George Tuttle

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Character Information
Clan: Malkavian
Sect: Camarilla
City: Kalamazoo, MI
Player: GL ARST Masq CAI
Storyteller: GL ARST Masq CAI

Sire: Robert DuBois
Embrace: 1934
Residence: Kalamazoo
Acknowledged as a member of the Camarilla by Duke Robert DuBois of Kalamazoo
Established as an Ancilla of the Camarilla
Revered as Primogen of the Clan Malkavian in Kalamazoo

Notable Traits: portly, short, a bit grumpy and overly stiff and formal most of the time; thick black beard; brown eyes; healthy flush to his face; whiny, unpleasant voice

Information Known by Kindred Society

The information below is reasonably available to characters of the Masquerade Camarilla/Anarch/Independents continuity. Some subsections are marked as available knowledge only for certain groups of characters, and thus would not be known by every character.

Known by Kindred Society At Large

George Tuttle arrived in Kalamazoo in the 1960s at the summons of his sire. He is essentially an eccentric, idiosyncratic extension of House De Luna. In fact, he seems to have very little individuality to set him apart from the agenda that is likely dictated to him by his sire, Duke Robert DuBois.

Known by the Harpies

George Tuttle is pretty much a sycophant to his sire. If George wants it, you can bet it's because his sire told him to want it.

Known by the Clan Malkavian

George Tuttle hides his personal agenda very well.... admirably so. He is to be watched closely.


Sire: Robert DuBois

Note: Those looking for a lineage for their PC or NPC may speak with the GL ARST Cam/Anarch/Indep about lineage ties.


Quotes by George Tuttle:

  • "No, she's no family of mine." (about Marion Tuttle)
  • "It's very important that you do this without delay." (a common follow-up to giving any kind of directive to others

Quotes about George Tuttle:


  • He actually hates his sire and everything he stands for. He's just too chicken shit to do anything about it.
  • He and Marion Tuttle are relatives by mortal blood.
  • He is married to Marion Tuttle, as some Kindred do.

OOC Information

This character is an NPC run by the GL ARST Masq CAI. All OOC questions about this NPC and IC correspondence directed to the NPC should be directed to the GL ARST Masq CAI.