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Have gone to commit suicide. Plan to return from the grave on Friday. Feed catFawn.

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Mask: Gris has hair that is such a true black it seems to shine blue under the light. He's 5'5" and a wiry kind of strong, with every muscle defined, but not over-large. His face is chiseled, and unsettling pale, which is complimented beautifully by his pale robin's egg eyes, outlined in thick, dark, gorgeous lashes. He does not so much grin, but wears an almost permanent smirk that is both slightly threatening, and endearing. His grin, though rare, is the only thing that shines brighter than his skin, and it's hard to not be mesmerized. The problem is, the statuesque man is consistently unkempt and unwashed, his hair sticking out in odd directions, obviously greasy, and his clothes are a perpetual mess unless someone forces him to care. He is usually in a band tee, a leather jacket, black jeans, boots, and wears a crucifix always, despite being nonreligious in the extreme.

Mien: Not too far from his mask, Gris looks supernaturally breathtaking. And, if he washed once in a while, he might even be irresistible to look at. The main difference is in the way he moves. For someone who looks so at odds between utterly repulsive, and runway-ready he maintains an unearthly grace and sense of balance. Perhaps one of his most attractive features is that he does not walk but glides, and even in a drunken stupor can seem sober in his movements, (although his speech may give him away). His crown is another difference. Every night at sundown, suddenly a deep gash appears on his brow, often bleeding a little and dripping down his face, or onto his clothes.

Mantle: (Night Mantle 2) The shudder under your skin you get when the hungry baglady shakes your hand, thanking you for the soup you have dutifully ladled into her bowl. The repulsion you feel at her touch and the self-loathing you have for being disgusted by someone who only means to thank you. The sickening hateful feeling you cannot shake about her, about yourself, about the world that has put her in this position of repugnance and you in this abhorrent position of self satisfied superiority, even though you've been fucking the 16-year-old nanny while your wife is visiting her dying sister. "Do you hate yourself enough to sleep with me yet?"


What you see is pretty much what you get. Bored and disgusted with the need for politeness and pretenses Gris has stopped stopping himself from doing exactly what he wants, and saying what he means. The world is gonna burn, he's gonna burn with it, liand himself in hell, or worse and frankly he couldn't give a damn anymore. He smokes, he takes drugs, he drinks. He washes every six weeks(ish), masturbates constantly and flings his steaming poison semen down from his window into your hair and food. He's the guy who freaks out the guy your mother warned you about, and then fucks his girlfriend for kicks.

Gris and his brother Connor showed up out of nowhere, and not long after Gris was Night Court Sovereign. After that some supposedly shady business went down, though there is no proof either way, and Connor became Sovereign of the Day Court. Since then Gris and his brother have been ruling the (the Diurnal Courts) in a strangely balanced, though slightly dysfunctional way (as all family endeavors tend to be).




  • Jin - Smart as a fucking whip, but sometimes I'd like to strangle him with one.
  • Connor - Big Bro, and everyone knows him as The Good One. Not fair, I'm delightful, and I'll make you orgasm for days.
  • Fawn - She's the cat I never wanted, wingman extraordinaire, and most excellent drinking buddy.
  • Iarann - He lets me drive his stuff. This man is either a genius, or bat crap crazy.
  • Lachoros - His lack of sexual release has led to a back up in his tin can. Dude's insides are basically dried cum, and spider webs; I'd be miserable, too.
  • Harlan - Nice guy. Won't let my spike his cupcakes, though.
  • Carol - Lady with the lollipops. She won't let me spike those either... because she already has. Bless her.
  • Ciar - Finest conquest in NYC. He doesn't know it yet, but he'll be squirming under my knife soon enough. The knife may or may not be my penis.
  • Cormack - Don't let his decrepit face fool you. He hits like a hammer, and when you're hung over and he pounds you in the gut you will vomit.
  • Hyo - I like the way he fights. I'm better. Not necessarily at fighting, but feel free to interpret it as such.

Your dream vacation, smile hostage refuge

A work in progress, you bleed
Just like you puke while running a mile
Your market value, your resurrection
Your shallow concept

Help yourself, I hope you choke and you die



Dad: Dead Man's Ballet - Sixx A.M.]

Before: This is a Trick - †††

Taken: Drunken Lament - Ludo

Durance: The Clowns and The Escape - The Venetia Fair

Sun Court: The Pimp and the Priest - The Dear Hunter

non-Moon Courts: Volatile Times - IAMX

Moon Court: Bury Me In Black - My Chemical Romance

Prince of the Night: The Pros and Cons of Breathing - Fall Out Boy

Fawn (The Wingman): Issues - Mindless Self Indulgence

Connor: If You Feel Better - Emilie Autumn

The Motley: This Song is a Curse - Frank Iero

You Know Who You Are: Choke Me - The Used


(Please feel free to add In-Character Quotes and Rumors.)

Rumors About Gris:

- Get change for a twenty from Gris, and there'll be enough drugs from contact with his wallet on those bills you can successfully get high.

- Connor and Gris were actually twins that got separated somehow. Their parents liked Connor better.

- The reason Fawn never pays for drinks is because Gris has threatened every bar owner in the five boroughs into compliance.

- Do not steal Gris's drugs. He'll probably share, because he's too buzzed to say no if you ask, but if you're not careful you will grab the wrong stash and who knows what crazy crap that kid puts in his system?

- Gris has fucked every Miss Golden Globe since he was of age. Of course, not all of them willingly.

- Not a single Jehova's Witness who has been invited into his home left there believing in G-d.

- Gris and Connor are not "brothers." Or maybe they are. Either way, they are obviously fucking.

(Add your own if you've got one.)

Paranoids are just people in possession of all the facts.

Quotes About Gris:

Nah, it's cool, he's alive. I poked him and he threw up a little, so I left 'im in the recovery position and put a jar of pickles beside him for when he wakes up. -- Fawn

This one will leave a beautiful corpse. - Jin

Honey, I'm gonna gag you now. Not like cause its kinky, but cause you need to stop talking. - Carol

'Some people are rocks in the water of life, creating ripples before vanishing. Some are leaves, gently resting on the surface for a time. This one is bleach, toxic to all in the pool that is our existence. - Lachoros

Of course I love him, even though it pains me to see what he has become. His selfishness is a reflection of my own, I suppose. - Connor

No, I don't hate myself enough to sleep with him. And, quite frankly, if I ever do, please put a bullet in my head. I don't know where he's been. Not sure I want to either." - Lilith Parsons, after meeting Gris in Liberty Freehold

Gris has threatened Emissary's life on multiple occasions, and has attempted it once so far. We will accomplish such wonderful things together. - Emissary

"So what if I fucked him, the fifty dollar fine-slash-warning was probably a fifth of what I would have paid for a time that good. That being said, I have had better, just not recently." - Anael D'Amore

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Quotes From Gris:

I'm not the 'Night King,' I'm the motherfukcing Prince of the Night! I am Batman, bitch!'

If you loved me, bro, you'd either shut up, or kill yourself today. I need a hangover-killer stat.

I am sexier than Jesus. If I bend over and your panties aren't soaked, you're a lesbian. And I can change that.

Waiter! I'll have another bottle of Georgi, I don't need a glass, the lobster nachos, ten minutes--no--fifteen minutes of oral sex, and an ambulance, please.

Please, the lump on my left testicle costs more than you're worth, so nice try. But, I suppose the use of your wife for the month might change my tune.

Waiter! Fresh underwear, seven blankets and a bucket of moist towelettes!

Was I strung up to a cross last night, 'hallowed be thy name' style last night? Okay, but, was I then sucked off by a drag queen Mary Magdelene? Because, I think we need to go back to that club. I think she still has my foreskin.

I want to eat a puppy. Puppy burger, specifically. I imagine it'd be really good with bacon.

I don't give two tugs of a dead dog's cock.


Player: Jillian M
Character: Gris Garvin
Seeming: Fairest
Kith: Dancer
Court: Night
Freehold: Freehold of the Zoryas
VST: Abby Estes


Player: Jillian M Other Characters:

Requiem: Adwin
Accord: Pash
Disclaimer: I am NOT like my character. I am a feminist, a woman, an activist, a not terrible person! Maybe a little terrible, but not like this.

MES Number:US2012050073

NY-004-D, New York City, Children of the Lost Eden