Gesser Svetnovak

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Awakening PC

Player: Justin Merrell
Path: Thyrsus
Order: Mysterium •••
Legacy: Dreamspeaker
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Consilium: Nonesuch ••
City: Baton Rouge
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VST: Kathryn Merrell

Gesser profile.jpg

Shadow Name: Gesser Svetnovak, Джиср Фэджа Данило Афон Ефим Миша Озип Никифор Свэтновак

Offices: Curator


  • A sleepwalker and served the Mysterium since coming of age
  • April 15, 1986: Awakened and lost his wife
  • May 30, 1986: Moved to Baton Rouge, LA
  • 1986-2001: Acquisitionist for the local Mysterium
  • 2001: Joined the Archivists
  • 2005: Thesis published 'Atlantean ideals hidden throughout history, cultures, customs, and linguistics'
  • 2008: Thesis published 'The overlooked power of speech'
  • 2011: Became Curator of Baton Rouge Athenaeum
  • 2012: Thesis published 'Realms of existence: a glimpse at cosmology'

Character ties

  • Welcome teacher, mentor, student, or enemy


  • Master Lorren - Kingkiller Trilogy
  • Broken Bride Album - Ludo


A slight golden aura surrounds Gesser, he seems less awkward and some have seen a glimpse of ghostly lady or hear a comforting voice murmuring comforting tones.


  • Is attempting to bring the dead back to life
  • Seems more at home in other realms of existence than the fallen world
  • His birth name and shadow name are the same but hold no sympathetic connection



Player: Justin Merrell

MES Number: US2002022248

Location: Baton Rouge, LA