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Who Are They?

The Gloom Patrol is a Brujah Lineage whose family line is led currently by one Melinda Dellvecchio, commonly known as 'Steve!'. They are known to hunt Infernalists, Sabbat, and other enemies of the Ivory Tower with great effectiveness. While a bit rowdy, one can quickly understand why a Prince would keep them around upon seeing them in combat. As with any family of size, rumors abound surrounding the Gloom Patrol and their history. Currently, most of the family resides in Charleston, South Carolina, save for a female member of their line who currently resides in Savannah, Georgia.


The Family Tree

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

  • Uncle Alfie Unknown
  • Steve - Embr. 1476, York, England
    • Angel (NPC)-Embr. 1510. Died, Date Unknown.

The Honorary

Brujah Lineages


By Gloom Patrol

  • "Steve is good people." - Styx
  • "Steve'll knock that guy out for twenty-five cents." - Hanzel
  • "Rex dropped that guy faster than a prom night baby!" - Styx
  • "Hey, when you play Rock, Paper, Scissors with Hanzel, always throw paper. Really pisses him off." - Joey
  • "I seem to have misplaced my childer..." *multiple shrieks of pain* "Ah, there they are. - Steve
  • "Sending Gloom Patrol out after one Sabbat is like us sharing a potato chip. - Styx
  • "Gigi's really good at making sammiches. - Joey
  • "Hey, Gigi, make me a sandwich!" - Rex
  • "You should give him a knuckle sandwich!" - Hanzel
  • "Please get that out of your mouth. You don't know where that's been. - Steve
  • To Rex, in reference to a Caitiff: "He's going to have trouble apologizing if you kick out all of his teeth." - Steve
  • "Yea, the Prince put the Caitiff in the closet. We'll let everyone know when he comes out." - Joey
  • "A sword is just a really flat bat." - Hanzel
  • "I'm gonna go prehistoric on his ass!" - Rex

About Gloom Patrol

  • "They're rather effective." - Prince Grace
  • "Miscreants." - Rosemary Abbot
  • "I'm not sure if they prefer talking or fighting, but they excel at both and I would not turn down an opportunity to join them in either endevour." - Reginald Puddle
  • "Sanctioned? They are nothing more then children and rabbid dogs, who know no better. There is no glory, as they kill over insult and not what they are suppose to do." - Papa Aquitaine



  • A run-in with an Elder Malkavian Antitribu during the retaking of New York resulted in a dead Malkavian Antitribu and a somewhat 'altered' Gloom Patrol.
  • The briefcase carried by one Melinda "Steve" Dellvecchio is filled with secrets she has gathered over the years. One could probably have that whole family at their beck and call if they got their hands on that briefcase...
  • Steve has never opened the briefcase in a gathering, but once used it to kill someone.
  • "I heard they allied with a group of kindred called 'Gli Spettri Della Famiglia' once or twice... Whatever THAT means."
  • Elder Dellvecchio has grown violent and emotional since the death of two in her Lineage, and the rest of her Lineage has begun to distance themselves slightly.


  • The alias of Melinda Dellvecchio came into being in 1921. No one is sure of Steve's real name.
  • Almost the entirety of the Gloom Patrol family was given status for their deeds within Charleston the first night they were all present at a Court gathering.
  • A rift formed between the Matriarch of House Gloom Patrol and the Elder Prince Lilliana Grace when Gianna died at the hands of Sabbat and Elder Dellvecchio felt the blame lay in the hands of the Elder Prince.