Gregori Giovanni

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Gregori Giovanni


Character Information
Clan: Giovanni
Sect: Independent
City: Fort Myers, Florida
Player: Sean R.
Storyteller: Casey H.

Sire: Giuseppe Giovanni

Embraced: 1850

Notable Traits: Slight Limp, Eerie Presence (Scent of the Grave)

Titles: Emissary, Don, Associate to the Consulente

Status: Accepted by Prince of Fort Myers

Information Publicly Known



  • Knows his way around a dead body, Mortal, or otherwise. He can make things look Natural, or Accidental, for a negotiable fee.
  • Is usually quiet until Death is about.
  • Has no Emotions. Even when he Frenzies, it is a very cold and emotionless ordeal.


  • "He only works in the Hospitals so he can get parts for his rituals. That's why he only takes closed casket cases."
  • "I've heard that some 'Accidents' were cover-ups of his. I still suspect foul play."
  • "I wonder what he is doing, hanging out in that Toreadors' club all the time. Nothing good, I bet."
  • "Have you been in his private chambers? What's with the huge collection of belt buckles? Seriously, if you want to get on his good side he loves big rodeo-style belt buckles."


  • "Something in here reeks of Death... Oh, it's the Giovanni."- Avery DeWitt.
  • "I'm the one they call when things go wrong, and it needs to look right. I enjoy my job, and I happen to be very good at it."- Gregori Giovanni
  • "Pretty sure my Grandsire embraced Uncle Gregori back when he was out east, so I don't see much of the man unless I travel. What little I do know about him tells me you should try and stay on his good side." - Frankie Giovanni
  • "He is a man of many talents, all of which our family needs more and more frequently. I'm certain he's up for the challenge." - Carmina Giovanni
  • "There have only been a couple times that I have had to call on Gregori, but each of those times it has been well worth it." - Ewan Dunsirn
  • "Gregori and I are kindred spirits in very many ways. We both inspire a palpable fear in others." - Angelo
  • "My brother is as dear to me as my inviolable sire was. That is to say, he is untouchable in his righteousness, and stalwart in his wickedness. He's fucking perfect." - Sybil Giovanni
  • "I've had little cause to deal with Gregori, but from what I've heard he's the one to call when you need something...taken care of. Every member of our little family has their purpose - his is as necessary as mine, and no less brutal. No less...effective. Pray that I never have need to call his particular services, for your sake." - Vitalia Giovanni
  • "Gregori è molto intelligente. Trovo interessante che un altro nella scienza studi famiglia tanto quanto me. Mi piacerebbe sedersi e avere una conversazione con lui." - Brenna Dunsirn
  • "It is a pleasure to watch a master at their craft work, and Gregori is a rare talent." - Amelia Dunsirn
  • "Some of our famiglia is very good at judging people, and some not. It is unfortunate that Gregori is so easily fooled, but amusing nonetheless." - Giuseppe Giovanni
  • "Gregori can be a bit short-sighted. He'll learn some day, and I hope to be right there to see him become the fearsome creature he desires to be." - Annamarie Giovanni
  • "Chi di gatta nasce, sorci piglia. Gregori forgets that intuition is what fills in the blanks of facts between each other. But I remind him, and he reminds me without fact, intuition has no meaning. Between us, we see." - Mariella Rossellini
  • "Uncle Gregori, zio. He has been there for so long for me, and I trust in him, more not less, over the years. His is the cold, hard logic of the instant between life and death; his are the talents which gather the secrets of others and hide our own. I owe him much - and one day, I will pay him back more." - Marshall Cartwright Milliner III
  • Gregori has a very particular set of skills, the impressive thing about him is the variety in which he performs them.-Sebastiano Vincenzo Chesare Giovanni
  • "I don't know fear. Fear is not the emotion Gregori evokes within my long dead heart, but it is a fitting one for him to provoke in yours." - Valerius Orsino Giovanni
  • "I am sorry to say that I do not know Gregori very well. From all that I have heard of him and his skill with the dead, this is a detriment of mine that I would like to remedy one day." -- Vittoria Giovanni
  • "His work is inspiring..." -- Martin Milliner
  • "I've heard he is one odd cold fish. Given my sources that is saying something." Rafael Giovanni
  • "Gregori is efficient and capable. Do not forget it, for when it is your time, he will not forget either." - Cicero Giovanni
  • "Gregori is one to look up to. Learn all you can from him. It'll be worth your while." - Alessandra Cordero Milliner
  • "I should very much like to meet him. I think we would have much in common." - Juliana Rossellini
  • "My instructor for a time, and an enlightened man. But oh, what a source of entertainment. Mention portents and see his scientific mind balk. And then listen to him explain all of the ways you are wrong. It is quite the way to spend the evening." - Luca Rossellini
  • "What higher praise can I give him than we both survived my training, and he was an exceptionally good sport about the zombie alligators." - Stockton Rothstein
  • "Gregori? Of course I know him he is fucking family after all. Not the best wing man though. Only time I ever managed to get him to go out to a club with me was an... interesting night. When I told him to "take care of the fatty" so I could get at her friend I did not mean to take her back to my place and dissect her on my kitchen counter. Man I can still hear her friend screaming her fucking head off when we came back into the kitchen. What a waste I had to snap her neck and I had not even gotten her naked yet. It was not a total loss though, her corpse was still nice and fresh at least." - Gracciano Giovanni
    • "Well, considering my line of work, what did you expect to happen when you told me to 'take care' of her?" Gregori Giovanni
  • "One thing about Gregori I am absolutely certain of - he is a man who can be counted on." - Ottavio Giovanni
  • "His love of the Lance is a bit unnerving....and hurts like a motherfucker!" - Eva Giovanni
    • "Yet your lessons were learned, quickly and effectively. I would consider that a success..." Gregori Giovanni


  • 1822 Born to Brother and Sister Amadeo and Alessia Giovanni in New York.
  • 1835 left New York and headed south.
  • 1840 Arrived in what would later become Florida.
  • 1844 Returned to New York to tell Family about the possibilities of the Southern Lands, and what he had learned of Native Rituals. Started becoming obsessed with Death in all its forms. Started showing abilities with the dead.
  • 1845 Ghouled by Giuseppe Giovanni before returning to Florida to continue studies with their blessing, binding Gregori forever to the Famiglia.
  • 1850 Upon further study, and show of more aptitude and potential, fully embraced into Clan Giovanni by Giuseppe Giovanni.
  • 1850-1855 Lived in Fort Myers during the Seminole War, working as a Mortician and Gravedigger with the military unit in the Fort.
  • 1910 Traveled to St. Augustine for a Clan Giovanni gathering to report more on his research into death. Met and befriended a newly re-awoken Ghiberti named Khofi. Formed a fast friendship, relying on each others strengths.
  • 1911 Returned to Fort Myers to continue living among the dead. Continued to live under the radar of Mortal and Kindred Society.
  • 2013 Finally decided to come out and see what the local Vampire collection was doing. Attained Accepted status by Prince of the City.

OOC Information

Name: Sean Roper

Member #: US2012100137