Hector Arroyo Rivera

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Hector Arroyo Rivera

Name: Hector Arroyo Rivera
Auspice: Irraka, Enharra (Emissary Aspect)
Tribe: Farsil Luhal (Iron Masters)
Lodge: Lodge of the Hidden Hunt
Coalition: Lunar Consulate
Pack: Knowledge Keepers
Position: None
Age: ~30
Notable Merits: Fame 1, Striking Looks 4, Status (Lawyer) 4, Smells like Herd

Background and Personality

Hector Arroyo Rivera is was a hotshot prosecutor working for the local District Attorney... who also happens to have undergone his First Change in early 2013. Smooth-talking and well-connected, he's a social predator who isn't concerned with breaking a few rules to reach his objectives. He's fiercely protective of "his" people, mortal or Forsaken, and never gives up on them. Those who threaten or hurt someone close to him can expect to be buried alive in legal troubles for the rest of their days.

Hector's father was a police officer killed during a drug raid when he was in his early teens. The drug kingpin whose property was raided got off due to suspected tampering of witnesses, the loss of some key evidence, and a very well-paid team of lawyers. This event launched Hector's interest in the field of criminology and law, eventually bringing him to where he is today. He's seen enough to not dream of perfection in the system, but rather holding sufficient influence to exploit its weaknesses to make it work the way he wants. Ends, not means, are what matter most to him.

These days Hector is found equally in court and in the social functions of the island's elite. He is practiced at blending in wherever he goes, hunting whoever or whatever he chooses as his prey while going unnoticed. His hunts are more likely to wind up with the prey in jail than deceased, but his hunts are no less fierce for it.

In January 2014, Hector helped found the Knowledge Keepers, a pack centered in Isabel Segunda, with the spirit of that town as their totem.

In August 2014, Hector and the Knowledge Keepers left Puerto Rico due to ongoing disputes with another local pack. Hector's current whereabouts are not public knowledge.



Hector experienced his First Change under the New Moon.
•• Hector proved his Cunning by passing the Rite of Initiation into the Iron Masters.
••• Hector has lived a high profile life among Herd without detection for a year.



Organized and presented a case before an Elodoth regarding the death of another Uratha at the hands of another Pack.



Hector acquired a basic understanding of the language (First Tongue) and ways of the Forsaken (the Oath of the Moon).


  • Alejandro Quintana - The criminal mastermind Hector couldn't catch.
  • Alex Boreas - The first Elodoth Hector argued a case before in Uratha society.
  • Felix - Would-be Pack member, deceased
  • July Ford - Former Packmate
  • Marie - Respected opposition
  • Micah Gonzalez - Former Packmate
  • Natasha J. Reynolds - Former Packmate
  • SJ Smith - Former Packmate
  • Tara Carver - The Uratha who helped Hector through his First Change; Former Packmate
  • Winter - Would-be Pack member, deceased


  • Hector isn't really Uratha.
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About Hector

  • "Look, Rivera ... we don't like each other very much. But I know you're fuckin' competent at what you do. And I know the People here need your mind ... and I can't believe I'm saying this. But they need your ethics." - from Alejandro Quintana
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By Hector

  • "Whatever differences we have, you know how to think, plan, and organize efforts. This is a woefully lacking skill in so emotional and volatile a society." - To Alejandro Quintana
  • "Your Honor, I have to ask how exactly you want to handle a court case in Uratha society? I know the human courts inside and out; I work as an assistant district attorney. I don't know the laws, precedents, or even structure of a Uratha court though." - First case before an Elodoth, Alex Boreas
  • "If he wants in [to Uratha society] he needs to be willing to be treated the same way and have the same responsibilities to go with the rights. I don't want to run into another loophole or argument about how something doesn't apply to him six months or a year from now. It is for his own good as well as the good of our community." - Concerning Dominic Powers

OOC information

Character Information
Auspice: Irraka
Tribe: Iron Masters
Renown: •••••
Cunning: •••
City: Northern Iowa
Player: Vito D.
Storyteller: VST

Player Name: Vito D'Agosta