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Court of Hamilton IC

Positions of Hamilton

Prince: Kesi Moswen (Mekhet, Carthian Movement)

Seneschal: Isaac Morgenstern (Ventrue, Lancea Sanctum)

Prince Harpy: Nicholai Zukov (Mekhet, Carthian Movement)

Master of Elysium: VACANT

Deputy Masters of Elysium:

Sheriff: VACANT

Deputy Sheriffs:

Scourge: Jon Fracker (Gangrel, Invictus)

Primogen of the Court

Carthian Movement

  • William Conrad (Ventrue, Carthian Movement)


Lancea Sanctum

  • Gil Martin (Nosferatu, Lancea Sanctum)

Ordo Dracul

Prisci of Hamilton

Clan Daeva

  • Maximillian Starke (Daeva, Invictus)

Clan Gangrel

Clan Mekhet

Clan Nosferatu

Clan Ventrue

  • [[]] ()

Priscus Harpy: Colette Starke (Daeva, Invictus)

Regents & Regencies

  • Regency of Bayfront-The Piers 4-8
Regent Arlen Sief (Mehket, Lancea Sanctum)
  • Regency of Hamilton Mountain
Regent Olof Skarsgård (Nosferatu, Invictus) and House Gore

Claimed Domains

Social Dynamics

The eminence of clans and ascendancy of covenants is measured by the sum total of all the City Status dots of active members of those groups. Those clans and covenants in the best positions — wielding the most influence — gain benefits. For a breakdown on what Eminence and Ascendancy means mechanically go to the LINK.

Ascendant Carthians find it easy to interact with the mortal world and co-exist with the mortals in the domain. By calling in a favor or otherwise greasing mortal wheels, Carthians can fi nd an improvised haven somewhere in the city on very short notice, not needing to return to their normal homes. They cannot be left without a shelter unless they are taken outside the city. Such improvised havens do not grant any of the benefits of the Haven Merit, however. Once per month, every ascendant Carthian can also call on her resources to attract a small crowd of mortals (between 8 and 15 people, depending on how many would be available in the area). These humans help out in an activity of the Carthian’s choice, whether staging a protest outside an elder’s haven or building a simple structure for a community group, so long as the activity is fairly innocuous and in line with the Carthian’s rhetoric. This activity cannot involve anything immediately illegal beyond what might be expected of non-violent protesters. A sit-in is reasonable, but an armed uprising or robbery is not. The mortals also have no particular loyalty to the Carthian in question, so do not risk their lives or a lengthy jail sentence unless other means are used to convince them.
The members of The Carthian Movement in Hamilton enjoy +1 to City Status
Twice the normal Status points is required (usually means spending two points per dot) to strip status from a member of the Lancea Sanctum.
Daeva almost never fail to get invitations to the most exclusive parties, and as a matter of course, eminent Daeva are automatically welcome at any social occasion

— either mortal or undead — that they wish to attend. Sometimes the most useful invitations, however, are to the sorts of soirees where emotions run high, intoxicants fl ow freely and no one is likely to notice a bit of indiscretion in a dark corner. If the Daeva are eminent, Succubi are never considered without a ready source of blood in their home city and require no tests to hunt to full capacity during downtime. Unless a Daeva character is under particular pressure, she begins a session of play with her full capacity of Vitae. One game session per month, a player of a Daeva character may also send her character out of play for a full hour and return with her maximum capacity of Vitae. The character must not be followed or otherwise molested for this effect to function and the player must stay out of the game for a full hour.

When his clan is eminent, the Ventrue Priscus may demand to change the vote of another Priscus in any Prisci votes. A Ventrue Primogen may do the same on the Primogen council. Refusal to change one’s vote is a sin against the city (see p. 289) and usually results in punishment by a Harpy or the Prince. This ability can be used only once per targeted Kindred per meeting. In addition, Harpies may remove only a single City Status dot from the Prince (if a Ventrue), the Ventrue Priscus, and the Ventrue with the highest City Status sitting on the council of Primogen (if any). Harpies may remove only one dot from each over the course of the month. Finally, any dots in the Resources Merit held by a Ventrue character are largely inviolate while the clan in eminent. The actions of other characters cannot reduce an eminent Ventrue’s wealth. (The Storyteller adjudicates this, telling others who attempt to undermine a Ventrue’s wealth that their efforts fail.)
Twice the normal Status points is required (usually means spending two points per dot) to strip status from a member of Clan Mekhet and Clan Nosferatu.

Active Residents of Hamilton and City Status

NOTE: Characters listed here are largely determined to be active due to game attendance. The Storyteller overseeing the domain is final arbiter on activity and posting on in-character mailing lists or other remote activities (ie. downtime filing) may also qualify at VST discretion. (Requiem MES book, pg. 289)

[+] denotes City Status boost due to eminence and ascendancy

  • denotes character not present at most recent game; may not be counted for eminence and ascendancy

Admired (Status •••••)

Respected (Status ••••)

Valued (Status •••)

  • William Conrad (Ventrue, Carthian Movement)
  • John Barnes Houser (Nosferatu, Ordo Dracul)
  • Kesi Moswen (Mehket, Carthian Movement)
  • Nicholai Zukov (Mekhet, Carthian Movement)
  • Valentina (Daeva, Carthian Movement)

Recognized (Status ••)

  • Colette Starke (Daeva, Invictus)
  • George R. Houser (Nosferatu, Carthian Movement)
  • Jacob Philip Borgia (Daeva, Circle of the Crone)
  • Jon Fracker (Gangrel, Invictus)
  • Pandora Royce (Ventrue, Carthian Movement)

Acknowledged (Status •)

  • Cain (Daeva, Lancea Sanctum)
  • Takos (Nosferatu, Ordo Dracul)
  • Aiden Blackthorn (Daeva, Circle of the Crone)
  • Zach (Gangrel, Circle of the Crone)

Resident Non-citizens and Unreleased Childer (Status 0)

  • Lottie Carter (Daeva, Unaligned)
  • Autumn Sterling (Gangrel, Unaligned)

Active NPCs of Domain
NOTE: Characters listed here are Acknowledged IC'ly but their Status does NOT count towards eminence and ascendancy.

  • The Archivist [NPC] (Gangrel, Unaligned)

Institutions of the Domain

  • TBA

Known Coteries

  • TBA

Deceased Citizens

Missing, Departed OR Sleeping

  • Lilith Houser (Nosferatu, Invictus)
  • Annalise (Mekhet, Circle of the Crone)
  • Elizabeth "Liz" Chambers (Nosferatu, Ordo Dracul)
  • Damocles (Ventrue, Carthian Movement)
  • Tyrone De Mille (Gangrel, Invictus)
  • Duke Engel-Sief (Mekhet, Ualigned)
  • Samus Erin (Mehket, Unaligned)
  • Archibald Fry (Mekhet, Ordo Dracul)
  • Mr. Gunter (Nosferatu, Invictus)
  • Jethro Jackson (Gangrel, Unaligned)
  • Stanislaus Kowalski (Ventrue, Lancea Sanctum)
  • Violette Lemieux (Nosferatu, Circle of the Crone)
  • Uriah Overlook (Gangrel, Invictus)
  • Elizabeth Porter (Gangrel, Lancea Sanctum)
  • Simon Pierre (Daeva, Lancea Sanctum)
  • Ysabel Sauveterre (Daeva, Invictus)
  • Shae (Gangrel, Carthian Movement)
  • Jonathan Sief (Mekhet, Uanligned)
  • Beatrice Sofita (Nosferatu, Invictus)
  • Gregor Starke (Daeva, Invictus)
  • Evelyn Starke (Daeva, Invictus)
  • Arya Starke (Daeva, Circle of the Crone)
  • Ambre Starke (Daeva, Circle of the Crone)
  • Luna Starke (Mekhet, Circle of the Crone)
  • Duke Thorn (Mekhet, Lancea Sanctum)
  • Amy Trebo (Gangrel, Carthian Movement)
  • June West (Mekhet, Circle of the Crone)
  • Sikes (Nosferatu, Lancea Sanctum)
  • Markus Strauss (Nosferatu, Invictus)
  • Gil Martin (Nosferatu, Lancea Sanctum)
  • Gangrene (Gangrel, Unaligned)
  • Henry Burns (Ventrue, Lancea Sanctum)
  • Katya Becker (Mekhet, Lancea Sanctum)
  • Violette Lemieux (Nosferatu, Circle of the Crone)
  • Nathaniel Starke (Nosferatu, Invictus)
  • Arthur Beaton (Gangrel, Ordo Dracul)
  • Sister Kandy (Nosferatu, Lancea Sanctum)
  • Eve Starke (Daeva, Unaligned)

Blood-hunted or Banished

  • Mr. Kraft (Daeva, Ordo Dracul)

Associated Neighboring Cities



Behind the Scenes: OOC Information
Domain: Hamilton, Ontario

Venue Storyteller: Marvin Matos
Domain Storyteller: Heather Keding
Domain Coordinator: Adam Ker