Glen Fleetfoot

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Character Information
Auspice: Cahalith
Tribe: Blood Talons
Renown: ••••• ••••
Cunning: ••
Glory: •••••
Wisdom ••
City: Charleston, SC
Player: Cameron Orr
Storyteller: Rocky Butler

Character Information

Real Name: Glen Fleetfoot

Creature Type: Werewolf

Deed Name: The Healer of Great Wounds

Pack: None

Position: None

Age: 30

Cell: Dead Cell

Backstory and Personality

Raised in more modern society by my parents, I refused to learn about my Cherokee heritage at my grandfathers request. "Those are old legends and myths. No one believes those anymore. There's no truth to them." At least that's what I thought. Years went by as I searched for a purpose in life and ended up empty handed. My grandfather used to always say to me that the spirit of the wolf was very closely tied to me. I just took it as some of his ramblings. Then it happened. Luckily I was visiting him at that time and the only casualty was a stag. When I returned to him with this news he starting teaching me the ways of our people as well as revealing to me that he was wolf-blooded. It was never brought up as for 6 generations as we never had one that endured the First Change. That night changed my life and showed me what the purpose was that I was searching for.


When he drinks and shifts into a wolf, he really loves having his ears scratched.

Personal Soundtrack

Let the Madness Begin - Fozzy

Decadence - Disturbed

Monster - Skillet

Light It Up - Rev Theory


OOC information

Player Name: Cameron Orr

Membership Number: US2012030016

Location: Charleston, SC

Email Address: