Gawain Croy

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Gawain Croy

Viktor Glass.jpg

"À l'œuvre, on connaît l'artisan."

Camarilla Uber Allez


in Los Angeles

as an Ancilla

as Sheriff of
Los Angeles

by Prince Thorne of
Los Angeles

by LillyBell


Viktor Cantemir
Jake McNeily
Grand Childer:

History Viktor.jpg

Born outside of Toulouse, France in 1753 to noble Croÿ family. He attended University, and joined the Acadèmia dels Jòcs Florals, earning a reputation as a romantic, only amoungst those who did not see his shrewd opinions come out in University. He read Voltaire, Montesquieu, and their inspiration, Descartes. While their political theory was found interesting, what he found more interesting was the way they conveyed themselves. He began his work in politics, though it wasn't until his rather public argument with the University's head that he gathered the attention of his sire. Gawain was in public relations before that was a job description. He used his sway and savvy, not for personal glory, but to assist others in their ascentions to power and in doing so gather influential debtors. Sired 1783, when his sire saw what the Tremere could gain from someone, perhaps not so accomplished or gifted in the occult, but someone who could assist the clan in the political arena.

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Viktor dot.jpg"As Sheriff I am as a Detective, my Deputies as Police Officers."
Viktor dot.jpg"I did not find Gawain for his skills in sorcery or research, but rather for his gifted tongue. I have, over time, come to understand that his gifts are as potent as any ritual and I have seen him flourish for their use. He has exceeded my expectations."Viktor Cantemir
Viktor dot.jpg"My Dear Friend Gawain. Together, we seem to be greater than the sum of our parts. He is the only Kindred I know who could be in a city for a day and end up it's Sheriff before even becoming a citizen."Vincenza Longhena
Viktor dot.jpg"Though we have continually been traveling through the same social circles, prior to his attendance of Primogen meetings we hadn't had much in the way of interaction. I deeply regret that. My word, the voice on that man. Between that delicious accent and the brain behind that silvered tongue, I am certain he could do far more than selling ice to Eskimos." - Elizabeth Flannery
Viktor dot.jpg"I know how you feel. You don't know if you want to hit me or kiss me. I get a lot of that. "Gabriel Thorne
Viktor dot.jpg"So wise... and yet, so young. Only the stars can say whether that will be his salvation, or his doom."Tamerlane

Rumors Viktor.jpg

Viktor dot.jpg"Rumor goes here."
Viktor dot.jpg His fondness for Clan Malkavian has gotten him into many problematic situations.
Viktor dot.jpgHe is a connoisseur of the American band Nickelback. In fact, he's had front row tickets to all their concerts in Los Angeles.
Viktor dot.jpgHe's the only one trusted enough to drop Vincenza's shoes off for repairs.
Viktor dot.jpgGawain's skills at creating ships in bottles is unrivaled.
Viktor dot.jpgOnce, he found a baby bird that fell from its nest. He raised it, and that baby bird taught him how to truly love once again.
Viktor dot.jpgDon't let the accent fool you, Gawain is from Jersey.
Viktor dot.jpgHe's been spending a suspicious amount of time with the local Giovanni Don.
Viktor dot.jpgA Tremere Sheriff with a Gangrel Deputy? That won't end well.
Viktor dot.jpgHas been behind countless praxis seizures and maintains a startlingly impressive success rate.
Viktor dot.jpgThere is a long rumored history between Croy and the Thorn family.

Gawain Croy

Player: Joshua Harris, US2002021043
Sect: Camarilla
Clan: Tremere
Sect Status: 5
Domain: Los Angeles, CA
VST: ST Name

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