Gizmer Clank

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Seeming-wizened.pngCourt autumn color.png


  • Warren Rogers #US2014100157
  • IC Email Address: Email Me
  • OOC Email Address: Email me
  • TX-065-D "No Witnesses"
  • Storyteller: Pete DeSalvo Email ST


  • Name: Gizmer Clank
  • Alias: G.C. and Gilbert Clark
  • Seeming: Wizened
  • Kith: Gremlin
  • Court: Autumn
  • Entitlement: ???
  • Motley:

Gizmer is a skilled driver and mechanic and is currently the Stable Master in charge of maintaining and stabling the the vehicles, other modes of transportation, ect for the Freehold of Austin, but those are only his day job activities.


  • 9/22/1952: Gizmer was Born.
  • 9/22/1970: Drafted into the Vietnam war.
  • 7/12/1972: Discharged from the military
  • 9/22/1972: Captured by The Merchant.
  • 9/22/2012: Escaped from Keeper.
  • 9/23/2012 - 12/20/2015: Stalked Fetch.
  • 12/22/2015: Arrived in Austin.



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  • Modified SUV which is his Motley's main mode of transportation


Gilbert Clark was born 9/22/1952 in Beaumont, Texas. His family owned some service stations in the Huston area which meant that he was around cars pretty much his entire life. He first learned how to fix a car when he was 5 and by age 13 he knew how to drive and build them. His Family owned a boat and his father had been a pilot during WW2, so by the time he was 18 and drafted into the Vietnam War he was already a very skilled mechanic and vehicle expert. He entered a combat engineer and quickly became recognized for his skill. He was unfortunately discharged, after almost two years of service, however after he was severely injured due to an explosion caused by a malfunction with one of the vehicles he was working on. The Merchant came to Gilbert and offered him the chance to regain his mobility and do what he loved once more, Gilbert should have read the fine print. The Merchant passed him around as a rental mechanic/driver/pilot for the Gentry until he escaped through a strange portal that just appeared behind him while he was on his way back to The Merchant. When he awoke, he found himself on the front lawn of his old house but to his dismay he saw himself having dinner with the children, wife, and grandkids he never had. He stalked the other him, who had taken over his life, and even worked a year at one of his old family’s mechanic shops. Not knowing yet what to do, in terms of his fetch, and feeling the need for a change of scenery he decided to get away, figure things out, and decide whether to one day return and claim his life back or move on and start anew.