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Cell Leader: Annalee McDermott
Myrmidon: Mark Rodgers
Quartermaster: Storm Crow
Voice: Jade Falls

Member of Parliament: Jade Falls

Cell Members

Expert Veteran Agent Soldier Recruit
Mark Rodgers Callista Bernard James Kostos James the Bear Storm Crow
Annalee McDermott Jade Falls Valith SanGiovanni Torrunn
[[]] Anya Sr. Clair Robert Steven Harlo Newman
Jesse "The Axle" [[]] JT "Gunbunny" Robertson
[[]] [[]] Wrestles-with-Death
[[]] [[]] Sees-without-seeing

Cell Politics Structure

  • The Politics of the Headhunters Cell of the Accord – Henderson, KY

Cell Ranks

1. Expert

2. Veteran

3. Agent

4. Soldier

5. Recruit

  • The following are officially recognized positions of within the Cell.

 Cell Leader – As the leader of a highly martial Cell, the Cell Leader is typically expected to also fill the role that many Cells refer to as the Guardian.

 Myrmidon – This officer takes complaints, investigates, and punishes those guilty of crimes in violation of Low Justice. This officer is typically also the one responsible for maintaining the sovereignty of the Cell from Outsiders.

 Quartermaster – This officer is responsible for procuring Menats and other supplies from the High Council. It is also typically required to meet the material needs of the Cell, including equipment, vehicles, and locations that deal primarily with the completion of duties concerning the Accord.

 Voice – This position is usually the public face of the Cell. In an increasingly internet-focused world, the Voice is the Leadership’s connection to the cyber side of the Accord. The Cell Leader may take up this position if desired, but this is not mandatory.

  • Determination of Leadership

The Henderson Headhunters are a highly informal Cell. Typically, positions of leadership are established in a fluid manner, with the Cell discussing the matter among themselves and deciding on the best course of action for the Cell and the Accord’s cause. If there is a dispute, then the Cell usually determines the means by which a given position will be filled, depending on the position and the needs of the Cell at the time.

For clarification, Outsiders are never allowed to challenge for any position of Leadership of the Cell. Outsiders are defined as anyone that has not resided within the Cell’s territory for at least one full calendar year. Alternatively, a person may be seen as a full-fledged Cell member if the Cell as a whole sees them as a true member of the Cell. Any attempt by an Outsider to coopt the Leadership of the Cell in any way, unless it is deemed an Emergency by the High Council or absolutely necessary by the Judiciary, is seen as an invasion of the sovereignty of the Cell. Those found guilty of this crime are to be apprehended in a non-lethal manner, held prisoner by whatever means necessary, and handed over to whatever authority wishes to take responsibility for the criminal. This is typically to be the Judiciary or a representative thereof, though this is fluid and may be determined by the Cell Leader if necessary.

  • Low Justice

Likewise, Low Justice is typically an informal matter in the Cell. If a member has a complaint, then they report it to the Myrmidon. The Myrmidon evaluates the complaint and investigates if it is deemed necessary. The Myrmidon maintains authority in determining the punishment associates with being found guilty of infractions of Low Justice. These punishments adhere to the Laws of the Accord in that they never result in the execution of an Agent.

Former Members

In Memory