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While the ancestry of Haus von Daun can be traced back to the enigmatic Helena, the real founder of the line was Reynald de Caen, Lord of Normandy. After serving in the First Crusade under Robert II, Reynald returned to Caen at the age of thirty-one in 1099. A serious and unforgiving man, Reynald's strict sense of duty eventually caught the eye of the Toreador Elder known as Maria. After his embrace, Reynald began to develop a militancy within the Clan, traveling to various kingdoms across Europe in order to impose his sense of order.

Despite his ambition, Reynald never harnessed the charisma needed for such a campaign, nor the social skills required for the courts of Europe. While feared for certain, Reynald was never loved, and thus his efforts were often cast aside. While he assisted the fledgling Camarilla during the Anarch Rebellion, once the Ivory Tower was fully formed, he once again fell into his previous position. So unfulfilled, he eventually met with his four childer in Vienna, and there fell into torpor.

It was on that night in 1871 that the loose relations of Reynald's line finally came into being. Under the authority of Viveka Von Daun, eldest of the four siblings, the House was born. Stretching from Paris to Vienna, and later venturing into the New World, Haus Von Daun made their mark. As masters of the political arena, and so armed as patrons, soldiers and harpies, Haus Von Daun quickly established themselves within Clan Toreador, bringing both light and shadow unto the Ivory Tower.

Von Daun Coat of Arms


The House of Dawn is part gallery, part commune. Designed to both showcase local artists and give them a place to grow and develop, the House of Dawn is inherently local in it's management, despite the international locations. Potential artists can bring their portfolios or submit audition tapes to the House of Dawn. The submissions are reviewed by the Creative Director, who decides if the artist is permitted a contract. Contracts last a year and a day and are reviewed annually.

While under contract, the artist has all their worldly needs attended to. They are housed and fed, as well as provided with materials to expand their talent. The House of Dawn staff works to accommodate them whenever and however possible, including meeting the finicky demands of artists. Need a dark space to practice in? Done. Have a particular flower that inspires you? It will be provided. Despise jelly beans? You'll never see one. For a year and a day, the artist is truly cradled in a creative womb.

At the end of their contract, the artist has the ability to choose not to renew and the gallery has first purchasing rights to their work from that time period. If the artist desires to renew, their work over the previous year is reviewed. If the Creative Director feels that the work shows progress, they will offer another contract. No contract with the House of Dawn is more than a year and a day.


Allies and Rivals of Haus Von Daun

  • House Constantinian: Rumors exist that Alexander Konrad, the Patriarch of House Constantinian, was often seen in the company of Viveka Von Daun in days of antiquity.

  • House Oviedo: The eldest ladies of these respective houses reside in the same city, and members of their lines are known to work together in various capacities.

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What Have You Heard About Haus Von Daun?
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  • Haus Von Daun has quietly cleaned up the murderous actions of various members of the house for centuries.
  • While Viveka is the head of house, it is the brothers who actually pull the strings.
  • Orenna, on why the House seldom meets as a whole: "We have busy relations. Globe-trotting, policy-writing, style-making, and sword-swinging takes time."
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OOC Information
If you're interested in forming character ties with the Von Daun family, becoming an artist within the House of Dawn, please contact any player listed below:

We are currently recruiting for additional Ancillae and Neonate concepts. If you are considering playing a Toreador at 9th Generation or higher, we'd like to hear from you.

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