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Wiki page for the MES Requiem PC, "Hayden Sinclair, of House Loris, Les Succubi Carriere

-- played by Sharon Boudreaux (US2002022447), hayden.sinclair.MES @ gmail
-- PC is attached to the Columbus GA VSS for "Twilight Basin Requiem"

"Hayden Sinclair"
Upstart Succubus
Columbus GA, Requiem PC

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species, covenant, clan, and bloodline

CITY TITLE: (Seneschal) Hand of the Duke, Prince Al-Khalid of The Twilight Basin
COVENANT TITLE: Regional Myrmidon, Carthians of the Deep South
IN SERVICE TO THE DANSE: Imperial Harpy, Concordia Noctis
KINDRED REPUTATION: Harpy Emeritus, kingmaker and destroyer of empires
SUPPORTING TRAITS: Archetypes - Executive and Politician/Salesman/Socialite,
Cadence 5 (Masquerade:Executive 5 / Requiem:Courtesan 5), City 4 (Columbus GA), Clan 5 (Daeva), Covenant 5 (The Carthian Movement), Conspiracy 5 (LUXCorps), Murder 4 (Dixie Talons), Striking Looks 4, Well-traveled

Hayden Sinclair was raised in the Reconstruction South, and was a Medium w/ The Sight during her pre-embrace years, a talent that's said to have remained with her to this day. After her embrace in 1912 and release just before the Depression Era in the US, Hayden traveled Europe and became a Carthian after meeting with the vampires in Paris. She was instrumental in the spread of The Movement in the southeastern US as the fledgling Covenant develops outward from Montparnasse, so her interaction with the mortal and Kindred populations of the cities in which she lived would be toward her development in, and devotion to the precepts and ideals of, that Covenant. As she became more adept at The Danse, she worked to serve her Clan and Covenant by positioning herself as an influential Harpy in the SE US. These nights, she is regarded as a long-standing and widely-respected Harpy who's been asked to serve her praxis as the Seneschal of an Invictus Court, while accepting boons to train the Royal or Council Harpies of other domains. She wants to help each kindred of her personal acquaintance to succeed in their chosen path, but there is a limit to her patience and support; once it runs out, the offending vampire usually disappears permanently.

Hayden is accustomed to fun and to luxury and to having her way; she can seem ruthless when circumstance warrants, but it comes from being pragmatic while looking at the big picture. She's a die-hard Carthian who respects the roles of the other Covenants. She doesn't put up with fence-sitters or those who are just parking in a Covenant because "it's easy" (trait shoppers), nor with those who have little pride for their Clan or the traditions of society. She is dedicated to safely ending the Masquerade for the long-term survival of the kindred species.

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