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To assist in the keeping of social and political traditions in the Camarilla, Etiquette at Gatherings and Salons, proper respect of Positions and Status, assisting Harpies and Keepers in upholding the rules of Elysium. All of these things will be taught and expected of all members. This is not something done for glory or status, but because if we lose sight of what we fight for and how to interact with each other, then our monsters win.


Founded in 1935 in Princeton, NJ by Rinadlo De Medici. It was the life long culmination of his dream to be able to play in the game of elders without actually being one. Even though he had begun much earlier, Rinadlo waited until he had the support of several Princes around the country before launching his plan into action. Relocated to Atlantic City, NJ in 1988, the Guild stands strong in over 10 Camarilla cities in the US.

As of September 2013 the Guild is now being run by Zoe De Medici in Rinadlo's absence.


The Guild of the Silver Flame is a non-Clan specific group of like minded Kindred that wish to see the old traditions of Grace, Style and Etiquette used and flourish within the Courts and Elysiums of the Camarilla. It is a place for Neonates and Ancilla to learn and thrive in the social political game of the elders. It is a place where the Elders exist only to assist and to guide the Neonates and Ancilla through the political game.

All members of the Guild are expected to show be the Perfection of Etiquette, Grace, Style and Courtly manor. Whatever you do in private is your own business, but in public, we are perfection. You will honor Status, Rank and Position. You will assist the Prince, Keeper and Harpy in their duties not by doing them for them, but by guiding other Neonates and Ancilla while maintaining Tradition and Civility.

In return, all members of the Guild from Recruit to Grand Maester may use any Branch as haven or office. They have access to Guild funds and services, the knowledge of others within the guild and can expect the Guild to back them in any plan, endeavor or problem that may arise. All members are expected to share their resources and influences on occasion and might be called on to use a boon for the benefit of the Guild. Members may also, within reason, request these same things they provide to be used for their benefit as well

The Guild will also use its influences to assist its members to find positions of political standing within the Camarilla, for when one member of the Guild prospers, all members of the Guild Prosper.

Guild Headquarters

Base of Operations

121 S. Pennsylvania Ave, Atlantic City NJ

Built on the sight of the old Holmhurst Hotel, the guild headquarters is a 5 bedroom Victorian style manor. Though it was designed to look classic, it has been built with the most modern of technologies including high end security, central air and contains a bunker in the basement for the most dire of emergencies.

Furnished with the finest things money can buy, it is a nod to the old and the new, each room having it's own style and flair. The first floor contains a parlor, library and kitchen along with several meeting rooms. The second floor is offices and guest rooms for visitors of all stations. The third floor is the Grand Maester's chambers with a private office, sitting room and sleeping chamber all furnished in his personal and lavish style.

Guild Ranks and Responsibilities

Grand Maester
The Grand Maester is the leader and founder of the Silver Flame. It is his charge to see to all of the daily functions of the Guild, to police its members, to stand in final judgment on all new recruits, award new rank and status to deserving members. The Grand Maester is the final law on anything and everything in the Guild, having veto power over the Council of Maesters. The Grand Maester serves until the end of his existence. One Maester will be the chosen by the Grand Maester as his successor, but if there is no one chosen, then the Maesters must vote from among themselves for a successor.

Past Grand Maester

Current Grand Maester

The Maester is the highest rank most members will ever achieve. Maesters Oversee the Guild and act on the will of the Grand Maester. These members oversee a specific region of the country. Gathering information and intelligence, they have more contact with the current Princes and clients within their territory (MES Regions). The Council of Maesters decides all new policies, rules and recruits acceptances. They are charged with the security, safety and oversight of all members below them. They also elevate members to new positions and decide the assignments of Guild members. A majority vote from the Council is required for any and all decisions.

Current Maesters

  • Genesis - San Juan, Puerto Rico (Mindy) South East Region
  • Rags - Boston, MA (Chris) North East Region
  • Chloe Pavlis - Austin, TX (Erica) South Central Region

Master Luminary
Master Luminaries are the educators, the Highest of the teachers. They are responsible for the training and educating of all those within their city of influence. They are the leader of the Guild Branch in the city in which they live. They are responsible for maintaining the Branch headquarters and seeing all members within the city are safe, secure and uphold the traditions and image of the Guild. They recommend the members of their city for promotion see to their continuing education and assign members to projects or teaching assignments. They are the word in their city, only overruled by the Council vote or the Grand Maester himself.

Current Master Luminaries

Luminaries are the core of the Guild. They are the upstanding members that have completed their training and can now take on students of their own. Answering to the Master Luminary within their Branch, or to the Maester of their region should there be no Branch within their city, they are the members seen most by those outside the Guild and are expected to carry themselves with style and grace at ALL times when in public. They teach the recruits and non-Guild students, receiving fair compensation. They are expected to tithe the occasional boon, influence or resource to the Guild, but receive far more back in return.

Current Luminaries

An Aestus is a member, more than a student, but not yet a Luminary. They are the recruits, the next generation. The ones that have accepted membership into the Guild and promised to uphold its ideals, but are not yet trained in the ways of politics and etiquette. They are expected to learn the ways of Tradition and Civility. They assist the Luminaries in their duties around the city, always watching, always learning. Nothing more is expected of them than this. Learn and then show what you have learned to the world. They are not able to take students of their own.

Current Flames

Non-Guild Ranks

A Patron is an Elder or a Prince that has given their political or financial backing to the Guild, but is not they themselves a member. Their only responsibility is to uphold their promise of support within the city they control or reside. In return they are allowed to call upon the Guild for certain favors based on their support. The taking on of a special student without compensation to the Guild, being admitted as a student themselves and using the Guild Branch headquarters as a temporary haven are all things a Patron could ask of the Guild. Any other service or favor is at the discretion of the Master Luminary of that city.

Current Patrons

An Educator is an Elder that assists the Guild in the teaching of skills, lores and disciplines to the upstanding members, but since they are an Elder, cannot be a full member of the Guild. Educator is a title of respect and honor, to be treated the same as a Luminary. They may request the same aid and favors as a Patron, adding more depending on the amount of service they provide the Guild.

Current Educators

  • Eddie Monsoon - Elder Ventrue, Master Harpy of Tampa, FL (Paul Lee)
  • Adeline Bellamy - Ventrue Prince of Fredricksburg, VA (deceased; played by Maria Cambone)

A Guardian is just that, an Elder that has promised to assist Guild members and protect them from physical harm. Not expected to teach, but allowed to should they chose, they watch over Guild members, gain the same rights and privileges that Patrons and Educators do.

A student is someone training in the ways of politics, etiquette and grace, but not a member of the Guild. They are not expected to do anything more than respect those above them and to study hard.

OOC Information

All true members of the Guild must have the following skills and lores at the appropriate levels.

  • Grand Maester – Etiquette 3, Politics 2, Camarilla Lore 3, at least 2 points in their Clan Lore and at least 3 points in Influences
  • Maester – Etiquette 2, Politics 2, Camarilla Lore 2, at least 1 point in their Clan Lore and at least 2 points in Influences
  • Master Luminary – Etiquette 2, Politics 2, Camarilla Lore 2 and at least 1 point of Influences
  • Luminary – Etiquette 2, Politics 1, Camarilla Lore 1
  • Aestus – none

This is a guild available to Neonate and Ancilla characters, though Elders are welcome to join and hold honorary rank and privilege within the Guild. This is a Role Playing group that will focus on the social and political game and helping the higher generation PCs to compete in an Elder's world.

All members of the Guild are expected to act with Proper Etiquette at all times in public or in dealing with other members of the Camarilla. It is all about public perception. What you do and how you act in private is your own business and does not concern the Guild.

I am hoping to make this a fun RP experience where we can have ties around the country and online. The only other requirement I have is that your Domains VST and Prince be on board with us being in their city. Since this is all about social etiquette and the traditions, there will be no Branch of the Guild in a city where the Prince has not agreed to it. You can still be a member, but there will be no benefits of having a Guild House Branch within your city. That will give you an amazing opportunity to deal with your Prince, gaining you status and rank within the Guild.

Also this is not a set in stone rules thing. IC negotiations and play will be encouraged within the Guild as well as without.

This is a social Guild that will eventually have political ramifications In Game. If any PC is found using the Guild for too much personal gain, screwing royally or kills another PC, they will be expelled. Also if any player is found abusing the Guild’s power, the PC will be expelled as well. This Guild is for RP purposes, not power gaming.