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Changeling PC

Player: Gretchen VanHeeren
Character: Haley Skye
Seeming: Beast
Kith: Windwing
Court: Spring
Freehold: The Freehold of Gales
VST: James Post

Character Information

Name: Haley Skye

Seeming: Beast

Kith: Windwing

Court: Spring

Notable Traits: Siren Song, Fame 1 Rock Singer

Title or Position: Blackbird Bishop, Vernal Sovereign


Mask: Haley is a small woman, standing about 5' 3", with long brown hair and dark eyes. Always dressed to impress, she wears a classy smile as easily as her favorite purple pumps.

Mein: Behind the mask, Haley's birdlike qualities reveal themselves. There are small brown feathers hanging among the strands of her hair, and her eyes are the solid, glassy black of the nightingale. A light brown feather pattern covers her skin. More feathers tend to poke out from beneath hemlines in her clothing, but instead of sharing the same brown and cream coloring, they are the feathers of a blackbird.

Mantle: (Spring Mantle 4, Summer Goodwill 2, Autumn and Winter Goodwill 1)


Early 2013 saw Haley arrive on the Chicago music scene with her lyric metal band, Galehart. Her vocals, with help from co-founder Melinda Hart on viola, soon got the group established in many of the small-scale venues in the area. Bassist Michael Blake and drummer Kris Levett joined the leading ladies to round out the act. The group flourished, and it seemed Galehart would have no trouble reaching the fame and fortune that Haley often claimed they would one day have.

Then, in February 2015, Ms. Hart shocked everyone by suddenly leaving the group. Galehart's stability crumbled, and the band nearly broke apart. However, Haley managed to pull things back together somewhat, publicly stating that though some restructuring would be necessary, she would stick it through and rebuild instead of moving on as a solo artist herself. She recruited new guitarist Seth Taylor, choosing to forgo the classical string instrumentation in favor of a harder rock sound.

The project was reformed and renamed Midnight Sun. Haley's sister, Morgan Kellner, joined later that year, adding her skill on the keyboard to finish out the band's new lineup. Midnight Sun released its debut album, Breathe, in February of 2016. While nothing has been officially released, there have been hints and rumors that the band may embark on their first tour of the region this summer.

Track List

Breathe Album Cover

Album: Breathe

1: Below Zero

2: Goodbye

3: Silence is Silver

4: Have You Ever

5: Devil on my Shoulder

6: Brave

7: Mirror Mirror

8: Little White Lies

9: Forgive Me

10: Where the Stars Still Shine

11: Obsidian

12: Don't Tell Me

13: One Step Closer


  • Haley is totally 'dating' Minister Walker.
  • Cages. Cages seem to be some kind of issue. Or maybe it's just caged birds? Did you see her freak out at Becca that one time?
  • I hear she sneaks off to karaoke night on occasion. She has a band. Wouldn't you think that would be enough singing for one person?
  • If you listen carefully to what she sings. You might get a glimpse into her life that is hidden from most.


  • "Attractive little bird... voice like an electromagnet." ~ Silas Grey
  • "Much love for the music and the pumps, man. Much love for the pumps." ~ DJ Radix
  • "The nicest monarch I have had the chance to deal with" --Marloc
  • "Perhaps one of the most pleasant monarchs I've entreated with. Not once did she accept the offer of a dissected goblin, which makes her an odd duck in my opinion, I was famished." ~ Professor Mercury
  • "She had such potential." ~ Jin Shen
  • "I hear she is trying to help us stop falling into madness... I wish her all the luck..."- Becca Wulfe

OOC Information

Player: Gretchen VanHeeren

MES Number: US2013060062

Location: Chicago, IL