is when he awakened as a Moros. He found his captors and slayed them for attempting to kill him and he didnt quite understand what has happened but he was given a second chance. After completing his mission he was sent home and he arrived to an utter disaster. His house was in the midst of burning down and he found his wife outside frozen dead. He didn't understand why her felt no remorse for his dead wife but he understood it was her time to go, But he still never let go of her. He started learning about the basics of his Arcana and realized that his wife was anchored to the Bow and Pocket watch she gave him. He eventually found the Mysterium. He joined the order and started learning more about his powers. He eventually moved to America to seek out more of his order and came to Owensboro Ky, where he found his friends babble, triage, double tap. He has then been traveling with them and doing whatever he can to aid them.


OOC Information

  • Dennis R. US20015060019