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Camarilla/Anarch PC

Player: Angela Tauber
Character: Helene
Clan: Brujah
Sect: Anarch
Position: Baron of Bloomington, IN.
Status: 1
Domain: Indianapolis, IN
VST: James Murphy

Character Information
Clan: Brujah
Sect: Anarch
City: Indianapolis, IN
Player: Angela Tauber
Storyteller: James Murphy

Character Information

Name: Helene "Patria" Renette

Clan: Brujah


Committed to the Anarch movement

Notable Traits:

  • Loud, obnoxious
  • French
  • Steampunk style-clothing
  • Very loyal to her friends

Title or Position:
Baron of Bloomington, IN.
La Presidente de la Laughing Bastards!

Helene was born in Nice, France, in 1812. Her parents died when she was 16, and she relocated to Paris to live with an uncle, who sent her to the university to work as a maid. At the university, she met her sire, Yvon, and his friends. She participated in many plans for a rebellion and learned many things in regards to anarchy and subversion. In 1830, Yvon realized her intelligence and passion, perfect material for a Brujah. He embraced her, and over the next two years, she discovered that Yvon actually was the leader of a coterie of Brujah, which was composed of his friends who she regularly associated with. They helped organize the June Rebellion of 1832. They gave her the nickname "Patria." The June Rebellion did not end well, as the history books show. Yvon and the rest of the coterie died, leaving Helene alone. She went into hiding for 70 years. In 1902, she left France for the United States on a rag ship. She went to New York, and began learning English. She led and participated in many rebellions up until the 1960s, when she decided to rebuild the coterie as an Anarch gang.


  • Is only the figurehead of the gang, allowing the true leader, The Right Reverend, to control things from behind the scenes.
  • Helene doubts the strength of her gang, which is why she tries to prevent physical fights at all costs.
  • She killed her sire, and wears his hair and teeth on her bracelet.
  • Her sire died on the barricade of the 1832 June Rebellion.


  • "No gods, no masters"-Helene, explaining her beliefs
  • "Me? The leader? That's retarded. Helene's the only one that commands enough respect from all of us to keep us in line without killing each other. Without her, we'd all fall apart." -Rev, when confronted about being the actual leader of the gang.
  • "Helene is the boss. Not by some divine right or potency of blood. She commands respect even from Rev (and he's practically a damned elder), by virtue of being a badass. I mean, when it comes to devotion to the cause, I'm just a spectator compared to her! She may not be as loud as the rest of us, but that comes from a place of wisdom, not cowardice. Even I can respect that, dude."- Vanhook
  • "I'm not saying don't fuck with her, but seriously, don't fuck with her." - Max
  • "She was the first Anarch I met, starting out, and of the Kindred I've met so far in my very short unlife, she is one of the few who still keeps their morals."-Jack Kiel

OOC Information

Player: Angela Tauber
MES Number: US2013020072
Location: Bloomington, IN