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Character Information

Character Information
Clan: Ventrue
Sect: Camarilla •••••
Whereabouts: Unknown
Controlling Storyteller: [mailto:agsl.masquerade@gsl-office.org]

Name: Hardestadt
Clan: Ventrue
Embraced: 947 A.D.
Sire:  ???
Generation: 6th
Title or Position: Architect of the Tower
Status:[7 Abiding, 1 Fleeting] Acknowledged, Confirmed, Privileged, Established, Architect
Reference:Clan Novel Ventrue, By Night Studios, GC1, CN-V, TC2 p. 99, CN-V, NoP

Known Information

Hardestadt’s early days go back to Bavaria where he rose to become the predominant Ventrue in the Holy Roman Empire. When the Inquisition came, Hardestadt managed to escape almost unscathed unlike many of the other elders of the clan. This left him in the prime spot to speak against the Anarchs and eventually create the Camarilla, putting the Anarchs under his boot with the convention of thorns. All of this allowed Hardestadt to reorganize the hierarchy of the clan and lead it to become the clan of kings it is today.

Current Status:
The whereabouts of this Elder are a tightly guarded secret.







OOC Information

Ventrue Symbol.png

This is a Canon NPC

Lineage Criteria

  • Sired after 1047
  • Those of strong will
  • Those who believe in the good of the many