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"The angels of the Lord descended on the earth, those who are named the Watchers, that they should instruct the children of men, and that they should do judgment and uprightness on the Earth."

The Watcher


Geryon the Watcher is a Gargoyle of the Sabbat, a dedicated Noddist, and a guardian of sacred tomes. He has long made his Haven in Pittsburgh, Pa - the Iron Fortress.

Geryon combines the scholarly distance of those who follow the Path of Caine with the fierce martial nature of his bloodline. In study, Geryon is focused and contemplative. In combat, Geryon is a formidable, ruthless combatant. Geryon is a supporter of the clergy, but is generally disinterested in politics, making him politically Moderate. He is a member of the pack First Company.

"The Watcher" is also a Keeper of a Sacred Text, the honorable protector of ancient pages of the Book of Nod. In addition to his studies and duties, Geryon hones his skills as an expert blacksmith, capable of forging beautiful weapons and stunning metal sculptures.


Geryon the Watcher is an enormous stone-skinned man with horns and wings. His face is framed by thick rock that was likely once a beard. Geryon wears distinctly anarchonistic clothing, generally tunics and robes that cover his massive frame. His wings are usually pressed against his body, sometimes covered by his clothing. His horns are somewhat short, jutting up in a curve from his forehead. Geryon rarely walks among mortals except when feeding and patrolling, but he does utilize Obfuscate when in sight of mortals, appearing as a gigantic man in an old-fashioned suit.


Geryon does not speak extensively of his past. He will proudly recount his actions in the Gargoyle Revolt, and how he lead a dozen of his kind to freedom. He rarely speaks of his time under the yoke of the Tremere, and it is clear to most that he doesn't remember his life before becoming a Gargoyle.

   Although it's not widely known, and he seems ashamed to speak of it, Geryon does not deny that he joined the Camarilla after the Revolt, as many of his bloodline did. If he does speak of it, he makes a point of how much the Camarilla desired more slaves, and how he laid low and diablerized the Ventrue who tried to make a slave of him.

   Geryon joined the Sabbat some time ago - it would have to have been centuries, given his involvement in the Gargoyle Revolt. Geryon does not usually speak about his age. At some point over two hundred years ago, he was given the duty of protecting a piece of the Book of Nod, and he has taken that duty very seriously. It's unclear for how long he has followed the Path of Caine, but it's possible the fragment of the Book of Nod lead him to that Path.

   In about 1911, Geryon moved to Pittsburgh. He has become a fixture there, although somewhat in the background. Naturally, many remark on his ability to fly using his wings, as he is often patrolling the city from the sky. His smithing work is also a fixture - several Sabbat have weapons forged by his hand, and the local Sabbat hangouts are decorated with his sculptures (most of which are on the subject of Caine).


One thing about Geryon's history is abundantly clear to those who know him - he does not remember ever being humane. Clearly, he does not remember anything before becoming a Gargoyle, something that is rumored to be true of all members of that bloodline. But as a Gargoyle, Geryon was apparently not on Humanity. After the Gargoyle Revolt, he did not rededicate himself to Humanity. And he did not come to the Path of Caine from Humanity. As a result, Geryon is a Cainite with no memory of ever being human, and no understanding of what it is to be humane.

   This makes him a monster, clearly, by most any standard. However, it's interesting how his total lack of Humanity is expressed - he has no empathy or pity for mortals, but neither is he a simple, bloodthirsty killer of mankind. Geryon views mortals as a sort of cross between cattle and wild animals, never forgetting their intelligence but never understanding what their lives are like. He believes Cainites are obviously superior creatures, and has problems relating to Cainites on Humanity. He does not hate or insult those Cainites still on Humanity, but it's clear he does not understand them... and of course, he thinks they should take up the Path of Caine.

Known Associates

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Help Wanted! (Character Ties)

I like character ties! Geryon has several hooks, for instance:

» Geryon is a Noddist Scholar! He is clearly a student of Lore... although he's not the best Loremaster around, for certain. Have you studied with him? Have you taught him some things? Have you argued with him about what is true?

» Geryon is a warrior! Having been turned into a stone monster has its advantages. Have you fought alongside Geryon? Did you somehow convince him to leave his books and help you fight a Crusade, or defend a Sabbat city?

» Geryon is a blacksmith! Do you want a very specific weapon or sculpture? Geryon is an exceptional smith, and can make Masterwork items.

» Geryon is a guardian of sacred items! Not everything Geryon keeps in his protective custody is as important as his fragment of the Book of Nod. There are plenty of other sacred items, like the artifacts (or remains) of important Sabbat or original documents important to the sect. Did you find something important and give it to Geryon to protect? Does Geryon have an item in his custody that you're trying to get him to give up, like something from your dead Sire?


Character Information
Clan: Gargoyle
Sect: Sabbat
City: Pittsburgh, PA
Player: Chuck W
Storyteller: Charlie C