Harald Kralt

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Available to Most Vampires

Notable Traits

  • His face appears to be a leering skull. Those with the courage to peer closely will see that there is the barest wisp of skin stretched taut across the bones.
  • Harald seldom Masks his hideous appearance when in Kindred company, hiding his true countenance only from the kine.

Commonly Known History

  • Embraced in the Netherlands in the mid-1600s
  • Leads House Underhall with his sire Wilhelm Jager
  • Master manipulator of mortal finance, industry and transportation
  • First kindred permanent resident of Las Vegas and founder of the Camarilla presence in Southern Nevada
  • Played a pivotal role in the Battle of Chicago, and was key to the recapture of the Succubus Club from the Sabbat

Available to Camarilla Kindred

  • Staunch Tower traditionalist with little patience for Anarchs, Settites or Giovanni. Surprisingly tolerant of clan Ravnos however.

Camarilla Titles

  • former Nosferatu Primogen of Las Vegas, NV

History known to Camarilla Insiders

Available to Nosferatu


Sire: Wilhelm Jager

Known Childer

Known Grandchilder

  • Alsos

Known Great-Grandchilder



Rivals and Antagonists


Notable Quotes

OOC Background Information For Character Ties Only


  • Capitalist string puller, information and influence broker

Ties Sought

  • any Nosferatu looking to join or ally with House Underhall lineage
  • anyone who would have hired or been hired by him for influences
  • anyone who had their plans stepped on by his pulling of strings

History (in Progress)

  • 1608 - Born in Amsterdam Netherlands
  • 1645 - Embraced in Amsterdam, Netherlands
  • 1645-1710 - Travelled throughout Europe
  • 1710 - Returned to New World, moved to Boston, MA
  • 1865 - Left Boston, moving west to follow the development of the rails
  • 1865-1906 - Travelled throughout the American Midwest and West
  • 1906-1935 - Moved to San Francisco following the earthquake
  • 1935-present - Moved to Las Vegas, NV as its first kindred permanent resident and established the Camarilla presence in the city

Player Information

Character Information
Clan: Nosferatu
Sect: Camarilla
City: Las Vegas, NV
Player: Shimon Klein
Storyteller: Dusty Gwin

Player: Shimon Klein

Location: Las Vegas, NV Ancient Gamble