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Godddard's business card

Shadow Name: Goddard

Legal Name: Dominic "Dom" Knight

CEO and CTO of Ad Astra Space Exploration Corporation, based in Schaumburg, IL.

Awakening PC

Player: Brent B.
Path: Obrimos
Order: Free Council
Consilium: Chicago
City: Chicago, IL
VST: Vito D.

Known Associates

Tweets from @actualdomknight

Live on Twitter


  • You gotta be prepared.
  • Ask before touching. That's always worked for me.
  • I'm getting a little bored now, actually.
  • My heart will explode?!
  • Remember when we had the horses at the office?
  • Stealing souls is so 80's.
  • Did you say the lawn gnomes are having sex?

Quotes from Goddard

  • "Oh, you haven't heard of Ad Astra?" *turns to Byron* "You gotta work on our PR."
  • *turns to Byron* "You know all of those little things you interrupt me with? Could you just get all of those out of your system now for the next couple hours?"

Quotes about Goddard


  • He has fired a railgun at Canada and succeeded.
  • His sexual appetite is rivalled only by his lust for fast cars and vector-guided rocketry.
  • He and his associate Brian have a more-than-friends relationship.


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