Ghul zuchter

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“taking life and twisting it, warping it till it is something new, to bring death down onto this world”

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Character Information
Clan: Tzimisce
Sect: Sabbat
Statuses: Accepted
City: London, ON
Player: david allen
Storyteller: Sonny, London Sabbat VST

Character Information

Name: ghul zuchter aka "Breeder"

Clan: Tzimisce

Status: Accepted

Notable Traits:
- Blood red eyes, the trademark of his sires brood
- Cold breeze
- Plants wither around him
- On Path of Cain
- breeds Szlachta and hell hounds for use by the sword of caine

Title or Positon:

Pack: TBA


- raising hell hounds and szlachta and a master at crafting the vohzd for war

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Looking For

OOC Information

Player: david allen

Membership: CA200202019