He Who Abides

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Apocalypse PC


Player: Craig V.
Character: He Who Abides
Auspice: Philodox
Tribe: Children of Gaia
Position: Sept Alpha of The Iron Lion
Rank: Fostern
Domain: FL-046-D
VST: VST Kimberly Cooper

Character Information

Name: Tommy "He Who Abides" Moore

Auspice: Philodox

Tribe: Children of Gaia

Sept: The Iron Lion

Renown: |Coming Soon|

Notable Traits: |Coming Soon|

Title or Positon: Sept Alpha

Rumors |Coming Soon|


  • "I've met some fucking burned out hippies in my time. First time I ran into Abides I figured he was just another one of those bastards. We were all hopping trains and looking for trouble. The Kid definitely has heart. Hell by the end of it I was a hundred miles off course, sitting around sharing a bottle and a spliff with him and those gutter kids he seems to look out for. I ain't normally real into hanging out with fucking burned out children, but shit that smoke he always seems to have has gotten me more strange than I can count." - Declan Brennan
  • "Abides found me when the world was going crazy. I had just gutted some fucker during my First Change; he sniffed me out, treated me like on of his own, and taught me to be a Garou. He wouldn't kill a fly, and showed mercy to all of Gaia's creation, even those corrupted by the Wyrm. He was taken too soon, but went down defending a newly born caern. He was the only one to believe in me fully. He always said that the next challenge would be the one I passed... Because he won't be here to see it, I'll have to work extra hard to prove him right this time. Remember, Abides always saw potential in everyone, and we must make sure not to disappoint the one who believed in us." Picks-the-Trash, during the Gathering the Departed for He-Who-Abides

OOC Information

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Player: Craig V.

MES Number: US2007111361

Location: Fort Myers, FL FL-046-D