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Known to the Sabbat (IC Info)

Character Overview

Name: Gregory Solomon
Aka: Mr.Solomon
Clan: Lasombra
Pack: The Chronicle
Status: Initiated, Anointed, Battle-Scarred, Praised, Defender
Notable Traits: Eerie Presence (Rooms Darken when he is around and Shadows are draw to him)
Title or Positon: Abyssal Mystic


through the centuries that have past he has remained silent, calm and astute, he was 22 when he was embraced and he was brought up as a member of the sabbat, he has religious vigor but is careful to watch for those who's faith is not pure.


  • The Chronicle
  • Darwins Smile


  • The Ivory Tower
  • any who involve them selfs with Demons and heretical knowledge

IC Rumours

IC Quotes

  • "the Sabbat has started to regain its fire, but be weary that you do not move to quickly into trouble for then there is no way out."- Gregory Solomon to the Archbishop and Bishop of Colorado Springs
  • "Es ist gut, die alte Sprache wieder zu hören. Dieser ist erinnert mich an eine Geschichte über meine Heimat, ich werde sehen müssen, wenn er weiß es."- Luther
  • "Brother Solomon and his Shadow's Prayer seem very much interested in busying themselves with trivial tasks of an unfocused nature. Be it organizing a sacrifice to ingratiate themselves to the new Archbishop, or organizing data on the various pack's territory, or offering council on various subjects or even seeing fit to participate in trials. It is a shame, that though unfocused, though not focused on our enemies, that Solomon shows much wisdom in his actions. Perhaps the namesake is for a reason."- Logan Kasamir Jones

OOC Character Information

Character Information
Clan: Lasombra
Sect: Sabbat
Statuses: Annointed, Blessed
City: Colorado Springs, CO
Player: Alex E.
Storyteller: Micheal Tann


Was originally from the Russian monarchy but then left to England with his german mother and russian father, he was always a boy who said what he thought and did not revere those that his mother and father bowed down to. this lead to the embrace when the pain was over he was a Lasombra, though his sire turned to heresy and was required to be taken out, though his soul is still somewhere.

OOC Player Information

Alex Edwards US2013100187

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