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Awakening PC

Player: Jeremy B.
Path: Thyrsus
Order: Adamantine Arrow ••
Legacy: Perfected Adept
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Consilium: La Perla del Sur ••
City: Ponce
Cabal: Solitaire
VST: [ Kate Pope]

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Shadow Name: Goodman

Sleeper Alias: Dr. Leo Hartman

Quote: Our world is broken and needs repair and healing.

Character Description

When among the awakened world he appears as a plain looking stalwart middle aged man wearing a wide brimmed hat, rustic trousers, bulky shirt, thick simple vest, and carrying an arm slung satchel. He has gloves tucked over a broad sturdy belt. In daylight he wears sunglasses otherwise not.

When among sleepers he usually may be seen in upper middle class business attire complete with bow tie, starched shirt, and newly pressed jacket. His fit body shows well trimmed fingernails, white and straight teeth, freshly shaved scalp, healthy bronze complexion of the islands and almond shaped eyes of the orient.


An elevated primal vitality with a sense of completeness or rightness.


Goodman is tired of the solitaire life and is looking for others who value soul growth.

He looks to assist others in need of healing whether it be of mind, body, or soul.