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It can be challenging at times to keep up with all the text flying across IRC channels during online games. As a courtesy to others (and to make things easier for you), rather than sending out your character's description multiple times, please use this space to describe his or her appearance and costume for the evening.

  • Victoria Ash wears her silky dark brown hair boyishly short, her bright green eyes sparkle when the light dazzles over them beneath her long black lashes. Her expression is a constant, sincere smile - highlighted by her flushed red cheeks and gentle laughter. The Toreador Clan Head is dressed in a stunning Zuhair Murad gown Visual Reference.

  • Franziskus Winter is resplendent in well-made archbishop's raiment, complete with mitre and pectoral cross. Leaning upon a gilded crozier and carrying in his other hand an old Bible with a sword run through it, his costume is a clear reference to Cornelis Bloemaert's painting of Saint Boniface.

  • Alonso Gutierrez is wearing a full priestly frock, with an ornate cross around his neck. A small second pair of legs is visible extruding from the bottom of the frock.

  • Prince Adeline Bellamy, a Ventrue from the neighboring domain of Fredericksburg, is Franziskus Winter's +1 for the evening. She is attired in effulgent counterpoint to his Saint Boniface, in a daring, sheer, custom-made gown with gold and flesh-toned layers under the translucent green fabric to conceal her modesty. Those familiar with the heights of fashion and design may recognize that the dress is in the style of the Fame x 3 designer Caralyne Butcher; it is a Crafts x 5 creation. Bellamy wears her hair in a loose tumble down her back, ornamented with a few small gold fig leaves. Her accessories - a gold fig leaf bracelet, a gold serpent entwined around her arm, leather sandals, and a gold and ruby apple core at her throat - make her costume clear. She is Eve, the first sinner, responsible for the Fall of Man. (Visual representation of costume here.)

  • Archon Alicia Summer is the rumored guest of Clan Head Victoria Ash. Formerly a noted critic, Archon Summer is committed to her service to Justicar Marissa Cole. This Rose is both beautiful and cold - her long blonde locks frame her pale features and icy blue stare. She wears a daring Zuhair Murad gown Visual Reference.

  • Archon Samuel Vesper is shirtless in black denim jeans and black Dr. Martens boots. Around his waist he wears an iron chain as a belt, with a large stone hanging from it. Aside from the patch over his right eye, his whole upper body is exposed and shaved. His muscular torso and arms bear numerous nasty scars of slash and puncture wounds that suggest vicious fights with blades in his past. Some diagonal scars on his chest are incorporated into a body painting covering his chest and stomach. The painting depicts an eagle across his chest with its head reaching down to eat his liver through a wound centered above his navel. The painting is very vivid, with texture contributed to the wing feathers by the incorporated scars. The eagle even seems to move a bit as the Archon moves his torso and arms. The Archon also has dry clay all over his hands, and he carries a brass cigarette lighter.

  • Zoe De Medici is radiant in a green knee length Greek Goddess dress, with black lace up sandals and gold head wreath. Wearing a jeweled pomegranate necklace. Her make up is kept young and fresh. Pictures

  • Lucina wears her red hair partly up, with some curled locks dangling from the top. She is clad in colorful veils of blue, green, and gold that have been expertly fashioned into a revealing, seductive costume suited for belly dancing. Her gorgeous, teenage figure is eye-catchingly framed by the angles and gaps in the fabric, and every movement of her well-defined physique is graceful and alluring, giving evidence to her expertise as a dancer. She carries an elegant silver platter in her left hand.

  • Monique Preusen is a curious sight to behold -- the left half of her body is painted black with subtle coloring that seems to outline the skeletal structure beneath, while the right side is left in its natural, milky alabaster state and tastefully made up. Her golden-honey colored hair hangs over her shoulders freely, well maintained in contrast to a tastefully decaying grey silk charmeuse dress that hangs thinly from her frame. Her only adornment is a tastefully crafted golden torq that rests just above her decolletage.

  • Sabastjan Alexi Karpovich is dressed in a grey silk tunic with a black silk long cloak trimmed in grey.

  • Eugene Hawthorne wears the red robes of an Italian Renaissance scholar, replete with white undersleeves and brim of his long, red, flowing cap.

  • Carolyne Dubois is garbed in a form fitting grey gown a pair of large gossamer wings attached effortlessly on her back. Her long brown hair is curled into large waves and drapes almost to her waist. waves[1]

  • Mariah Lily Buchanan has come dressed as Hell itself. Her gown (crafts x5) is the color of flame, as the hemline starts as a dark reddish black, moving upward through fire red at the waist and finally into hints of orange and yellows at the very top. The gown has a dull ruddy glow coming from beneath, reminscent of embers, which lights the floor around her, while the same glow from the bust causes her facial features to cast exaggerated up-lit shadows. Her sleeves are long and billowing and are colored the same as her dress, but are reflecting the glow of her gown giving the impression of moving fire. The train of the gown has wisps of fabric that dance and billow upward like licks of flame that feed columns of smoke. Nestled in the "flames" are tiny charred skeletal figures and dolls representing various acts of sin. The high Elizabethan standing collar also has wisps of thin silk like material in the colors of smoke that gently drift upward and behind Mariah as she moves. In her hair is a dead, bloodied angel fascinator that is held in place by a pin or spike the color of brimstone as a devil looks on. As you near her there is a subtle but noticeable feeling of heat that radiates from the gown. All exposed skin is painted to match the dress.

  • Nuada Haïdar will be wearing a custom fitted full Sherwani. It is pale golden raw silk inlaid with sequins & beaded embroidery, etched stitching wrapped around pear cut 14ct diamonds and rubies important Winza, Central Tanzania. The inner lining is a deep crimson satin Churidar(bottoms) with matching Dupatta(scarft).Visual Reference.

  • Josefina "Jodi" Parloni Thorne will be wearing dressed as someone in the rain, complete with rain cloud overhead. Her outfit underneath is a basic grey cape and the silk borcade hat have glass drops hanging from them.Visual Reference.

  • Eddie wears bronze armor over his torso and shoulders, with a golden silk skirt that falls just past his knees. Matching bronze greaves and sandals cover his lower legs and feet, and a red cape, split down the middle reminiscent of wings completes the outfit. His costume Satan, as portrayed in Milton’s Paradise Lost by Gustave Doré. Visual reference.

  • Amalia Iliescu wears a victorian ball gown with a gothic style, the fabric shimmering red accented with black - colors she is rarely seen without. Her raven hair gathered behind her head in an elegant style, a few stray locks left loose to frame her pale, striking features. On her hands are gloves of leather and lace - black, to go with the dress - and a silver masquerade mask covers her eyes, its surface ornately decorated with delicate, thorned vine-like patterns. Visual Reference

  • Michael Cayhill is wearing a fluffy white hat, an Eastern-looking robe with white fur trim, and flowing, brightly colored cloth underneath. He is also wearing a scimitar on his belt and spurs on his fancy shoes. Visual Reference

  • Spencer is donning a mask with a pattern when looked upon the viewer sees either demons or angels in the design Visual Reference. However the suit Visual Reference he is wearing he has painted (Craft x 5)over so as to create an optical illusion similar in nature to the old woman/young woman illusion. Visual Reference Differing for each who looks upon him, they will either see Vice or Virtue, whatever most closely reflects the nature of viewer, some darker souls may see one of the seven deadly sins when they gaze upon it, while those who have clung onto their humanity may see the sins' heavenly counterparts. The point being that whatever the viewer sees in the suit is a reflection of what sin or virtue they see in themselves.

  • Eris Sonatia is gracefully wrapped in a shimmering golden full length Greek Goddess dress. Her golden sandals are only seen when she alights the stairs or for brief moments when she is seated. She completes this look with a golden head wreath, an elegant Venus (as in the planet) necklace, golden upper arm bracelet, several golden bangle bracelets and the Olympic ring. Her make up is kept soft and elegant. Pictures

  • To the disappointment of a soul or two, Orenna Komnenos does not arrive air-clad. She wears a flowing, sheer black gown with a deep v-neck, spangled with the smallest black sequins which glitter like the night sky. A laurel wreath circles her hair, gathered into a loose, curly bun. A silver pendant, in the shape of a small orchid, hands from her slender neck. (Crafts x6) She is Nyx, the shade that stood at the beginning of creation, the veil of night, and mother of sleep.

  • Prince Lucien, escorting Orenna Komnenos, is dressed in an immaculately pressed white suit, with a golden silk tie, golden laurel wreath upon his brow, and an ornate pin of a sun, with a lyre in the middle of the corona. Obviously representing Phoebus Apollo, his ever-present pocket watch (Craft x6: time pieces + Time Sense) is hanging from the white vest, a single Chinese coin hanging from the watch chain.

  • Amber Tsigane is dressed in a beautiful golden brown dress cinched at the waist. A slit rides up the skirt, ending at her hip. Amber's waist is encircled with a wreath of white roses to accentuate her curves. Upon her feet are Grecian style sandals. Amber's dark hair is down and neatly tousled for this. She is dressed as Persephone

  • Genesis is Amber's escort wearing her Lord of the Underworld submission (Leather Armor, Crafts 3 Leatherwork). The armor worn by Lord Hades is made of strong but soft leather dyed black. The greaves are well fitted and formed to Genesis' legs, allowing for full movement and protection. The cuirass is made from strong leather and features small studs along the arms and sides and detailed lacing along the front. The pauldrons feature articulated design for maximum movement. The arm bracers feature a simple and elegant celtic cross design. The boots are simple and protect the shins and calves from sword blows. He is Lord Hades.

  • Sybille d'Abancourt wears a pale dress under a gold breastplate. Behind her feathered wings are evolving into leather bat-wings, much like engravings of the war in heaven for Paradise Lost, and she carries a broken sword.

  • Lee Ann Marcos is wearing a metallic peacock embroidered dress with Gold filigree wings and Gold lace up Sandals. Her jewelry includes gold wing earrings, gold choker with studs and an angel hanging from it. Lee Ann carries a small gold harp. She wears a soft white rose in her up-swept hair. Pictures

  • Andrew Marcos is wearing armor, carrying a shield and balanced scales with wings. Pictures

  • Sonya Boswell is in attendance not as a guest but to provide palm reading services as a favor to Herr Winter. She is dressed in her normal traditional gypsy apparel; wearing a long flowing deep green skirt, a coral blouse which is complimented with an emerald green hip scarf trimmed in silver coins. Sonya jingles as she moves due to the numerous coin necklaces, bracelets and anklets that she wears. She speaks in an odd accent which combines a hint of German mixed with another not easily placed accent.

  • Elijah Hunter is attired in a custom tailored tux, sans bow-tie (crafts x5) the clothing is jet black, trimmed with silver vines punctuated with thorns at the seams and sleeves, the waistcoat is a dark earth green decorated in a similar style to the trim which accents the crisp white shirt left with the top buttons undone to expose his throat and collarbone. The jacket has two long slits in the back from which extend a set of folded blackened angelic wings made up of long individual feathers. From his forehead extends two curved aged ivory horns. The hollows around his eyes have been accented in black and his eyes themselves glow a deep eerie red. Above his collar bone, following the curve is tattooed the words "Non Serviam".

  • Caroline Hunter is attired in a simple but elegant flowing snow white backless dress that clasps behind the neck and exposes a tasteful amount of cleavage (crafts x5). The Trim of the dress is decorated with embroidered orchids and snowdrops. From her back extends a set of pure white folded angelic wings made up of long individual feathers. Her hair is pinned up in an ornate braid, and her makeup is done to accent her lips and aqua blue eyes.


  • Seitheach Eircheard
  • Status 4
  • Primogen of Seattle, WA
  • NW Counciler of Petals
  • Costume: The Greenman

  • Adrienne Maxwell is dressed in a simple Greek chiton made of natural linen. Her hair is artfully pinned into small, tight curls on top of her head, somewhat resembling a boy's haircut. She wears a small symbol of a lyre around her neck, and leather sandals on her feet.

  • Veronica Devries is dressed in an elaborate Oscar de la Renta gown, a nude underlay covered in an esoteric pattern of black sequins. Her crimson locks are swept into an up-do, presumably to accentuate the most garish element of her costume: a very real bite on her neck. Make-up has made the blood more real, more recent. She has painted a pattern of black feathers around her wrists and belted at her waist is a sword unlike the usual fencing blade seen in her possession. This weapon has far more Celtic origins and has a pommel done the fashion of a dragon, as is fitting for the goddess of battle: the Morrighan. Her face is made up paler than usual with deep kohl eye make-up to complete the look.
  • Jack Mitchel is not typically seen with a blond beard nor an impressive mane of long blond hair, yet tonight that is indeed the case. A golden circlet rests upon his head, its branch and leaf filigree matching the subtle designs etched into a black leather cuirass and leggings. He wears a fine forest green cloak that contrasts well with the golden and the black. Jack's left hand is bare, but his right...his right reflects magnificent silver. When he flexes the metallic hand there are no seams, no moving parts -- the skin or perhaps the hand itself seems to be silver! (Crafts 6) Heightened Senses and close inspection could reveal that it is a masterpiece of scale maille wrought from tiny mirrored scales of a silvery metal.
  • Captain Sawyer is dressed in the manner of a Spartan hoplite in full panoply. His leather cuirass is highlighted in bronze, complete with bronze Corinthian-style helmet and greaves, all worn over a modest wool kilt dyed a deep red. A chlamis of the same hue drapes from his shoulders, falling in naturally pleated folds. Slung across his back is the traditional aspis, its broad bronzed dome marked with lambda of Laconia. Conspicuously absent are any weapons; neither sword nor the traditional spear are present.
  • J.D. Drake is dressed as a Samurai. The tall, grim man has his dark hair drawn up in a traditional Ronin Samurai bun. The elegant, silk Kimono he wears is decorated with Fall leaves in all the traditional colors of the season. The outfit is complete with sandals, the matched pair of swords worn in traditional manner. A single silk tie of black binds each sword in its scabbard. He looks very much the epitome of the Western man gone native in ancient Japan.
  • Virgil Maxwell is dressed in a simple white three piece suit, with white shoes and a white tie. He wears a pin of an angel on his right lapel.
  • Kendrick Seamus O'Shea is dressed as a simple country Squire in the old country of Ireland. He has a brown coat over an emerald green vest. A pocket watch hangs in the vest from a gold chain. His head is adorned with the flop hat so common back in the 1920s in both American and Ireland. His pants match the coat. He looks very old world and understated.
  • Reginald Puddle feels as out of place as he shows. Dressed in a well fit black suit, white dress shirt, black tie, and black boots. He looks like hired muscle, and probably is, as he serves as sheriff of Richmond, Va
  • Byron Lancaster Handsome man in his mid 30's wearing, dressed in a simple Victorian Era funeral suit. He wears a simple black and gold domino mask.
  • Horatio Looks 30-ish and has an average height and build. He is wearing a World War II American Soldier's uniform.
  • Viveka von Daun is dressed in a brown silk dress in the style of the 14th Century Italian nobles with an overlay of white silk that simulates the draped style of the Roman poets. Her auburn hair is pinned up and upon it rests a wreath of laurels, made entirely from emeralds. From her wrist dangles a lantern of jade and yellow diamonds. (both pieces Crafts x6) She is escorted by Benjamin Baker Chapel, wearing a parchment-colored three-piece suit with a crimson vest and matching cravat. Their appearance harkens the educated mind to the depictions of Virgil and Dante as painted by Eugene Delacroix in the 1800s.
  • Agapito Acosta is dressed in full pirate regalia including a captain's coat, beautifully tooled leather boots, and a leather tricorn. A rose of red leather is tucked neatly into a corner of the hat, and his flowing long-sleeved shirt has subtle black-on-black patterns of tormented souls.

  • Nenette the dusky skinned woman is dressed in Fall 2012 Margiela Couture with a matching diamond mask. Her thick, russet hair is in spiral curls down her back.: Visual Reference
  • Clémence deMontes is dressed simply in a virginal white gown to represent the angel Hael. It's nothing too fancy, but tastefully appropriate for the occasion. Included in her ensemble are very small angel wings tied with delicate ribbon to her shoulders. A pink handfan dangles from her wrist. Her only speck of jewelry is a silver colored band around her left thumb. Visual Reference.

  • Zahra Blanc is a French-looking woman in her mid twenties dressed as a Hindu deva, complete with tiny lights sewn into the costume.
  • Claire St. John wears a shimmering gown of midnight cut in an asymmetrical, sleek style sparkling as it flows with her movement, a pair of raven-black wings with crimson-edged pinions spreading from her back, with silver and ruby jewelry and designer heels.