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Changeling PC

Player: Charlyne L
Character: Harlow
Seeming: Darkling
Kith: Razorhand
Court: Summer (2)
VST: April Douglas

Character Information

Name: Harlow

Seeming: Darkling

Kith: Razorhand

Court: Summer (2)




Long black hair often pulled back into a braid, Harlow has amber-colored eyes. She’s thin, small-ish, and is almost always dressed in black pants, t-shirt, and a leather jacket. She appears to be in her late 20’s or early 30’s.


Her skin begins to take on a shadowy cast, sharp blades poke from the tips of her fingers, and the amber color of her eyes darkens and bleeds out to cover the whites of her eyes.


Warmth surrounds her and the occasional dark ember seems to glow under her skin.

Known Information

Nov 5, 1975 - Born Amy Jean Granger to single mom Mary Granger, she never knew her father. Her mother didn’t know who he was and didn’t really care enough to figure it out. They lived in poverty in Detroit, MI, her mother often drunk or high.

1980-1990 - Amy got most of her education on the streets, getting into trouble, stealing, rarely attending school.

1990 - 1995 - Amy began running with a gang. She had a special knack for breaking into buildings and for using a knife. Her skill was well respected and her morality was iffy.

1996 - While running from the cops, she ducks into an abandoned warehouse and finds herself in the midst of a very strange bazaar. She’s captured by strange creatures (goblin slavers), caged, and eventually sold to the one that would become her Keeper: The Hunter.

Durance - She was purchased by the Hunter for sport, but after killing two of his hounds in the chase, the Fae decided to keep her in his hunting party. With her skill with the knife, he had her skinning beasts and changelings alike when they were brought down. Eventually, she learned to craft these skins into leather armor and other leather objects. Accompanying another slave to the market to procure more prey, she found her chance to escape. She attacked the other slave and vanished into the Hedge.

Spring 2005 - She wasn’t sure how long she spent in Arcadia or in the Hedge, but she finally found her way out, coming back out in Detroit. She tried to track down her old gang, but everything had changed. Angry and frustrated, she made use of a motorcycle someone had carelessly left in an alley and took off. Taking the name Harlow, she began to travel both in the real world and in the Hedge.

Summer 2005 - Harlow joins the Summer Court, her anger at her life, her fate, and the Fae all pushing her toward this choice. She cares less about protecting others than she does of merely fighting, defeating, and getting back at the Keepers.

2006-2015 - Without a working identity, she frequently uses the Hedge to escape the police. The Hedge can be a dangerous place and she frequently has to defend herself, and continues with the skill taught to her by her Keeper, skinning and creating leather armor and other items from the skins. These she often sells to other Changelings or to Goblin Markets if she has no use for them herself.

December 2015 - Ready for a change, Harlow travels to Puerto Rico to set up a new temporary home and check out the Freehold.

Known Associates

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OOC Information

Player: Charlyne L

MES Number: US2007059972

Location: FL-046-D, Fort Myers, FL