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Name: Ginger
Seeming: Wizened
Kiths: Artist & Witchtooth
Court: Autumn
Freehold: The Warren Towers


The Mask the World Sees:

Ginger is an unassuming elderly lady who often seems to be looking for something. She walks with a hunch, leaning heavily on a large wooden staff for support, and often carries numerous trinkets and powders which she claims all have very important uses. Her demeanor is befitting of anyone's dear grandmother, anyone who actually takes the time to speak with her that is. Her far away looks and occasional muttering however keep most people away. If one actually does converse with her though, they would quickly assume that Ginger suffers from some form of Alzheimer's or other dementia, as her memory contains quite a large number of holes and she often finds the simplest things confusing. Other changelings of course, can guess the darker truth of the likely causes to Ginger's memory loss.

The Mien that Lies Beneath:

Too other changelings and those capable of seeing it, Ginger's true form is more unsettling. Although her form is largely the same, her skin takes on a greenish pallor with deep cracks crossing all over it. For those who have the misfortune of seeing her teeth, they are greeting with a mouthful of brown-yellow half rotted incisors that are remarkably sharp. Her clothing looks even more tattered and emits a smell of pipe smoke despite the fact that Ginger is never seen smoking. And the simple wooden staff Ginger carries is seen adorned with a deer skull on the top and a variation of cords and leathers hanging from it.

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Ribbons - A good woman. She helped me once. I probably be dead without her. I will not forgot that.

What follows is generally out-of-character knowledge. However, some of it could be learned by other Changelings, especially if we shared the same Keeper.

      Ginger, whose real name is lost now even to her, was taken by a powerful Fae because of her baking skills. She was made to serve her new master by finding new and inventive ways to prepare the exotic meats brought into the kitchen. And despite the fact that many of the steaks and other cuts were unlike anything Ginger had ever seen in a butcher's shop, she learned quickly not to ask prying questions. During one of her first days there another slave in the kitchen who had done so was forcefully removed from the house and taken into the back shed for punishment. That very same evening the haul was quite plentiful even though that most of the hunters had stayed home that day.

Creepy Kitchen.PNG

      Time passed and for better or worse Ginger adapted to her place in life. Perhaps it was simple jadedness or perhaps the old hag's nature was seeping into Ginger herself, but Ginger no longer flinched at what was required of her. She knew that she was cooking the bones of unfortunate humans who wandered into her master's domain. And she knew that the little ones were the children lured and captured by the old Fae's hunters. But Ginger also knew that if she didn't continue to please her master with her dishes that she could end up being served to her master at a moment's notice. And therefore she focused on the task at hand and did her best at the job without allowing herself to dwell on what that job was. So she experimented with new herbs and spices, she studied medicine and magic to apply to her baking, she trained others brought into the kitchen to learn from her, and she even supervised the butcher's work in the back shed at times to ensure that she was given the best possible cuts.

      It was during one of the afternoons that Ginger was observing the work in the butcher shop when one of the hunters returned with a fresh kill. It was a young girl, perhaps ten years old, but not an unusual occurrence in this realm. However at the sight of this girl, something broke inside Ginger and she remembered that she had a daughter once, long ago before she was taken. A new clarity came over her, and she realized that her daily rationalizations of "I'll be killed if I don't do this," did not excuse the wicked deeds she had done. From that point onward her focus shifted from survival to escape.

      In secret Ginger began learning about powerful drugs and poisons in hopes that she could find something to help her flee that she could concoct with ingredients on hand. She continued to prepare meals for her master, but each night she hoped it would the last dinner she would make in this realm. Unfortunately her research provided nothing that seemed strong enough to kill the witch who held her captive. However she did find something that promised to put anyone into a deep sleep. Deciding that this could be he ticket to freedom, Ginger made the potion and then mixed it into a strong sauce to hide the flavor. It was also simple for Ginger to add the potion to the food prepared for the rest of the realm's inhabitants since everyone was served from the same kitchen.

      And later when the meal was finally served, Ginger waited from the kitchen with apprehension to see if the potion would take effect. Nothing happened until the dished were being cleared, but then to Ginger's surprise and delight, there were several loud thuds from the dining room and then nothing but snores. She stole one quick glance and confirmed that the old witch herself was also asleep. Then Ginger quickly took a few supplies from the kitchen and took off into the night as fast as her poor old legs could carry her.


      Ginger headed in the direction where the hunters always returned from. She soon came upon a great thicket, one that seemed vaguely familiar to her. There was no clear path to be seen and knowing she would never go back she choose a point where it was slightly less dense and pushed onward. The thorns and brambles cut into Ginger's clothing and skin as she walked and hurt terribly. However Ginger thought of her daughter and continued onward despite the pain. It was difficult to say whether the journey took minutes, hours, or more than a day, but at last Ginger was threw. She de-tangled the last of the shrubbery from her hair and stepped out from under the archway of an old bridge and into a sunny park on a river. She only had a moment to enjoy the view before she noticed a couple people dressed in bright clothing were running towards her. Terrified that they were agents of her master yet too exhausted to run away, Ginger drove to the ground and hid among the reeds. Fortunately the couple appeared not to notice her and continued running along the path. After they were out of sight, Ginger thanked her luck and endeavored to get far away from this door which her master clearly had people patrolling from both sides.

A song list that sums up Ginger to me:
      I Want You Here by Plumb
      In My Arms by Plumb
      Mad World by Gary Jules
      My Heart Is Broken by Evanescence

Changeling PC

Player: Pamela B.
Character: Ginger
Seeming: Wizened
Kith: Artist & Witchtooth
Court: Autumn
Freehold: The Warren Towers Freehold
VST: Mikhail M.

Player Name: Pamela B.
MES Number: US2014060061
Title: Domain Coordinator for Boston's Shattered Antiquities
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