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"...Griffins are beasts like Lions, with the wings and beak of an Eagle. Sometimes the vigilant are guardians of treasure and of Kings, sometimes a fierce beast. I have also heard that the griffins have spots like the leopard, and that the Tritons speak with a human voice... Those who like to listen to the miraculous are themselves apt to add to the marvel, and so they ruin the truth by mixing it with falsehood."
- Pausanias, Description of Greece, c. 150AD

Changeling PC

Player: Jen Kuiper
Character: Gryphon
Seeming: Fairest
Kith: Draconic
Court: Summer
Freehold: Congress of Oddfellows
VST: Cris Picado

"As when a Gryfon through the Wilderness
With winged course ore Hill or moarie Dale,
Pursues the Arimaspian, who by stealth
Had from his wakeful custody purloined
The guarded Gold: So eagerly the fiend
Ore bog or steep, through strait, rough, dense, or rare,
With head, hands, wings, or feet pursues his way,"
- John Milton - Paradise Lost Book II - c. 1608-1674

Gryphon2.GIF Character Information

In the Eyrie

Alias(es): Gryphon, "Gryph"
Real Name: Francis Griffith
Age: 2 0/35
Concept: Inquisitive Defender
Entitlement: Under Construction
Occupation: Police Detective
Freehold: Congress of Oddfellows
Keeper: The Hunter
Virtue: Charity (defender of the weak/children)
Vice: Greed (the gold and gem hoards of the mythical animal)
Motto: Fortes et Liber - "Strong and Free"
Hollow: The Gryphon's Aerie

Mask: A tall, broad-shouldered and muscular framed woman with short easily cared for hair. Her attire is casual for varied working environments and she favors coats. Not stunningly attractive, but there is a strength of presence and determined confidence that has its own stark charm.

Mein: A long dark elegant nose you wouldn't dare call a beak, eyes of flame, and thick eyebrows of fur. She's a contradiction of creation, something never meant to be and it shows her namesake from the feathers in her hair, the vestigial wings on her back and the claws on her hands and feet. The wrathful grace of the lion and the fierce nobility of the eagle come together into entirely something else in the person of Gryphon.

Relevant Mechanics: Sworn Officer ••, Striking Looks ••••, Mantle ••••

Gryphon2.GIF Known History

"What are memories for us? Lies, deception, a glimmer of hope or a gallon of despair. Same with reality
really; when you landed here you were what they made you. Now though, you'd best turn that around, and make
of yourself something more. Embrace all they left within you and aim to throw it back at them. Because they
will be back. And they'll find you easier than I ever could.
Does that scare you? It should. Be ready. I am. But... can you ever be ready enough?" - Gryphon


The Molding

  • Police, A good Irish immigrant occupation.
  • Brought up by Parents on bedtime stories of the mystical and magical.

The Tearing

Taken when she rushed in to protect another child in the process of being snatched by the Gentry, she was taken too for her bravery. She's never sure whether he was impressed at her attempt to stop him or just annoyed. At first she was a gladiatorial toy, slowly formed into a more warlike tool, until they tired of her performance or had shinier combatants. Then, as if in a fit of pique or irony, she was set to 'police' for her Keeper against his other toys.

Where are you going my Pretties?

The Breaking

Not hunting, no. He had Beasts and Dogs for that. She wandered the eternal parties, the opulent orgies the palatial performances, she charmed, she investigated, she caught them plotting before they ran. She learned to do it well. And she hated every minute of it. But it was a kind of hunting, and in that Other place of giant living myths and legends one chose her for its own.

Her Keeper took pleasure in her swearing and railing at having to turn one of her fellows in. Sometimes, if she was able, she would apologize and tell them how to avoid her the next time. Sometimes it helped. At lot of the time it didn't. She wasn't the only thing watching, and she certainly wasn't the worst.

The Enduring

Now she does whatever she can to insure neither she or anyone else is taken. She patrols the other side of the hedge, she got herself bumped to the special investigations unit just to be able to be assigned the sort of oddities that might be an Other or something dangerous to changelings. She'll try to get a changeling out of noticeable trouble with the police, or hide large incidents that might come to more public notice. She can even help with IDs and other things, when you try to keep the underworld in line, you make a few contacts here and there.

Basic Timeline Summary

  • Born 1982
  • Abducted late 1980s
  • Escaped in 1995 to Baltimore, MD. Killed and Replaced Changeling

Gryphon2.GIF Associations & Associates

Gryphon white.jpg


Friends & Foes


Gryphon2.GIF Character Inspirations

"At once discovering many an unknowne Coast:
In the swift Ranke of these fell Rovers, flies
The Indian Griffin with the glistring eyes,
Beake Eagle-like, backe sable, Sanguine brest,
White (Swan-like) wings, fierce tallents, alwaies prest
For bloody Battailes; for, with these he teares
Boares, Lyons, Horses, Tigres, Bulls, and Beares:
With these, our Grandames fruitfull panch he pulls,
Whence many an Ingot of pure Gold he culls,
To floore his proud nest, builded strong and steepe
On a high Rock better his thefts to keepe:
With these, he guards against an Armie bold,
The hollow Mines where first he findeth gold,
As wroath, that men upon his right should rove.
Or theevish hands usurp his Tresor-trove.
O! ever may'st thou fight so (valiant Foule)
For this dire bane of our seduced soule,
And (with thee) may the Dardane ants, so ward
The Gold committed to their carefull Guard,
That hence-forth hope-less, mans fraile mind may rest-her
From seeking that, which doth it's Maisters maister..."
- Guilliaume de Salluste du Bartas - The Divine Weeks - c. 1544-1590

Fictional Characters, Setting & Mood Inspirations

Literary References

These are more for the nature and tales behind Gryphons and their mythical behavioral stereotypes. To break things up, some of these quotes have been scattered about the page.

"They sought it with thimbles, they sought it with care;
They pursued it with forks and hope;
They threatened its life with a railway-share;
They charmed it with smiles and soap."
- The Hunting of the Snark, Lewis Carroll

   "I have heard that the Indian animal the Gryphon is a quadruped like a lion; that it 
    has claws of enormous strength and that they resemble those of a lion. Men commonly 
    report that it is winged and that the feathers along its back are black, and those 
    on its front are red, while the actual wings are neither but are white. And Ctesias 
    records that its neck is variegated with feathers of a dark blue; that it has a beak 
    like an eagle's, and a head too, just as artists portray it in pictures and sculpture.
    Its eyes, he says, are like fire. It builds its lair among the mountains, and although
    it is not possible to capture the full-grown animal, they do take the young ones. And 
    the people of Bactria, who are neighbors of the Indians, say that the Gryphons guard 
    the gold in those parts; that they dig it up and build their nests with it, and that 
    the Indians carry off any that falls from them... If however they are caught in the 
    act, they are lost. And they return home, I am told, after an interval of three or 
    four years."
      - Aelian - De Natura Animalium (On Animals) - c. 170-235 AD

Gryphon2.GIF Soundtrack

  • "Heroes and Friends" - Melissa Etheridge
  • American McGee's Alice Soundtrack, composed by Chris Vrenna. All of it.
  • The Fairy Queen libretto by Henry Purcell which includes a Fairy dance and pieces for each season.
  • "It's Not Safe" - Aimee Mann - I'm With Stupid
  • "Deceptively Yours" - The Peter Malick Group( Feat. Norah Jones) - New York City
  • "Things You Don't Have To Do" - The Peter Malick Group (Feat. N. Jones) - New York City
  • "Everybody Knows" - Concrete Blonde
  • "Fire in the Head" - Emerald Rose - Bending Tradition
  • "Temper of Revenge" - Julia Ecklar - Divine Intervention
  • "Survivor's Song" - Julia Ecklar - Divine Intervention
  • "Lost in Space" - Aimee Mann - Lost in Space
  • "Cartoon Music for Super Heroes" - Albert Hammond Jr. - Yours to Keep
  • "Fall From Grace" - Amanda Marshall - Amanda Marshall
  • "Stronger Than Me" - Amy Winehouse - Frank

Gryphon2.GIF Quotes

   "One of the cycle of Charlemagne romances, the Huon tale begins with court treachery 
    that leads to Huon's murder of the Emperor's son and Huon being sent on a mission to 
    Babylon, from which he is not expected to return. Often aided by Oberon, the dwarf 
    king of the fairies, Huon survives a series of adventures in the East and triumphantly 
    returns to the court of Charlemagne. ... After battling and killing five young birds 
    in the griffin's eyrie, Huon is attacked by the vengeful mother. Later in the romance, 
    Huon presents to the King of France a foot of one of the griffins he slew, and it is 
    hung for prosperity in the holy chapel." 
     - Sir John Bourchier - The Boke of Duke Huon of Burdeux - c. 1469-1533
  • "Call me 'Francis' again, and I will bite your nose off."
  • "Release that child or you will make my day." (Sound of a gun safety being flicked off.)
  • (Open to additions)

Gryphon2.GIF Rumors

"The wildest hath not such a heart as you.
Run when you will, the story shall be chang'd;
Apollo flies, and Daphne holds the chase;
The dove pursues the griffin; the mild hind
Makes speed to catch the tiger,--bootless speed,
When cowardice pursues and valour flies."
- William Shakespeare - Act II, Scene I: A Midsummer Night's Dream - c. 1564 -1616

Gryphon2.GIF OOC Information


Player: Jen Kuiper

Location: Washington, DC (VA-020-D)

Looking for connections and background ties of all kinds! Did I stop one of your escape attempts? Do you hate me for it? Did I apologize and send you back with the knowledge of how to avoid me the next time? Did you recognize the tear of guilt in my eye? Have I used police contacts to keep you out of trouble? No matter how richly you deserved it? Have I guarded, protected or pulled you out of the Hedge? Are you a sneaky smarmy bugger I won't like? Do you harm children so I really want to take your head off?