Hela Vördottir

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Malevolent Trickster "Gleam of Arm"

The Ragabash carries herself with a strong sense of pride. Of course, the infamous smirk seems to be painted on her face. Those that look long enough to gaze into her eyes spot a sea of trouble, and an overwhelming sense of sorrow. Her laughter, however, pushes aside any judgment.

"The trickster, the riddler, the keeper of balance, he of the many faces who finds life in death and who fears no evil; he who walks through doors."


Niece of Golgol Fangs-First

Get of Fenris

Family: Tundra Stalker, Giselle, Valdis Runasdottir, Rosa QuartzEyes,
Uncle: Golgol Fangs-First
Siblings: Unknown

Born in Iceland in 1989, the soon-to-be-orphan was shipped off, in 1990, to the States in an ill-designed adoption. Some say it was a human paper error, others say it was the will of Gaia. Whatever it was, Hela​ (renamed Mary)​ did not have a life worth talking about. She did not fight battles or train learning the ways of her people, the plain girl grew up in a sheltered atmosphere in the heavy shadow of a priest and his wife. Always be home by eight, never drink, pray every day and thank God for each blessing - no matter how small.

Despite the long and agonizing years in Catholic School, Mary excelled in her studies. This didn't mean she was always straight-laced, as the trickster in her could not keep quiet. To the point where her father called for an exorcism, after she convinced her class to prank the staff - which had never been done before. It caused Mary to be suspended for two weeks. If her father wasn't a priest, she likely would have been expelled. Her First Change changed everything, and soon she would learn everything necessary to survive in the Nation; she would be reunited with those that were lost to her.

After Alaska, Hela pulled away from the limelight. It is not known as to why, but in recent days, she has returned - with a fiery rage to obtain what time was taken.

With tawny hair and bright green eyes, Hela is usually dressed in jeans, a tank-top of some fashion, and combat boots. Dangling from her belt is a maroon leather pouch, runes, a few green beads, and teeth of some animal. Even in modern clothes, however, Hela wears gold dragon scale armor covering her right arm, from shoulder to wrist. She wears a dark metal ring, likely titanium, on her left ring finger.

"...but the tale itself is a trickster and doesn't hesitate to lie. It is anachronistic with a vengeance. It emerges always and everywhere, overt or disguised, pureblood or hybrid and healthy as sin."

Apocalypse PC

Player: Laura Dasnoit
Character: Hela Vördottir
Auspice: Rotogar (Ragabash)
Tribe: Get of Fenris
Mate: None
Pure Breed: •••
Camp: Loki's Smile
Pack: Excelsior
Position: Eldest Ragabash
Rank: Elev (Adren)
Glory: ••••
Honor: •••••
Wisdom: ••••
Sept: Sept of the Eagle's Talons
VST: Jed Hickson


The Closest:



...feel free to add quotes...

  • "I feel like I want to murder someone, and also, I want soft pretzels."- Hela
  • "Hela is the passion of the sun tempered with the wisdom of the Moon. She's Gaia's smile, her laughing daughter. She's Fenris' temper and Loki's humor. She's everything a Fenrir should be, and she's my best friend." - Giselle
  • "Almost nobody looks at a Ragabash and thinks "warrior". Those so inclined need to take a long look at Hela Gleam-of-Arm. I have seen this Fenrir in battle more than once and she is a sight to behold, a combatant to be respected, and a friend worth having. " Nicolae Dacla


...feel free to add rumors...

  • Hela refuses to mate. What trickery is this?
  • Most speculate Hela's deed name "Gleam of Arm" has to do with her shiny armor planted upon her right arm. She has neither confirmed nor denied this rumor.
  • In the Legendary Realm, she gave birth to Sleipnir.
  • She tricked Loki.
  • Hela possesses the one thing that can destroy Loki.
  • Loki possesses the one thing that can destroy Hela.



Jess - New Girl
Loki - Marvel
Root - Person of Interest
Dr. Who - Dr. Who (Tennant)


  • Once in a Lifetime - Sarah Brightman
  • Headstrong - Seven Mary Three
  • Tight Rope - Lacuna Coil
  • Who wants to Live Forever - Queen
  • Glory Fades - Sic Transit Gloria
  • I'm Not Okay - My Chemical Romance

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Ties that are particularly appropriate for this character (but not limited to):

  • Shield-maidens
  • Trainers

Player: Laura Dasnoit

MES Number: US2002022925

Other PCs: Constance Fournier, Nuri, Eliza Day