Giles D'Armantiz

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Dead This character is dead. Any further communication should be with the VST.


Elder of the Malkavian Clan

Knight of the Moon


Acknowledged within the Camarilla

Confirmed Elder of the Camarilla

Established Elder of the Camarilla

Privileged Elder of the Camarilla

Noble Primogen of Sioux Falls

Enforcer As Scourge of Sioux Falls

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Notable Traits

  • Handsome, Often seen dressed in weird yet stylish attire.

Known to Kindred Society

Known to Local Kindred

  • In February of 2015 Giles became the Sheriff of Lakeland Florida. It's also common knowledge that his first night on the job wasn't a very good one.

Known to Clan Malkavian

  • The D'Armantiz Line comes from France. The Line was created by Giles Grandsire Celia in hopes to cater to Knights of the Moon.
  • In 1872 The Attempt to better his leaning failed after the Final Death of both his Sire Coren and his grandsire Celia.

Sound Track

Blokhe4d - Tears in Vain (320 mp3)

Alive Me -- I talked to God close to Eagle Nebula

Mash Up Germany Somebody to Lean on

League Against Dubstep Rule The Waste Land]



Words on the Street


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  • "A shattered mirror is composed of shards, a symphony of edges. Elder D'Armantiz is just such a symphony, composed of movements of blades that just as often cut inwards as out. He serves the Camarilla faithfully and without question." - Elijah Boone
  • "Your quote here." - You


  • 1697 born
  • 1716 embraced at the mortal age of 19
  • 1789 - 1790 During the French Revolution Giles advised the Court of Paris as a Seer and a citizen.
  • 1791 - 1804 Giles started to learn what was going on in the NEW World (US) and quickly wanted to see it for himself. Much to the dislike of his Prince the Fieve de Province.
  • 1900 Took a Voluntary Torpor in hopes to wake better ready to take on the world.
  • 1907 Awoke and traveled to America from Paris
  • November of 2014 Arrived in Lakeland, Florida.
  • January of 2015 Became Sheriff after the Death of Gator of Clan Gangrel.
  • May of 2015 Steps down as Sheriff for personal reasons. None of which was stated
  • May of 2015 Left Lakeland for Sioux Falls
  • June of 2015 Became Scourge of Sioux Falls after a failed attempt at taking Praxis from James Harlen.

“Don't cry because it's over, smile because it happened.”

Dr. Seuss


  • USA-NC-VC-1506-027374 (CCD)
  • (Machiavelli Prodgney)

Character Information
Clan: Malkavian
Sect: Camarilla
City: SFalls Masquerade
Player: Carl Gosline
Storyteller: Krista Ward