George Allen Carson, The Red Terror

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"Bad luck wind been blowing at my back
I was born to bring trouble to wherever I'm at
Got the number thirteen tattooed on my neck
When the ink starts to itch, then the black will turn to red

Got a long line of heartache, I carry it well
The list of lives I've broken reach from here to hell,
Back luck been blowing at my back
I pray you don't look at me, I pray I don't look back"
- Johnny Cash, Thirteen

Personal Information

Character Information
Auspice: Rahu
Tribe: Blood Talons
Cunning: ••
Glory: ••••
Honor: ••
City: Colorado Springs, CO
Pack: None
Player: Mykle McGovern
Storyteller: Travis Page
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Real Name: George Allen Carson

Aliases: Hardly anyone calls him by his given name; instead, he usually goes by the nickname 'Red'.

Deed Name: Hibiz-Ul (The Red Terror)

Pack: None

Lodge: Lodge of Garm



Backstory and Personality

The Cahalith of the Blood Talons sing of Hibiz-Ul, called 'the Red Terror' in the tongue of Man. The songs of his early life are few and far between; they say he was born in Colorado Springs, the scion of a family line of Blood Talons native to that area for generations. They say that when he was little more than a boy, he went off to fight in a war in a far-off land. When he returned, he was more than a man - he was Uratha, having undergone his First Change amidst the nightmare fields of battle.

Among the Uratha, he earned his first Renown in some of the earliest battles of the Brethren Wars fought in Colorado Springs. He was known for his hatred of the Predator Kings, in particular; it was whispered by his detractors at that time that he had even willingly killed Predator Kings, trading his Harmony for the glories of battle and the satisfaction of Pure blood on his claws.

However, his greatest tales of Glory came not from his war with the Pure, but instead from his struggle with another foe: vampires. He and his pack had discovered a nest of them in their territory, and when these vampires unknowingly drew the attention of the Pure Tribes, Red's pack was forced to act. Realizing that there were more of the vampires who would most certainly be drawn into the conflict, Red made a bold decision. One fateful night he strode into a vampire gathering, alone and unarmed, and declared to their leader that if they didn't leave Colorado Springs, they would be destroyed. Surprisingly, most listened; most, but not all. The stragglers came to know him as 'the Red Terror'; he made good on his promise to them, and he took to hunting those who had remained behind. No one can say for certain how many vampires Red killed in the twenty years remaining in the Brethren Wars. Sometimes, the vampires were hard opponents, and Red limped away from more than one fight, leaving his foes with a snarled, "LEAVE!". In the end, he became their boogie man, and to this day the Kindred of Colorado Springs speak in hushed tones of the Red Terror who haunted the nights of exile.


  • Red is opposed to the idea of multi-tribal packs, taking an older stance that single tribe packs allow for greater focus and precision in their duties as Forsaken.
  • Red and one of his packmates, Johnny, recently tangled with a coven of vampires in one of the city's parks. Though they both came back pretty wounded, Red and Johnny both killed more than their fair share of the vampires in the fight. They let one go to tell the stories to its friends.

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Mykle McGovern

Location: C0-015-D

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