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Character Information
Clan: Toreador
Sect: Unknown
Whereabouts: Chicago, IL
Controlling Storyteller: [mailto:[1] AGSL Masquerade]

Character Information

Name: Helena, a.k.a. "Portia"
Clan: Toreador
Born: ?
Embraced: ?
Sire: Minos
Generation: 4th
Status: ???
Title or Position:
Reference: CbN1, CbN2

Known Information

Helena is an ancient Toreador known to have spent some time in Chicago. She awoke briefly in the 1990s, though none know what became of her. She went missing after waking, and is and presumed dead after the attacks on Chicago in 1993.


Please see the Toreador Lineages Page


  • None Known




  • She spent time in Chicago, but is presumed dead after 1993.

Toreador Symbol.png


  • She is the original Helen of Troy.
  • She diablarized her Sire, Minos.
  • She is actually still in Torpor.
  • She is dead, having fallen during the attacks on Chicago in 1993.

OOC Information

This is a Canon NPC

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