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Hallary-Whispers.pngWhispers from the Aether

Name: Hallary,

Known Aliases: Shadow, Spectre


  • Acknowledged in the City of Nashville as a Member of the Camarilla
  • Prominent, Noble, and Guardian as Master Harpy of the City of Nashville
  • Noble, Guardian, and Established as Tremere Clanhead
  • Favored by Elder Tick


  • Master Harpy of Nashville, TN
  • Clanhead of Clan Tremere (US)
  • Regent of the 6th Circle (Tremere only)


  • Unknown Sire
    • Hallary

Hallary-Litany.pngLitany of a Researcher

  • 1982: Born in New Orleans, Louisiana
  • 1998: Graduated from Benjamin Franklin High School in NOLA.
  • 2000: Embraced during a remote panel, hosted in the University of New Orleans, named Vampires, Miracles, Ghosts, and God(s): The Supernatural in American Popular Culture.
  • 2005: After many years of training within the Pyramid and the Camarilla, Hallary is released and free to pursue his own interests. He sets up a shadow "company" used to investigate paranormal and supernatural situations for mortals, operating based on solely a referral basis.
  • 2009: Many years of successful interactions and investigations, including some damning other Kindred to the Final Death, finds himself promoted through the Tremere ranks, eventually achieving Apprentice of the 4th Circle.
  • 2015: Continuing to perform investigations, for both the Camarilla and mortals, he finds himself assigned to Harpy Margarita Sasul of San Juan. Given his propensity for travel, he finds himself in the city of Chattanooga, after vague whispers in the æther hinted at issues surrounding clan Tremere in the domain of Tennessee. His official task is not public knowledge, but he's a research investigator. He's likely looking for ... something.
  • 2015: Having been assigned to Nashville to further his investigations, he has found himself promoted to Regent of the Tremere (clan knowledge only), leading the Tremere of Nashville.

Tremere-Awakening Badge.jpg

Hallary-Rumor.pngThe Rumor Mill

  • "Fought Infernal. Survive and not shame self. Impressed." - Stoneking
  • "Working with Regent Hallary helped me learn where my own strengths lie, as well as the importance of finding someone who complements those strengths. The circumstances of our meeting might have been hellish, but having him at my side made it less so." - Isabella Marie

Hallary-Fact-Fiction.pngFact or Fiction?

  • He lost his eyesight after a Lure of Flames mishap, and is the reason he detests fire.
  • He is perpetually locked into a child-like demeanor, due to his young age when Embraced.
  • He may be the focus of a cult of humans in Chattanooga's Raccoon Mountain, knowing him only as Raven of the Wood.
  • (Insert your "facts" or "truths" here!)


Hallary-OOC.pngOOC Information


Clan: Tremere
Sect: Camarilla
Class: Neonate
Position: none
Domain: Nashville, TN
Player: Chris R.
VST: Nashville VST

Player: Chris Roberts
Membership #: US2012060112
Location: Nashville, TN