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Domain of Hampton Roads (DHR)
Domain: VA-021-D
Region: East Central
Country: United States
DC: Malina Armatys
DST: Jon O Noble
Requiem ST: Chuck Masten
Camarilla ST: Nick Barnett
Sabbat ST: Jeff Ambrose

Boundaries and Maps

The Domain of Hampton Roads includes the seven cities of Hampton Roads plus Williamsburg, and the surrounding areas.

Current Masquerade Chronicle Domain Map
Camarilla City Feeding Territories
Current feeding territories map also available at DHR Cam Territories

Next Masquerade Chronicle Domain Map

Downtimes Information

For Masquerade, as there are actions which span both Cam and Sabbat, send all downtimes and influence actions to:
BOTH the Masquerade Downtimes account at dhr.masq.downtimes@gmail.com AND to the relevant VST (Nick Barnett or Jeff Ambrose)

  • The deadline for Masquerade downtimes is 10pm on the Sunday prior to the next Masquerade game day.
  • No more than 2XP may be alotted for a single action, and no more than 4XP may be granted for downtimes for a given PC in a month for Old World venues to a maximum of 6XP per month total.

If you have any questions about downtimes, address them to the appropriate VST, CCing the DST if necessary.

Domain Lists

Our domain primarily communicates via Google Group lists. Feel free to visit the below links to be admitted to the appropriate Masquerade group.

Camarilla City

DHR Camarilla VSS

Court Members

Prince (Exalted, Well-Known, Famous)

  • Richard Jaymes Blackwell III

Seneschal (Cherished, Esteemed)

  • Jeremiah Ballows

Harpy (Influential)

  • Lorenzo Cartwright

Keeper of Elysium (Honorable)

  • Maddix

Sheriff: (Feared)

  • John Smith

Scourge: (Feared)

  • Vacant

City Members


  • Freeman Bennett [Revered] (Wade Cutrell)
    • John Smith (Jeremy Nieman)
    • Kate Saunders (Jada Parr)
    • Johan Robistoffe (Ronald Morehouse III)
      • Brent (Kai)
      • Jack Amato (David Williams)
      • Ian Winters (Marley)
      • Eleanna Robisttoffe (Tammy)
      • Zoe Walker (Christy Mazza)


  • Herodotus Anastakles [Revered] (Roy Walker)
    • Jeremiah Ballows (Patrick Blanchard)
    • Heinrich Hoffstedder (Al Porto)


  • Poppet [Revered] (Malina Armatys)
    • Jax (ryQ Hill)
    • Gilbert/Gordon? (Adam Bolt)
    • Bob (Marc Carpenter)
    • Dr. Nolan (Chuck Masten)


  • Kate Daily [Revered] (Meryl Simone)
    • Xavier Contreau (Chuck Masten)
    • Lorenzo Cartwright (Jon O. Noble)
    • Johnny (Patrick Turner)
      • Alice (Kat Turner)


  • Lucas Conti [Revered] (Nick Barnett)
    • Maddix (Jared Bishop)
    • Sabela Bede (Maryanne Pressley)
    • Elmo (Jon O. Noble)


  • Arthur Kelsey [Revered] (Jeff Ambrose)
    • Mortimer Trevelli (Chad Hall)
    • Richard Jaymes Blackwell III (Nate Hodges)
    • Victoria de la Vega (Lisa Hollifield)
    • Brian O'Malley (Jimmie Carter)
    • Jacqueline (Jenn Harmon)
      • Deadrich Romanoffe (Joshua Sorrell)
      • Timothy Hoff (Brendan Cooley)


  • Terrence (Josh Beasley)

Camarilla Locations

Chrysler Museum of Art

  • This is the Elysium that was agreed upon by all sects in the area, where the Day of Ash Treaty was signed.
  • Located in Norfolk, near Ghent.

Peninsula Fine Arts Center

  • This is the gathering place which has been put forward for the city by certain Malkavians and Toreador. The Prince has yet to declare it an official Elysium, though it is certainly treated with respect among members of the Camarilla.
  • Located in Newport News, in the Warwick/Lake Maury area not far from the James River.

Christopher Newport University

  • CNU has been the location for several city gatherings, is known to be of particular interest to the former Prince, Kate Saunders, and was at one point declared a temporary Elysium.
  • Located off Warwick Blvd in Newport News, not far from the PFAC.

La Taverna

  • Previously the Woods Golf Course, this land was purchased by local Ventrue and turned into the Murrieta Winery. The clubhouse was turned into a restaurant named La Taverna, where Victoria de la Vega has invited the city to gather.
  • Located in Roberts, VA, between Lee Hall and Williamsburg, not far from the James River.

Pliant Corporation

  • This warehouse has a noticeable amount of security cameras outside. The interior has been recently renovated, and there are multiple offices, a board room, and a large open warehouse area.
  • Located in the Oakland Industrial Park off of Ft. Eustis Blvd, near the Reservoir in the Lee Hall area.

Feeding in the DHR Camarilla Game

Vitae and WP Rings

  • Each PC in the game should have an assigned ring of tickets, labeled with said PC's and Player's name.
  • At the beginning of each game, players should find their envelopes, which should have the appropriate number of vitae and WP tickets already on each PC's ring
    • Each PC will lose 1 vitae from the ring automatically each month, and possibly more due to feeding flaws/restrictions and other factors
    • Vitae will then be added according to Territory rules.
    • The envelopes may also contain notes with other relevant information (plot, influence results, etc)
  • Players must remove vitae and WP tickets as they are spent for precasts or during game.
    • Tear the ticket off of the ring, so it cannot be used again, or remove it and hand it to a designated ST for future use.
  • Players may choose to acquire more blood in game through use of appropriate influences, herd, and/or feeding challenges during game
  • All ticket rings should be returned to the appropriate envelopes at the end of game
    • Failure to do so may result in said PC entering the next game at 1/2 vitae and WP or less.

Camarilla Territory Rules
The Peninsula Map is divided up into territories, each of which has a certain vitae value.

  • Each territory will be assigned to a clan, largely through the bargains/machinations of the Primogen and possibly other IC factors.
    • The map will be updated as territory assignments change.
  • At the end of each game, the Primogen will inform the ST how the clan's available vitae will be distributed among the members of said clan for the coming month.
    • This information is known to the members of the clan, as it represents feeding rights within the clan.
    • All Acknowledged PC's for the clan must be addressed, regardless of their presence at the current game, and will affect the vitae pool for the next month, regardless of their presence at the next month's game. PC's do not disappear just because a player misses a game or two.

Current feeding territories map also available at DHR Cam Territories

Feeding Challenges

  • Should you wish to feed, you should inform the ST and then wait patiently.
    • The time spent waiting on the ST represents the time your PC spends feeding away from the gathering.
    • This time may also be spent thinking about how your PC feeds.
  • Players wishing to perform feeding challenges will describe their method of feeding to the ST, and then reach blindly into the "Challenge Bag" and pull out a colored bead, and then throw a Simple Test with the ST. The standard results, which may (but won't necessarily) be modified by feeding description and abilities.
    • Red Bead: Win = 4 vitae, Tie = 2 Vitae, Loss = 1 Vitae
    • White Bead: Win = 2 Vitae, Tie = 1 Vitae and possible Developments, Loss = Further Developments
    • Black Bead: Win = 1 Vitae and possible Developments, Tie/Loss = Further Developments

The number of Red and Black beads in the bag can be altered according to IC actions, and their effects on the Masquerade, as well as other factors.


  • Instead of throwing challenges for initial blood, which might result in the (IC'ly unlikely) possibility that a PC would travel to another domain with only 1/3 vitae, PC's who are not part of the Territory system (not acknowledged) come in to game (before precasts) at 2/3 vitae, and down 1 WP.
    • Herd represents vitae available in one's home domain, and therefore does not travel, but players are able to undergo feeding challenges if more vitae is desired.
  • Local PC's who are not acknowledged come into play with the same amount of vitae as the lowest amount possessed by any PC of the relevant clan, or 2/3 (whichever is lower).
    • This number may be modified by in-game actions.

Sabbat Territory

DHR Sabbat VSS

Bishop of the City

Sabbat Packs

The Shepherd's

  • Father Simon Lewis [Feared] (Chad Hall)
    • Micheal (Nick Barnett)
      • Thadeus (Jimmie Carter)
      • Tony (Bryan Browder)
      • Captian (Patrick Turner)

Midnight Brotherhood

  • Member
  • Member
  • Belseraph (Josh Beasley)

Pack 3

  • Member
  • Member
  • Member

Scorched Earth (Iron Curtain)

Sabbat Locations

Chrysler Museum of Art

  • This is the Elysium that was agreed upon by all sects in the area, where the Day of Ash Treaty was signed.
  • Located in Norfolk, near Ghent.

The Farm

  • Desc
  • Location

Borealis Club

  • Desc
  • Location

Next Chronicle Information

Next Masquerade Chronicle Domain Map is a work in progress.
Feel free to discuss any ideas you may have for the next chronicle with the ST's

Global Camarilla Venue Timeline

Global Sabbat Venue Timeline
National Sabbat VSS
MES Sabbat Setting Announcement
MES Metaplot Player Primer

DHR Masquerade PC Wikis


Next Chronicle:

  • The Dowager - Ventrue
  • Samuel Jankis - Malkavian (Remember Lenny Shelby)


Next Chronicle:

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Sabbat Style Guide - Rituals Ability explained towards middle
Changing Morality Paths
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To do:
Fill in Sabbat wiki info
Work on feeding/"vitae ring" system for Sabbat
Begin clan primers for DHR (wiki and/or binder)
Discipline workups for wiki and/or game binder
New Member Orientation packet
Influence primer?
Generation spreads for DHR in the new chronicle
Keeping Snowflakes Special, part Deaux... or keeping DHR canonically recognizable again next chronicle
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