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Hassan was born to Akilah and Ajmal Al-Khalid on February 25, 1980 in New Cairo City, Egypt.

Growing up, Hassan was a typical boy; there was nothing unique or abnormal about him. Nothing out of the ordinary happened to him.

In high school, however, Hassan’s class got a new teacher. No one knew that she was a servant of Al-Haqq. His original teacher, who had been in the Egyptian Naval Reserve, had been killed during an exercise in the Mediterranean Sea.

For her first class, the new teacher had snuck in a corrupt artifact that looked like a copy of the Koran. She said it had been touched by Mohammed. Naturally, all the teens in the class wanted to touch the relic and she let them. No one saw the gleam of pure evil in her eyes as each student stepped up for their turn to touch and hold the artifact.

Later that week, each of the students began having nightmares. Not just ordinary childhood nightmares, but visions of Al-Haqq in its purest form. Over the next few weeks, the nightmares got worse. One after another, students from Hassan’s class began having mental breakdowns, suicidal thoughts, and in some cases just went into a coma. In the end, all but five of the students were either brain dead, insane, or had taken their own lives. Only Hassan and four other students kept their sanity.

The visions did take their toll on Hassan. He became emotionally detached from his parents and family. He frequently ran high fevers and his health took a turn for the worse. Doctors had no idea what was wrong but treated him the best they could and kept him hospitalized for 2 weeks. Then, mysteriously, it all stopped. The fevers went away and his health returned with a renewed vigor.

Months after his hospitalization, Hassan and his parents were traveling through the desert on their way to Helwan, Egypt to visit family. During the trek, Hassan’s fever returned with a vengeance. His parents tried to get him to Helwan as fast as they could but they were too far away and Hassan fell unconscious. His parents thought he had died and began praying to Allah.

While they were praying, eyes closed, Hassan’s body began a transformation. Slowly, it began to break apart. Each part crawled away on eight legs and took the form of scorpions until his body had completely changed and scampered away. When they were done praying, his parents were astonished to find their son gone and couldn’t find him anywhere. They searched until they had almost run out of gas and had no choice but to return home.

Later that night, a vision appeared to them in their dreams. A tall Islamic man spoke to them and said in a booming voice, “Do not fear or worry for your son. Allah has called Hassan to him to fight a Jihad against Iblees (Islamic Satan). He will do great things in the name of Allah. You have been faithful and true and your son has been blessed. Be happy and rejoice that your son was chosen. Tell no one of this, Iblees has followers everywhere.”

When they awoke, they exchanged stories of their vision. Convinced that it was the Prophet Mohammed that appeared to them, they kept the vision a secret and went about their lives with a renewed joy until the end of their days.

In the desert, a man followed a scorpion for two days. The scorpion stopped and turned to the man. Then, from every direction, scorpions came. From under the sand, behind bushes, from inside animal corpses they came. They scampered to where the one scorpion had stopped and began to meld together. The man watched, patiently, as Hassan’s body reformed. Hassan stood before him dazed and confused. He asked the man what had happened to him and John Smith told him what had happened and what he had become. Hassan asked about his parents. Smith assured Hassan that his parents were safe and happy. He then began to tell Hassan about Al-Haqq.

Hassan believed Smith and everything he was told. Hassan was skeptical at first but came to believe Smith as he saw first-hand the servants of Al-Haqq in action. He joined the Ummah in 2006 at the age of 26; a year after the Ummah was founded. The members of the Ummah helped him learn more control over his shapeshifting ability and taught him how to use it best: infiltration. Over the next 10 years, Hassan became one of the Ummah’s best caliphs for breaking into Al-Haqq’s mosques and strongholds and gathering information. Yet Al-Haqq still grew stronger.

As the war waged on, John Smith grew more and more distant from the Ummah. He took on less of a leader role and became more of an advisor. Even the other leaders of the Ummah saw this.

Then one day, during an assault on an Al-Haqq compound in the UCA, Hassan saw Smith sneak away from the group. Wanting to make sure he had backup during this fight, Hassan followed. Going into a forest just outside of the Al-Haqq compound, John Smith created a portal inside a tree. He then used a power that Hassan had never seen and reality warped. Oak trees bent and turned on themselves until they were more like Japanese bonsai than oak trees. The very air itself held a thickness to it that choked Hassan. Then a wave of power exploded and threw Hassan more than a hundred feet backwards toward the compound. Hassan sat up, dazed, and watched John Smith look over his shoulder for a moment at the war raging behind him then disappeared into the portal.

Hassan heard his fellow caliphs call for help and Hassan ran to provide it. When he arrived back at the compound he stopped suddenly, stunned. There were dozens of abominations in the main area of the compound where there had only been a few before. Hassan stared in shock and watched as his fellow caliphs were torn limb from limb by the monstrous entities. He heard someone call his name from above him and he ran up a flight of stairs toward the voice. At the top of the stairs, a woman named Kaila lay dying. She was the last living survivor of the other four teens at his school to survive being exposed to a corrupt artifact. She was a fellow caliph and the love of his life. Next to her was the bloody body of a servant she had killed. Hassan knelt down and put her head in his lap. They prayed together briefly, she closed her eyes and passed away.

The roar of an abomination coming up the stairs brought Hassan to his senses. He stood up ready to fight and then he saw the horizon: abominations as far as the eye could see. Hassan turned and ran. Jumping over the edge of the railing he changed in mid-air to his scorpion form and scattered. His body regrouped in the forest just outside the compound. There, still open inside a tree, was the portal.

Hassan looked back at the carnage he had barely escaped and knew that John Smith was responsible for the appearance of so many abominations. He didn’t know why Smith had betrayed the Ummah and this world but Hassan swore he would make him pay. Hassan then prayed briefly for his parents, for the Ummah, for his world and jumped through the portal.


Accord PC

Player: Chuck Harris
Member #: US2006129167
Creature Type: Changing Breed
City: Charleston, SC
VST: Rocky Butler
DST: Cameron Orr