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“Perhaps they will banish me
from the annals of history
in the end it matters not
we direct our destiny
I've lived beyond myself for an instant
and heard the echoes in the hearts and faces
of the people I will never know
but still cannot forget”

- Roland, The Cruxshadows

Name: Thaddeus Withers
Clan: Nosferatu
Bloodline: Rumored to be Lygos
Sire: Unknown to many
Lineage: Unknown

  • The General
  • Prefect of the Colorado Springs Collective

Past Titles:

  • Lord of the Invictus
  • Dread Magistrate of Colorado Springs, CO [Sheriff]

Covenant:The Carthian Movement
Formerly a long standing soldier of the Invictus
Faction: Collectivist

Notable Traits:

  • Palpable Aura of Menace - "In his presence you feel surrounded by predators."
  • Milky iris, left eye
  • Unyielding Intensity

OOC Notable Traits:

  • Inspiring
  • High Presence and Composure

What Society Knows

A Soldier of the State.

All of these things have been said about the Invictus Nosferatu known by many simply as “The General.” For over a century, Invictus Princes and leaders exerted control and power through him. Carthians in rebellion? He ruthlessly put them down. The Bloodhunted? He hounded them without cessation. All for the good of the First Estate. Then something happened. An uprising gone wrong, or so it's said. Now he’s Carthian.

A Veteran of the State.

What happened? Did he fail? Or did something fail him?

Known Associations

    The man of knowledge must be able not only to love his enemies
but also to hate his friends.
-Friedrich Nietzsche

Those Standing Post - Colorado Collective

Links of the Chain - Carthian Allies

Among Society - Allies of other Covenants

Former Allegiance - The Invictus

Lines Drawn, Sides Taken - Enemies

Shades of the Past - Those Lost

Tales - Real and Imagined

    History is a set of lies agreed upon. 
    -Napoleon Bonaparte
  • He hasn't truly left the Invictus.
  • A raging atheist, he hates religion of all types.
  • He is the "tyranny of evil men".
  • Truly a believer in statolatry.
  • He has reformed his political philosophies and believes in the Will of the People.
  • With his bare hands, he killed a werewolf.
  • He has suppressed more Carthian uprisings than any other Kindred.
  • There are still many Carthians who, to this night, still look over their shoulder in fear of him.
  • Upon first meeting, his dead eye shows him the precise moment in which a vampire's requiem will end.
  • He has a file containing every secret and kill he has ever known. It's in a certain vault on Elysium.
  • The General is a follower of Confucianism and it has a strong impact on his Carthian Position and Mission.

Words Spoken - By Him and About Him

    Damned if I'll yield at the end of the chase.
I am the Law and the Law is not mocked
-Javert, Les Miserables (Musical)
  • "It is not your soul I'm interested in, but what you contribute to Society. Stand firm, hold true to your convictions and make your Requiem have meaning." - Withers
  • "It is with great respect that I humbly request your surrender. There is no further need for bloodshed or death. We, here and now, have the ability to yield to the will of Society and uphold the course of civility. What say you?" - Withers
  • "You are the rightful Prince of this Domain, supported by your citizens, your Will be done." -Withers
  • "'There is nothing noble in being superior to your fellow man. True nobility is being superior to your former self.' Hemingway." - An anonymous Kindred, offered in reference to the General.
  • "One of the only talkers in the Movement who isn't boring the moment he opens his mouth. He has purpose, and drives that purpose forward with a vengeance. I am proud to call him my Brother and stand by him shoulder-to-shoulder if the shit goes down." - Joan Black
  • "The General is really cuddly and nice once you get to know him." - Major Stone
  • "I have tried to kill him, and he me. That neither of us succeeded is, I believe, an entirely reasonable basis for cooperation. That we might one day try again merely adds perspective." - Ilya
  • "General Withers? Do I know him? Why yes I do. How well you ask? I do not believe that the level of intimacy between myself and the General is any of your concern. If you are truly curious, please do inquire with him. I am positive that our answers with be the same. Will that be all?" - Lief Ragnarsen
  • "Likely he doesn't remember me personally. In China his soldiers decimated my entire coterie, my broodmates in battle. I've only experienced humility like that one other time in my existence, the night I was embraced. One needs this kind of humility every now and then, I owe him a debt beyond blood or boons. A soldiers debt. - Kai Hun
  • "A sheriff and a harpy have but one purpose as two sides of the same coin; we protect the Kindred population from destruction by chaos. He wounds the body while I wound the reputation. Perhaps some day we will debate as to which of us does the most damage." - Damien Mastersen
  • "The General is exactly the sort of Carthian that others of his Covenant should aspire to be; Driven in his efforts, purposeful in his nightly existence, and respectful of social convention... when it serves his interests." - Matthew Abram Voelker
  • "I'm leaving. Goodbye. Oh, General, before you go, I must tell about this and that and blah blah blah. Twenty minutes later, Yes, goodbye. Oh, General, are you leaving? You must meet so-and-so! Blah blah blah. Twenty minutes after that, Goodbye. But General! And that Is why I tell you that there's an emergency outside, sir." - Oral Wright
  • "You would have me speak on my wayward childe, ja? What would you hear me say - would you hear me speak of my disappointment, that my greatest triumph has become my greatest failing? If that is the case, then you will be sorely disappointed. I am perplexed by his sudden turn to the Carthian Movement, true; the most frustrating part of it all is that while he has turned his back on the covenant that served as the crucible in which I forged him, he has not turned his back on the ideals which I etched upon him in blood and fire. The trappings may be different, but his heart remains the same. Perhaps you should find someone else with whom you can speak ill of my childe, hmm?" - Czesare Dragos
  • "I am a fighter. He is a soldier. People like me are ugly necessities to... resolve things in civilization. People like him are necessities to be sure there is a civilization in the first place." - Grasshopper
  • "One of the fella's that inspired me in the first place to join up with the Carthians... hell of a guy... and I'm sure as shit that I never want ta' end up on his bad side" - Buck
  • "Why yes I can say I've met the General, and I can also say that he falls for an ambush still so easily. I do actually think he is one of the better Carthians that I have had the pleasure of meeting." - Duke Jessie White
  • "Congratulations are in order. You have stripped me of my reasoning for thoroughly hating your entire covenant. You are... the first and only Carthian I've ever met who isn't a complete fucking idiot. I'll admit, I'm shocked, but I find myself positively inclined to your presence." - Dame Knight Steele
  • "Young childe, I remember nights when the thought, the very notion that The General was coming for ye would make Carthians flee to the dayside rather than tae be caught by him. Ye'd be wise tae thank ye luck that he's on oor side now. - Richard Hamilton to some hapless young thing
  • "The General is one of the best proofs that murder is a waste among our kind. Once, he'd have hunted me- and for all I'll admit, he may have hunted me. But he's also applied the same passion to the cause of the Movement he once carried against us. Turning a loss into a gain is what kindred society is about, and he's a stellar example." - Lorenzo Byzanz
  • "Have you ever stood in front of an oncoming train? A crumbling, leaking dam? A tiger behind a few flimsy metal bars? No? That's great n' all, but it means I can't describe Withers to you. I've chosen to support him, to lay my burdens on his shoulders... but he won't falter. We won't let him." - Links
  • "Hrm...what, exactly, is a LOLCat?" -Withers, reading a piece of paper from Cardinal Cassidy Sullivan
  • "Pleasure to meet you. Why aren't you a Carthian?" - Withers

OOC Inspirations

    I am attracted to characters who think they are in control,
but their situation is uncontrollable.
-Eric Bana

Inspirational Quotes

  • "The purpose of life is not to be happy. It is to be useful, to be honorable, to be compassionate, to have it make some difference that you have lived and lived well." -Ralph Waldo Emerson
  • "The greatest way to live with honor in this world is to be what we pretend to be." -Socrates
  • "Never think that war, no matter how necessary, nor how justified, is not a crime." -Ernest Hemingway

Inspirational Books/Movies/Characters

Inspirational Music

OOC Character Ties/Timeline

I have found, through the course of designing the General and building early connections that he has been many things for many characters, though more often than not his timeline has been filled with his playing the villain. Either he has hounded through the years those who have been hunted for crimes (rightfully so, or not), crushed rebellions or defended Domains against the enemies of Society. I have a fair number of enemies already, though willing to negotiate modern connections with former enemies.

Where has he crossed your path?

Looking for:

  • Friends
  • Allies
  • Travelling Companions
  • Philosophers for discourse, written or spoken

Timeline for connections

OOC Information Summary

Character: General Thaddeus Withers
Concept: High Priest of The State
Player: Raymond Bruels III
MES #: US2002021377
Region: North Central

Character Information
Clan: Nosferatu ••••
City: Colorado Springs, CO •••
Player: Raymond Bruels III
Storyteller: Sean Bergeman

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