Grigore Petru Adam Ionescu

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Sabbat PC

Player: Evan Johnston
Character: Grigore Petru Adam Ionescu
Clan: Tzimisce
Position: Standing over you
Status: Annointed
Domain: MES Virtual
VST: Kaylan Lyndell-Lees

Character Information

Name: Grigore Petru Adam Ionescu

Clan: Tzimisce

Status: Annointed

Notable Traits:

Title or Positon:



                • Grigore Petru Adam Ionescu
                  • Lars Brandt
                    • insert 10th generation childe of above 9th here
                  • insert Luke's secondary here

Tales of Turmoil

Games are for children, chairs are made from children - Grigore

OOC Information

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Player information

Player: Evan Johnston

WTG Number: WT2003100609

Location: Australia