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  • "Live every day like it's your last. Fight every battle like it's your first."
  • "The Vanguard goes where I go. I kind of warned them of such. (I) told them they would see the teeth of the Wyrm if they followed me, because I already have.
  • "We do not stop the fight because of this, we carry on with greater courage, greater skill, greater desire, not because death stares at us, but because we stare back at it." Atum's Pride
  • "I knew the other Albrecht. I haven't decided if he's going to live up to that or not. But he hasn't tried to kill me yet, so that's a start." Boots
  • "I never know what to think of the Silver Fangs since Tiercel and I split. Many of them give me migraines. I like this one, though. I wish we had more wolf born Garou at Golden Door." - Ebony Forakis
  • "What can I say about this one? He's earned my respect through sweat and blood. He stood at my back in Atlanta when we fought Zhyzhak to a stand still. He march to Alaska to stand with the Fianna when we called on the oaths. I reckon that he's earned a place at any war council I host. But something does gnaw at me. How long will he continue to bend knee to Dawncrown? How long will it be really before this heir of Albrecht decides that crown should be returned to his own line?" - Declan Brennan, Son-of-Liberty
  • "Through the labyrinth in Elkwater we sought the enemy, to aid our allies as we could. Without the determination of He Who Shines the Way, we would have faltered. I shall call you Undaunted, and the Orphans shall know what that means." Amun's Promise
  • "A member of his tribe that has actually shown me why I should respect him. That is saying something." Dr. Emma Bailey
  • "War can make for some strange fucking companions, but let's just say that I'm damn glad that we were on the same side of this fight rather than opposite ones." - Kat