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"[He] would, without hesitation, have broken any trust, or done any act of treachery to have satisfied an ordinary passion or appetite; and in truth wanted nothing but industry (for he had wit, and courage, and understanding and ambition, uncontrolled by any fear of God or man) to have been as eminent and successful in the highest attempt of wickedness as any man in the age he lived in or before. Of all his qualifications dissimulation was his masterpiece; in which he so much excelled, that men were not ordinarily ashamed, or out of countenance, with being deceived but twice by him."

Goring favors the garb of a Royalist Cavalier Dragoon, the deformity of his face hidden behind a carnival mask, black veil or other covering. He is rarely without his "Dragons", two blunderbusses of antique design, and he disdains modern weaponry. He speaks with a clipped aristocratic British accent. His speech and clothing are often at odds with his deeds and actions, which range from combative to merely cruel. His personality is obstreperous, pugnacious and vexing. Goring is an apex predator - a carnivore to his appetites, carnal and otherwise.


  • "Elder Goring offers interesting conversation over a glass or three of wine." - Zoe De Medici
  • "A very good friend to have in the dark when others are being less than friendly to your cause." - Cenotaph
  • "She was some time before she durst answer; for she was afraid of making him angry, if she refused. At last, however, she said, trembling, No." - Orenna Komnenos
  • "He reminds me of darker times that I would sooner forget, but which would be forgotten at our peril." - Franziskus Winter
  • "I once gave him 50 Shillings and a pair of silver candlesticks, of very good quality that I got at some trouble to myself. He spent them within a week on women, wine and gambling. He hasn't changed" - Penny Dreadful
  • "Ever been scourged by a hurricane? A typhoon? Imagine it punching you more, and calling you an asshole in old-time-y speak. There is no one I am more loyal to, and no one who commands my fear more." - Mr. Allen
  • "Formidable. Quite formidable." - Lochlann MacAllan
  • "The first time I heard his "Stand and deliver!" line, Goring and I almost killed each other. Not a bad way to meet a brother-in-arms, if you ask me. He ended up taking all of my gold anyway... he is as ferocious a gambler as he is a fighter." - Marus
  • "You think me a monster? I have at least been civilized by the centuries. If you wish to witness a true monster on whom the chains of civility are mere cobwebs, I would suggest you spend time with my broodmate." - Malcolm Lancaster
  • "You cut a very dashing figure with your bow Goodman Goring." - Lydia Brooks
  • "He is not just another pretty face. Formidable as a combatant but also quite intelligent...must be his British roots." - Eris Sonatia
  • "Now I been around a while, and out in the sticks at that. But Goring has guns that my only my old farfar woulda used in his day. Museum pieces! But I gotta respect a guy who takes good care of his gear like that, you know? Kjempebra!" - Alvar Stava
  • "I appreciate a man in a mask, obviously. However, I have even more appreciation for the danger he could represent to our enemies. He is a cunning tactician, if you are the highest bidder." - The Venetian
  • "Hunting with Goring is more fun, than taping grenades to the gas tanks of Sabbat vehichles!" - Lincoln Adams
  • "That unusual combination of a modern Elder is hard to find.... and somewhat disconcerting. But it suits him." - Name
  • "We spoke only briefly, but I was left wishing it had been longer..." - Lazuli
  • "I'm kind of scared of what I got myself into. Goring is...intimidating. I hope I don't let him down. And I wonder what happened between him and...uhh nevermind. And I ain't that young." -Erica Kain
  • "Of course I joined the Gamble, why you would even ask? It's important to have group of friends to share your hobbies with." -Erasmia de Vries
  • "A devilish charm with an endless wit; this is Goring. What makes him mine? He does not place one vow over another. He is, after all, my Hound." -Constance Fournier
  • "I see and admire the duality of the history and the future, the civility and the brutality and the pride and the duty,. He lives up to his reputation and does his clan proud unlike some others of his standing." -Jack Komnenos
  • "Elder Goring is always a pleasure. Whenever I find a message from his pen within my box, I can anticipate an amusing, well-thought-out metaphor poking the preceding missive full of more holes than a shotgun blast - he has yet to disappoint me." - Verity Deacon
  • "He is brash, ruthless and full of himself. His language is coarse and direct, face to face, and he'll fight you on a moments notice. What more is there to like in a fellow?" - Uror
  • "Elder Goring seemed quite interested in me until I showed him my rapier. The question is: did he lose interest because of who the sword belonged to or because he knew who gave it to me?" - Baron Cimetiere
  • "It's a bit unnerving how Goring can snap from being perfectly genial - sharing fine scotch or a humourous quip - to brutal ruthlessness. He put me on edge. To be expected, I guess, of an Elder and a combatant. Still, I like him. For the scotch, for the humour, and for our shared love of... powerful words and stories." - Talia Ferr
  • "Goring? Total asshole. Effective though." - Kilroy
  • "I delight in hearing about Goring's activities. I sometimes think it is he who is responsible for the rumbling of the earth considering how far and wide the man is known." - Danielle Ropchan
  • "Subtle, Goring. Very subtle" - Serratus
  • "Now I get it." - Nenette
  • "He may not know Shakespeare, and we may not always agree but there is no one else I would rather have at my side in a battle." - Jared Goodman
  • "The first man he gave his favor to consequently lost his crown, his country, and his head, and Goring has been making up for it ever since." - Ignatius the Leper
  • "Drunkard. Womanizer. Brute. If this is what you see, look closer." - Adrienne Maxwell
  • "Adore him or detest him -- some even manage both -- but no one who has met the man is apathetic towards him." - Kasserine Powell
  • "Goring? Oh yeah, I've heard of him. Never met the guy, but he sounds like the kind of man you want at your side when bullets, fists or swords start flying. I wonder what kind of alcohol the guy likes." - Leonardo "Leon" Finch
  • "I'm reminded of a passage, 'And then the lover, Sighing like furnace, with a woeful ballad Made to his mistress' eyebrow. Then a soldier, Full of strange oaths and bearded like the pard, Jealous in honor, sudden and quick in quarrel, seeking the bubble reputation even in the cannon's mouth.'" - Angelo
  • "Leave a quote!" - Name



  • "Stand and deliver! Name your Sect, friend or foe?'
  • 'We were the last of the lost cause - no one could tell us we were beat, and we couldn’t be bothered to learn."
  • "Mine is an immoral economics - the trade and exchange of power - the market of wolves. When I want something, I take it. When I give something, I submit to it. Take or submit. That's all there is to know about power."
  • "...and if you ever look in my eyes again without permission Childe I will fucking have them for buttons!"
  • "I am a King's Cavalier. Unless you come bearing a stiff drink, a good bet or a bad woman then best you move on quickly."
  • "The Bedouin have a saying 'Me against my brother, my brother and I against our cousins, our cousins and us against the world.' That is a fair enough description of the brood of Powell."
  • Goring, after careful consideration, continues to drool in a corner. "Nyahhhh urrggghgh" his only editorial on the discussion.
  • "One who cannot fight and quip is not fit to be a Cavalier. But I understand your point. Not everyone can be a Cavalier."
  • "Insult in open forum is like shooting artillery into battle. Too high an angle and you miss your target....too low and you hit your own troops."
  • "Trajan's Web not some bootless operation like the Thought Police."
  • "“If history is written by the victors then it remains to be known because I have only just begun to put quill to parchment.”
  • "There is always something left to rebel against." (In response to the question "What is there left to rebel against?")


  • Goodman Goring was killed in a failed attack of the Outlaw Masons against Principe Maximiliano of Detroit.
  • The love poem On Rebellion is written to Goodman Goring by a lover of his.
  • Goring's Gamble are nothing but a pack of ruthless mercenaries, led by Goring, available to the highest bidder - Camarilla, Sabbat or Anarch.
  • Goring is an Anarch sympathizer. The rumored fight in Baltimore, MD is just a cover story.
  • The Myrmidon once put an Ancilla Nosferatu into torpor with a single hit.
  • When Goring disappeared in the 1920's it was to be trained as a Sabbat infiltrator against the Ivory Tower - secretly sent to assassinate Camarilla Princes.
  • Trajan's Web is no fucking joke.
  • When Goring disappeared in the 1920's, it was really because he wanted to use his riches to act pompous and overbearing under the name of Samuel King, claiming to be an oil baron out of Texas. It allowed him to learn to be a mercenary in hoity-toity society, thus strengthening the Gamble.
  • Over a minor dispute, Goring punched an Archon so hard that the Harpies claimed "So mighty was the Myrmidon's slap that the Justicar did hear it. 'Twas the slap heard 'round the Tower.. in the domain of the shot heard 'round the world." But it's equally rumored the Archon got his own form of payback.
  • He is sire to the young Taka.
  • Goring went into Baltimore, not to kill an Anarch, but to spill good blood over a bad woman - and it cost him dearly.
  • Southern Massachusetts is not really a Domain, it's more of a collection of outcasts, black marketeers, criminals, low-lifes and other unsavory types - the dregs of all three Sects. And that's just how Goodman Goring prefers it.
  • Goring is really a fierce warrior on the front lines of the battles of the Ivory Tower - the rumors about being a member of the Sabbat and Anarchs are just gossip spread by those repulsed by his unsavory behavior and manners.
  • Upstanding Camarilla adherents have been known to outsource their dirtiest work to Goring's Gamble.

Warriors: Goodman Goring is a ferocious warrior in hand-to-hand combat, but also a experienced in the strategy and tactics of irregular warfare. Did he join your Warband to fight Sabbat? Did you join his? Did you and he find yourselves on opposing sides of a conflict? Have you dueled? (Cannot have connections of this type after 1920.)

Political Leaders: The Ivory Tower was not always so triumphant, and often Princes needed raw and naked violence to cement their rule amongst usurpers and fight off the other Sects. Coteries sometimes needed a little extra muscle to help with a competitor faction. (Cannot have connections of this type after 1920.)

Villains: Were you/are you a criminal mastermind with plans to take over the world who needed a lieutenant to run the henchmen and scare off the hero’s? A Jaws to your Goldfinger? Goring may be your fit. (Cannot have connections of this sort after 1960.)

Victims: Many fell afoul of Goring’s depredations - or those he aided. As a highwayman robbing the lonely backroads of Colonial America - many a Kindred first met Goring hearing the phrase “Stand and deliver - or presently I shall be the death of thee!” with the characteristic cocking of a blunderbuss. Perhaps you met on a lonely highway between Boston and Providence during the colonial period and lost your goods/possessions to Goring? Perhaps you opposed either a Political Leader or Villain he was working for. (Can create connections of this sort for any time).

Anarchs: Goodman Goring has a mixed history with the Anarchs - sometimes foe sometimes friend, fighting and killing some while allowing others to pass through Southern Massachusetts (with enough of a bribe) in equal measure. This unpredictable nature has led the Anarchs to nickname him “Mad Morgan.” (Cannot have connections of this sort after 1960.)

Childer or Ghouls: Goodman Goring has embraced Childer and has a long history of taking former soldiers as ghouled retainers in his company. Perhaps you were a Ghoul who - after many years of service was embraced by Goring or one of his Childer? Or a Ghoul who escaped from Goring’s Gamble and found another Regnant? Or you wish to be descended from the Powell lineage of brutes and warriors within the Nosferatu? (Can create connections of this sort for any time).

Collateral Damage: Perhaps there is no greater connection than you crossed paths with Goring at the wrong place and time. This is a catch-all - is there a type of connection you are interested in with Goodman Goring? Let me know. (Can create connections of this sort for any time).

Goodman Goring

Clan: Nosferatu
Sect: Camarilla
Status: 3+1
Domain: Boston, MA
Player: Tim C.
VST: Mark Lewis

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